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Friday, January 21, 2011

well--the scale finally started to move. down 1.2 pounds. very glad for the progress--and SUPER glad for rob's progress--he dropped 3 pounds this week. he has a longer way to go than i do, and i am so glad he is getting some encouragement. of course he was complaining because he wanted to drop TEN pounds this week--but COME ON. lets have some realistic expectations here! i know this plan will work, and i am feeling more fit already, and eating the meal plan certainly isn't a problem. i just know also that the scale will drop very slowly for me and i have to be okay with that. i am thinking that once i know i am on the right track i may back off from the weekly weigh ins and go to monthly sessions. but for now i need to make sure that the food/exercise ratio i have going is working for me.
on the kettle bell front, i am taking it slow and easy--concentrating on the first 4 movements on the video, and doing 10 or 20 reps of each--most with a 5 lb. bell, and the basic swing with a 10 lb. bell. i won't go on with any other moves until i master the body mechanics of these first few. i can see why people like using these--when i get more proficient with them i am sure they will really provide a great workout.
i guess the next thing on my agenda is my sleep. its really a problem. i have never slept well in all my life--everything wakes me up. i had no idea sleep and weight loss were connected--all that finding that out has done is to make me stress even MORE when i wake up at night. this morning i awoke at 1:30-ish. looked at the clock around 2. it is now nearly 7 am. i guess i need to do some research and try to establish some kind of protocol to help me sleep. i think i may get a sound generator--not sure it will help. we run a fan now for a steady sound, but it doesn't mute the sound of soda's snoring which is AMAZINGLY LOUD. if she is sleeping when people come over they always stop in mid sentence and say "is that your DOG?" i have always just accepted it as part of my life and figured that i was just one of those people who doesn't need a lot of sleep. but there are times (like now) when i am really tired and would love to be able to fall back asleep.
the only time i can fall into a deep sleep and stay there is during the growing season and i have been outside working all day long. i come in and we eat dinner--and as soon as i stop moving and sit on the couch after dinner i am asleep. usually rob wakes me up at about 10 and i stagger into bed and fall right back to sleep. sure would be nice to do that all the time!
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    Sleeping can be an issue for myself as well. I have a dog, her name is Brigid but she sleeps in her cage at night, rarely with me or my daughter Julia. I sleep better if my boyfriend comes over and spends the night but I think that's normal.

    Congrats on the kettle bells! I was wondering how that was going to work out. I am curious because it doesn't sound like a lot of money to spend for them! So if you find success, I may grab some myself!

    Thanks for your kind words! These words get me up and going to work out at 5 am!
    3099 days ago
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