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Friday, January 21, 2011

I saw a vlog a week or two ago from a Sparker that talked about her favorite beauty products. I'd been seeing lots of them on YouTube as well. I had no idea people really talked about all the products they use like that. I mean, there really are viewers out there for stuff like that. I actually got curious myself on a few products. What a concept! I could find some great stuff I'd never heard of before AND I can share all the cool stuff that I love to use. We talk to our girlfriends, family, and Spark Friends about stuff we love all the time, why not share it with the WORLD! emoticon hahahahahahahahha

How do you love this COLD weather that's been goin' around? haha yeah right! not my kinda weather! I'm one of those people who likes things in the Happy Medium category. I'm also told that when there's high humidity that it makes the temperature feel more hot/cold. That is so true. There is a lot of humidity in Houston. Summers are hot and wet. Winters are just plain freezing to us. Today I was reading from some Spark friends that the wind chill makes it feel in the negative numbers...UGH!! Seriously? No thanks! How do you northerners survive?! lol So for cold weather like this I love to make soups/stews. Bring it on!! I love all the veggies and different types of meats to incorporate (just like any other meal of course). Broths can be thick or watery, creamy or clear, mmmmm...Oh Soup, how I love thee, let me count the ways.
emoticon emoticon
This week I made a yummy Chicken Tortilla Soup dish that is clean and hearty. Fresh veggies, lean chicken breasts, black beans, hominy, and fresh avocados to top it off. The night after I made some awesome fish tacos that I watched Rachel Ray make. They were Margarita Fish Tacos. I didn't have halibut like she used but I did have some tilapia and just subbed it, no worries. I do want to get some halibut and try it again though. Those were some thick cuts!! She made a salsa/sauce for the tacos that was made of tomatillos and avocados. I made that and think I added a little too much lime juice. My BF liked it but I wasn't crazy about it mostly b/c it just had too much lime juice....I'll have to revise it and do it again; pay more attention to how much I'm adding and how the flavor changes.

With all this cold weather comes the sneezing, coughing, congestion, and fevers. Yep, my son caught it. This boy hardly ever gets sick. I must be doing something right with all the nutritious food we eat at home ;) Monday night he didn't eat hardly a bite of his dinner and complained of a headache. Hmmm, he hardly ever complains of anything so he must not be feeling well. Couple hours later he's in bed coughing up a storm, body temperature is up, and now congested too. So I head out to Walgreens for some meds and email the office that I won't be in the next day. His fever was almost 101 in the morning so attempted to give him another dose...oh goody, here comes the nausea and vomiting. What has happened to my baby boy!? :( he's SICK and there's no fakin' it. Mommy to the rescue! Hit the grocery store to load up on crackers, drink packets to add electrolytes, ingredients for the tortilla soup, and nausea meds. Some TLC is all he needs. I haven't been this needed in a long time and I was ready to bundle him up and cradle him until he was all well!
The soup worked like a charm emoticon Fever wasn't completely gone so one more day at home to make sure he's 100% for school the next day. I enjoyed my one on one time at home with my son this week. I love him so much :)
As for my daughter, she and her BFF had a little tiff. She was really upset about it and it just broke my heart to see her so sad. She closes herself up but when she's ready to open up and talk I would be ready. I sent her to bed with a reminder that I'm always ready to listen for whenever she was ready to talk. The next day I came home from work with some Rocky Road ice cream and two of her favorite movies that we didn't own yet. Lucky for me they were waiting for me at only $5 each, SCORE! :) She told me the story (of course it was over a boy, ugh), had a little ice cream, and I got a smile outta her when she saw what movies I brought home. I love making my babies smile. emoticon I love being a mom!
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    will you vlog here? can't wait to see it!

    and ps we've been a healthy family so far-and i want to attribute it to healthy eating, but i know we can't have a sickless winter--just doesnt make sense...

    maybe your good nutrition will at the very least get him through his sickness faster !
    3802 days ago
    Glad you were able to be there for your "baby's". emoticon
    3802 days ago
    You should do a vlog-that would be awesome.
    I like to find out what products other ppl use cuz if U are on a budget, you don't really want to waste your money on something.

    Good luck!
    3802 days ago
  • MUSICLVR2675
    yes, I would totally ramble too ;)
    Be warned! haha
    3802 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8689328
    I prefer picture blogs because I can race through and list everything. If I were to do a vlog I'd ramble for days!!!
    3802 days ago
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