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Friday, January 21, 2011

I love the scale... some days. And I hate the scale... some days. Today I hate it. Yesterday I hated it. It is an obsession with me. And I know that there are probably half or more of the people who will read this and try to convince me to throw away the scale, put it away or at least only weigh once in a while. But I can't.
I wake up.
I weigh myself.
(In my pajamas. This helps to soften the blow for later because I know for sure I will actually weigh less than I do in my pjs.)
I go to the bathroom.
I feed my baby (cuz breastmilk must weigh a TON. lol).
I take off my clothes.
I weigh myself again.
Somedays I go and eat breakfast at this point, somedays I allow myself to be distracted until I put my son down for nap.
After putting my son down for nap, I strip down again.
I weigh myself.
Then I take a shower.
And weigh myself.
And if I don't like that number I make sure my hair is TOTALLY dried and weigh again.
Then I will allow myself to go through my day as normal.
And then I take off my clothes to get my pajamas on.
And I weigh myself once more before bed.
I can almost always assume that I will weigh approximately 2 pounds less than I weigh at night - it's very accurate. This also helps me to soften the blow incase I have gained - then I won't be shocked in the morning.

But I have to say, this usually helps me. I know, I know. It sounds INSANE and bizarre. But it's kind of like a science to me. Helps me to really re-think what I have eaten in a day. If I only weigh once a week there is no way to know where I have gone wrong. If I weigh daily then I can accurately pinpoint where I went wrong. But the last few days have been kind of infuriating. I can usually handle a small gain. I try my best to take it in stride and just say, "Now I know what not to do tomorrow and I will just try harder." But the last few days, of course this happens AFTER making a promise to myself to lose as much as I can by my class reunion in August, the scale has gone up and up and I can't figure out why. I haven't been doing any crazy eating and no eating out. I even got a workout in this week. I know, flimsy attempt, but it's been so cold here that schools are being cancelled and I am trying to keep my baby indoors and not have to take him to the childcare at the gym. Anyway, so, I am very frustrated. Most times I really do consider the scale my ally... but right now it seems like an enemy. My goal is to lose 3 pounds a week. As it stands, I have lost nothing this week and I still have 3 pounds to lose before I weigh on Sunday morning.

Oh scale... why do you hate me???
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    For me personally, weighing myself daily would never work. I don't know why, but it always takes one week for me to see "damage" or "victory". In other words, if I exercise consistently and stay within my calorie range and I weigh myself week 1, then the scale won't notice it until week 2. If I let myself slide week 1 by not exercising and over indulge several days, my scale lets me know week 2. So I pretty much have to weigh in about once a week to see progress or set-back. At the end of last year, I only weighed myself once a month, and I didn't spark for several months... so I didn't track and I didn't talk to my sparkfriends... and what happened? I gained several pounds back. 9 to be exact. Darn scale. I love and hate the scale myself. But who else is going to tell me the truth? (the truth I already know when I slip on my "skinny" jeans... ) grrr, too tight!

    I understand obsession (did anyone say chocolate!) and I understand frustration when you can't get the scale to budge. It does happen! I can "hug" you and send "well wishes" your way. I can try to "motivate" and "push" you. But only you can stop the obsession with the scale. Can hubby help by hiding it somewhere and only letting you weigh in once a week in the a.m.? And then you spend each week tracking and eating right and exercising... NOT THINKING ABOUT THE SCALE... and then log the weight into your tracker... and then move on with your life?

    Yep, breaking an obsession is hard work. Get help from a loyal supporter. Don't keep the scale in the house. SparkPeople every day for support!!!! You can and will break the scale obsession. I believe in you. You are an amazing woman and you know it!!!

    2665 days ago
    I'm happy to see you sparking out your frustrations with the scale! I use to weigh in a lot and it does help. I wouldn't call it obsessive, but rather keeping me in check. You just have to really be "REAL" with yourself concernins natural body fluctuations throughout the day/week. I know I fluctuate almost 5 pounds throughout the day. I don't see a problem with stepping on the scale whenever, but recording your "weekly" weigh in on the same day/time can help you track your progress better.
    2671 days ago
    hehe, I have those days. It's more of a science to me, too though. I am not unhappy with the scale, just interested to see how sodium from the day before, urinating & bowel movements, wet hair, drinking water, eating, exercise, etc. will affect the scale throughout the day. I'm eating right with exercise, my pants are getting loser & I'm seeing more muscle definition, so I'm not too concerned with the number, but there's some sort of excitement with the numbers like when you scratch off a sweepstakes card or something (I'm not a gambler, but I'm afraid I'd be addicted if I was).
    emoticon emoticon Kick that scale!
    2678 days ago
    Wow, it's nice to see someone more obsessed than me. I do NOT weigh in on days that I know I've eaten poorly (which has been EVERY day this week). I'll get this back in control by tomorrow and will weigh in Sunday.
    2678 days ago
    You are really focused on the scale and (I am not saying throw it out!!) I am not sure all that weighing is healthy it seems to be to be more of an obsession. But I am on the outside here so I pray this works for you. I remember when I breastfed my babies, it did seem as though it would weigh you down, not sure if it really did but it sure felt like it. I wish you all the best in your journey!! emoticon emoticon
    2678 days ago
    I am right there with you. I have a scale at work. I get on it when I get there, right before I go to lunch, right when I get back from lunch, and then before I go home. Right now I am intrigued how the weight goes up and down, roughly 3 lbs, during the day. All I am excited right now it is not going as high as it used to do!
    Remeber the saying, muscle weighs more than fat at first, then it is a fat burning machine! emoticon
    2678 days ago
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