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Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow! I've got to get back to London so I can stop eating!!!
I've no idea how many kg I've gained but I'll worry about that when I get back to London and I can more easily get back on track.

I had a lovely time in the Alps, it didn't snow while I was there but it had not long before so it was all pure white and I enjoyed walking around in it. I didn't dare join godson and his mum Sabrina sliding down the slope, so I waited with his dad at the foot, laughing at Sabrina getting ice down the back of her jumper, not without godson's aid :D

It was my birthday on Sunday, I was 40. Celebrations started on Saturday when I had lunch with some friends at my favourite restaurant. These were the lot I spent my youth with, and the restaurant has seen several of our birthdays. I think I had my 24th there too. The owner is almost like an old friend.
Lunch started at 1.30 pm; we left the restaurant at about 3.30 for a walk around the centre of Florence. I guided them through well known spots, telling lesser known anecdotes - courtesy of a little book I bought for Mr Gent as a present, but then decided to use myself before giving it to him as it was too cool :)))
I got him another book too (how to live in Florence with a Florin a day, or something like it), so I'll forgive myself!
Anyway, on Sunday, the actual birthday, there was another lunch, this time with friends (the ones I spent time with in the Alps, with godson) and family. That also started at around 1.30 pm. We left the restaurant at 5 pm 'cos friends had to drive back to Milan and didn't want to be too late! The restaurant was one I'd wanted to go to for decades but somehow never got around to. My mother said we should go there for my 40th, as I should enjoy it. Very true! It's one of the historical Florentine trades (so called because they've been there for a century or more), and the food was yummy!

During the week I was walking around town with dad when I saw a pair of boots I'd been looking for, so he bought them for me as a present :)))

Talking about Mr Gent. I'm kind of surprised that he's kept in touch while I've been away, even saying he looks forward to my return. As I've been moaning about getting stuffed and dreading weigh-in when I get back, he's kindly offered to... ahem... help me lose the kgs with some... ahem... physical activity. Bless him! Only problem with that is that we'd need to be at it like rabbits, non-stop for a month or so to repair the damage :D
I think I'd better stick to walking as much as I can while I'm here, and then back on the bike if the weather is not too bad when I get back to London.

Still on the Mr Gent subject. I'm dreading Valentine's day. I'll be back in London on 9th February (got the ticket yesterday, decided that I'd stay until after my mum's birthday on 3rd), so it's likely that around the 14th we'll meet.
Now, I have a bit of an issue with Valentine's day. Firstly, it's cheesy. I mean, why would anyone want to exchange cards with cringeworthy messages when they wouldn't dream of uttering those same things in any other occasion???
Secondly, even if you managed to make it a classy event, isn't Valentine's day supposed to celebrate your love for each other? And why would you need a special day for that (other than to line Hallmarks' pockets, I mean)?
And there's the rub. I don't love the guy, and I'd be very surprised if he loved me. I like him, very much. I enjoy spending time with him and it's nice that he feels the same - although I always have the niggling feeling that he's just pretending to, to be nice, but that sooner or later he'll just disappear 'cos he got bored. Admittedly, that's more to do with my past experiences of blokes behaving like that than with Mr Gent himself, but you never know.

But to get back to Valentine's day. What do I do??? All my instincts say: "ignore it, it's just another day". On the other day, Mr Gent chose to spend his birthday with me when I was ill, and turned up with a Christmas present just before I left London. On both occasions I had nothing for him (even if, for his birthday, that was only due to the fact I was ill and hadn't been able to go shopping).
VD (doesn't sound quite right, but there you go!) falls on the Monday just after I get back. If Mr Gent asks to see me at the weekend, I don't really want to say no 'cos I'd like to see him too. What if he turns up with another pressie and I don't have one for him? Can I get away with my Christmas gift to him being so late that it kinds of doubles up for Valentine's? Or should I get something else? Should I get him a silly card on the off chance he gets me one?

But what message would that send? I mean, I've not been in a relationship requiring VD celebrations for so long that I'm not sure I could recognise it if I were in one. I don't even know if I want to be in one!

I'll ponder this...

Hope everyone had a great start to the year!
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    haha....I despise VD myself....I've always felt that I shouldn't have to have a "DAY" to tell someone I love them. I heard this quote on the radio last year and it cracks me up....."Valentines Day is the holiday that reminds all the SINGLE people they are losers" I was laughing so hard and it is so TRUE.....

