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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Warning: This is more intended to be a pep talk for myself, than it is for anyone else.

I have been trying to get into a maintenance mode weight wise since early December. First, I lowered my exercise from 60 minutes per day most days to 45 minutes per day most days and over the course of a month, I lost a pound or two. So then I decided in mid January that I would lower the exercise one more time to 40 minutes per day most days and continue to leave the calories the same. Only been at this level for one week and with my cycle, I will wait the full month again and see how it is going.

Why do I need a peptalk at this point? Honestly, a part of me, says I have made it to my goal weight, shouldn't I be allowed to stop counting calories completely? Do I really need to keep the calories in check to where I get upset when I go over? I have been over calorie twice in 5 days. Why? One day was hunger. The other day was homemade bread. I love and adore bread. My birthday was January 11th and do you know what appealed to me to do for my birthday? Go out for some fresh baked bread from a local bakery. We did this today and ate it at home. I weighed my bread slices and tried not to overeat. I don't think I did, yet, but there is still more of the cinnamon bread that I love and adore left. It is just slightly sweet which is delicious.

I know that my real problem has always been food. I know if I don't watch what I eat, I overeat. If I don't track my calories, how do I know where I am when I get hungry after I exercise? How can I make an informed choice? So I am okay with tracking for life perhaps, but it is also depressing and I am wondering how to stay motivated to keep it up. Especially if I find that I can't raise the calories a little bit in mid February. (I truely hope I can raise them a bit more sticking with 40 minutes per day of exercise.)

What have I accomplished in loosing 50 pounds? I have a longer endurance for exercise. I can go faster speeds at higher inclines for longer times on my treadmill and I believe outside too. IE my outdoor walks also increased in speed. My cholesterol and fasting sugar scores have come down by a fair amount. So I can hold off that possibly inevitable diabetes for much longer. I look better than I used to, except for some loose skin around my stomach. (Argh.)

But I don't think I have more energy per se, like many have said in the past. I don't feel happier per se, either. Actually to be honest, I feel like I have been grouchier of late. How can I motivate myself to keep this weight off? How much would it hurt me if I allowed myself to gain a little? I lost 50 pounds and that is a lot, but I don't feel tremendously better for it, like many would have me believe, I guess? Even though I do feel better, a bit. I do think I am healthier for it. I do think I probably have a better chance of watching my 13 year old son have kids of his own some day.
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    Happy birthday! It sounds like you have been doing a great job! 50 pounds is a wonderful accomplishment. You have committed yourself to life changing habits to reach your goal. Some of these you will need to keep up, some you may need to adjust as you already know.

    Have you thought about using the quick tracker instead of the detailed nutrition tracker? Quick tracker is for water, fruits/veggies and minutes of exercise. Over time you will find the right mix for maintenance.



    3036 days ago
    First, happy birthday! Wishing you adventure & good spirit for your new year!

    Second, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit blue. You must have worked hard for your achievements, and deserve to feel some major benefits! Is it possible that something else is getting in the way of your energy (like your balance of carbs & protein or maybe low Iron or Vitamin B?) Is it possible something else is making you unhappy? That’s none of my business, of course, out here on the frank ol’ internet! But maybe something to think about.

    Since you’re already achieved what I’d like to – a 50 lb weight loss! – your blog gives me a lot to think about too. Like:

    - A little self-forgiveness goes a long way. We all
    need it. And we can forgive ourselves when we allow some weight gain. No need to feel guilty. But no need to feel surprised either when a little weight gain becomes a lot of weight gain.
    - I love - love – bread too! I should savor it more, and would probably end up eating less.
    - Set my own expectations of myself. No one else can tell me how happy I “should” be. That’s a measure I need to make.

    Did you ever do the SP visualization step? Is there anything you imagined in your post-weightloss life that you haven’t done yet or seen yet… maybe something you can do today?

    I hope these little thoughts from a total stranger aren’t too intrusive (and if they are, delete me! I won’t take it personally!). But mostly I hope that you find some good cheer today!

    3039 days ago
    You are making me think, of my daughter, who reached her goal, and is trying to keep it from going more then three pounds over, or more then seven pounds under.

    It's like her life is dependent on her weight, being the right number, when she goes in to be weighed. She weighs in evening, so Monday's are worrisome, to her, it's like her life is walking, strength building, arobics in and out of water, and spin classes.and she is dealing with how her daughter, fits into this, list of things she has to do, but she comes first, but wants everyone, to think her daughter comes, first, because she has plans for her care set up, with family member, while she does her thing. Her mind set is so etched in stone, and it is worrisome to me. Like if one thing goes wrong, she may crack,

    I tell her chose your meals, better focus on healthier choices, so you don't need to do all that extreme exercising, you hit your goal, now you just need to learn to live with it, and relax, you are where you want to be. Of course, she is worried about putting it back on. I'm trying so hard, when she is in a listening mode, to EAT TO LIVE not live to eat, She's an "A" blood type, so milder forms of exercise is better for her, yoga, meditating, walking for 30 minutes and the healthy food's for her are beans, nuts, veggies,fruits, whole grain, a little fish.

    When the mindset has been formed through other people, she thinks if I eat something I walk all I need to do is walk ten miles to burn it off, sure that may work, but how HEALTHY is it?

    I think it's BALANCE one needs when maintenance, is what one is looking at. and I see that is what you are striving for. Do you like doing 40 minutes of exercise a day? If so, then you need to find your calorie level to keep your weight, at that level of maintenance. It may be better food choices, so you can eat more food quantity wise to reach the same amount of calories. Example: 1/2 cup of onion and 1/2 cup of celery and 1/2 cup of mushroom, and 1/2 cup of broccoli, and 1/2 cup of green pepper steamed, until cooked with 1teaspoon olive oil added when finished, to fry up and throw in herbs of your liking (parsley, cumin, oregano, sage, tummeric, chives,a spritz of Tablespoon of lemon juice) and put this on your plate, beside a healthy 1/2 cup to 1 cup size of bean of your liking, made with seasonings that are good for you
    or/and a fish or poultry or meat choice, in 3-5 ounce serving size or placed in an egg omelet, made with 1 egg and 3-5 added egg whites.(keeps cholesterol down that way) which you also add herbs and spices to it, and over it you have your own prepared salsa a few table spoons.
    Very low calories, and lots of health benefits, and lots of food to eat.

    Hope this helps, you and others, too
    3040 days ago
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