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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Okay I started this journey with the goal of losing weight. I wanted to be healthy and thin and of course look good. Well it's looking like one of my goals is just not going to be a reality. I know I shouldn't weigh everyday but I have and all week my weight has been going up. Well at first it went down to 154 which is was great I thought well maybe I'll even catch up and lose another pound but then the next day it went back to 155 well okay that's where I started so that's fine. Then it was 156 okay well weight fluctuates it doesn't count until Sunday when the week's weigh in is official. Well here it is Saturday and my weight is 157. That's only one pound less that where I started. emoticon

So I think well let me look and see what's going on that would make me gain back two of the three pounds I've lost. Hmm well maybe I'm a complete numbskull and don't know how to actually log in my food. Maybe I've been eating more than I think I have been. Well honestly I don't think so. In fact if I'm not sure I even round up but I tend to keep in the middle of the scale so unless I'm massively off and the nutritional panels on every food is way off or it has nothing to do with my food intake. I honestly don't see how I could be that off on my food so I have to say I'm not over or under in any of the categories.

So maybe its water weight. Well why would I be retaining water. I've already had my ToM this month so that's not it. I drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day so I shouldn't be hoarding water. Maybe my sister is right and its sodium intake. Well I have to admit I do not watch my sodium but I also do not use salt when I cook. I use Ms Dash which is sodium free. So unless my food is that high in sodium I'm not sure how it could be that.

So this brings me to the only other reason I can think of that I would be gain weight. I'm putting on muscle. I have been doing this for 20 days that's almost three weeks. Until today I had not taken a single day off from cardio work and I do strength training three times per week. Not to mention my running which is also three times per week. I know my fingers are smaller because my rings keeping slipping around on them. Also I can reach my fingers around my wrists for the first time in a long time. So either my fingers have stretched out making them thinner or my hands and wrists have gotten smaller.

I had said before that I would accept being one of those who stayed the same or gained weight as long as I could run. That I would be okay if I put on muscle if my pants sizes went down. I know this is what I said and for part of me it is true. I want to be a runner period. I want to have the muscles and strength, endurance, and ability to run at least a 5K if not more. I just figured I would lose weight doing it. I at least wanted to get to the point where I was no longer overweight on the BMI. I know these are just numbers. And I know that I have been doing wonderfully on my running but I do wish that I could report an amazing loss or at least some sort of progress in my goal to lose weight. Well tomorrow it will be official and I guess unless I'm will to just do weight loss exercise and cut out muscle building ones like running then I'll have to accept the weight gain.

I am a runner. I love it and if that makes me gain weight then I will continue to run and just have to learn some acceptance.
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    The scale does not tell everything. If you see changes in the way clothes are fitting, then your are making progress.
    You do actually need to take a whole day off of exercise every once in a while. It's good both physically and mentally.
    3010 days ago
    You are doing wonderfully on your journey. You are definitely healthier than when you started. And yes, muscle does weigh more than fat so give it a chance cause if you are gaining muscle mass it will start burning off those pounds. I suggest going to the doctor and asking the nurse or receptionist if you can use their scale. Weigh in and ask if you can come back next week to weigh in again. Resist the urge in between visits to use your scale. And take your measurements. Sometimes the weight kind of comes off one spot and gets put on as muscle in another. I hope something here helps you, I'd hate for you to stop working towards a healthier you.
    3010 days ago
    From what I can tell from your story the only new thing you are doing is exercising non-stop. Is it possible that not resting in between at least once a week might be the problem? Just a thought for you to explore. emoticon
    3010 days ago
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