    I would be up front and tell him how you feel....but that's me :) If you're not comfortable yet talking to him about it, then maybe make him a small card making a joke up about VDay. Also, I don't think your Christmas Gift is an issue with being were out of the country :) sure you could have mailed it but what's the fun in that. Now you get to see his face when he opens it :)

    So awesome to have you back, you were definitely missed.

    3538 days ago
    Buon compleanno!!!! Anche se in ritardo emoticon
    Anche se VD per me non significa nulla, potresti fare una sorpresa carina a Mr. Gent...lo merita, mi pare.
    Forse lui รจ l'eccezione alla regola, in fondo le eccezioni esistono sempre
    3542 days ago
  • MONIA30
    Why wont you just MAKE card yourself? try those website where you can design card, make it funny not cheesy-AND IN THAT WAY YOU WONT HAVE ALL THOSE "FOR THE ONE I LOVE " THINGS. Didn't check what was going on for days, so very late but honest HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! glad you had a good day.
    soo... take care ... will come back to check on you loosing that florence kg's. bye for now "RAbbit" emoticon
    3547 days ago
  • no profile photo LYFO12
    Happy belated B-day!!! I'm so sorry I missed it! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends...and yay for the new boots. :)

    Why don't you speak with Mr. Gent about your concerns for Valentines Day...just set boundaries beforehand. This way, you will have no surprises and will feel better about spending time with him on that special day. No ties attached.

    Take care sweetie!! :)))
    3552 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4929386
    Sounds like Florence and the Alps were lovely.
    As for Valetines and Mr Gent - NO idea what to suggest.
    Maybe the belated Christmas Pressie is the way forward. I hope you come up with a solution that suits you. He dounds like a sweetie.
    Nice to have you back!
    3558 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    Happy belated birthday! I am exactly one month behind you in turning 40...
    3560 days ago
  • LEXIE63
    Aww, get him a little something that is nice, and to his taste, but not necessarily lovey-dovey. It can double as a gift from Florence and VD need not be mentioned... in any form. LOLOLOL
    One of those books you bought might be just the ticket. :-) Or get him something truly cheesy and touristy to give him a laugh and lighten the mood. VD gifts don't have to be all smoochy and romantic.
    I'm sure you'll figure something out. :-)
    Belated Birthday Wishes too!
    Lex xxx
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3560 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/22/2011 8:26:32 AM
    That's a conundrum!
    Don't get him a Valentine's day gift. But as you like the guy; you do need to get him a gift.
    Otherwise your saying your not as committed to the relationship as he is.
    Perhaps a souvenir gift. "I saw this in Florence and thought of you."
    Or perhaps something not valentine-y at all.
    One year, I gave my husband a toaster.
    ???A gift certificate for running shoes so he can go running with you?
    That way you don't get too sore too emoticon
    Have fun
    3561 days ago
    Welcome back.
    Happy belated birthday and Kelpie is right - life begins at 40.
    You are just a Spring chicken emoticon

    Mr. Gent sounds nice so get him a small present and I also have
    the rabbit picture in my mind and I keep smiling thinking of it.

    Have a great trip back and enjoy the rest of your time in Florence.
    3561 days ago
    Your holiday sounds wonderful! Get him a present for gosh sakes! I would imagine that you can come up with something that would be nice... you do like him and he does seem to be very good to you. So what if he doesn't have something for you (but he probably will) just give him a nice something or other and let it be just because! emoticon
    3561 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    The image is seared into my brain! Happy belated birthday, it's great that you got to spend it with people you love! As for the VD gift (that sounds terrible, doesn't it?) give him a prezzie to say you're happy to be back in London and wrap it in neutral coloured paper. Then Mr Gent can think what he wants and you won't be empty-handed on Valentine's Day - I agree, a gross waste of money!

    Can't wait to have you back here!
    3561 days ago
  • KELPIE57
    Oh Screwie....

    OK, VD, my ex proposed in Edinburgh, and we got married, in Lecce... so he wouldn't forget the day.

    For some years it was difficult, however, for Jacques it is an opportunity to show his romantic side. Most of the time he is soooo practical, yet he loves giving me roses, and I love getting them.

    Me, I get him what I like, sometimes clothes, that he makes an effort to wear to show me that he appreciates them.

    Mr Gent? Well, give it time, and see what happens. He does seem pretty keen, and that is I'm sure, a nice almost surprise. Pressie..... well, I'm sure you'll find the answer to that. Something thoughtful, without necessarily being romantic.

    And you know what they begins at 40!

    3561 days ago
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