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First class of the semester

Thursday, January 20, 2011

So of course this semester has barely started and I've already had issues with it! Starting out I accidentally shipped my books to my very old P.O. Box which is over 2 1/2 hours away!!! Luckily, when I called, the lady remembered me :D and she is shipping them to me. VERY lucky! So of course they are late for the start of class *grumble* You would think they would give you your financial aid money with time for books to arrive (even without the hiccup they wouldn't have been able to get here on time).

I only have one class a week this semester that I have to drive to (thankfully!). So I leave with plenty of time to get there, I have my directions, My laptop, my planner, and my favorite pen. When I get into Dover-Foxcroft the directions say turn left on Court St. Okay :) that works. Then it says to go straight through the next three intersections and take another left on Mayo St. Well....at the VERY FIRST intersection you can NOT go Straight! As it is a oneway street. Seriously? Seriously? ARGH! I actually said seriously as I sat deciding which direction to go. So I went left...thinking I could just turn *right* at the next intersection so I can get back to Court...or even get to the back side of Mayo.... Of course there is no right turn....until I get back onto Route 15......So I have to go back UP 15 to court street. This time I go RIGHT instead of straight....and find my way. So I end up being 3 minutes late. Grrr, I hate that.

Oh but my joyous adventure continues. I've never been to this center before, so when I walk in and see a sign that says...CON280 is in room 107...well...I think that my class is in 107. Because, well, that's what the sign says. So because I am a *few* minutes late when I get to my class there is another person there. I'm a bit shocked. I didn't expect anyone else to be at the satellite location with me. So I sit down, unpack my things get my laptop plugged in. And the wi-fi won't let me log on with out a password. So I go to the front desk and ask for it. The lady gave me a look of annoyance and barked at me, "We don't have it." I'm sure she could see the shock on my face...a school with out wi-fi? So I say, "You don't have wi-fi access?" to which she snaps, "No, we don't." Which I know is bullshit...because I can *see* the wireless connection...I just need the password to use it. So I go back to "my" class. Sit there for about 20 minutes, we are going over the syllabus (which I can't follow along with because I can't get online)...taking notes about information on the syllabus so I have it written down for when I *DO* have access. Then....the satellite feed fails.......

It failed in the whole building. The guy that was in the class with me, asked me to read a phone number off the folder on the desk. I look at it, and say "this can't be right." He of course responds, "Yes it is, see? SMS323." to which I say...."No, this is supposed to be CON280." To which he says, "Well what room is your class in." I respond...obviously...because I read the sign...."Room 107." His reply? "This is room 109." Me.....knowing I'm right...say..."No, this is room 107." Sure enough...I was right.

So yes...I sat for 20 minutes of the reading of a syllabus that wasn't for my class. He goes, "oh I'm sorry, no one was in this room so they said I could use it." Really? REALLY? I was ONLY 3 minutes late.....AND it was the 1st day! AND they get a roster of who is supposed to be there for which classes!!!!

So I finally get everything up and running.....but missed the first hour of my 2 hour and 45 minute class due to the satellite failure and the fact I was watching the wrong class. The latter COULD have been avoided *IF* I was allowed to use the wi-fi......

*****side note: we use blackboard for the class, which is a program that the professor uses to communicate with us. It has the syllabus, discussion boards, class rosters, professor contact information, grade modules, etc. Which is why I *normally* bring my lap top to class....so I can access Blackboard DURING the class.....

To add a cherry to the cake, I was working on an assignment for one of my online classes (I have 5 homework assignments due by tuesday!!). About an hour into it. I have it finished, and I'm proof-reading it before I submit it........and Miss Kyra...grabs my mouse.....and DELETES the ENTIRE thing! And....I can't get it back, no matter what I try. Not sure what she did....but it was something.....and it was gone. She of course doesn't know what she did. I was sooo angry, and I was trying so hard not to let her know it! I think it worked though, because she went into her box and started to play peek-a-boo....
Her *box* is a cardboard box that I cut a window and a door out of. She will go into it and spaz out...shakes the whole box while she laughs...then pops her head out the window :D It's so freaking cute!

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    OMG hard times. It will settle down... you know it will be tough, but you are determined and you got good reasons to do it.

    What a cutie!
    2645 days ago
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