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Stupid red-tape bureaucratic idiocy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I received a letter from the Department of Education this morning, saying I have not met the certification requirements and thus am not eligible to receive this year's raise (which was scheduled to begin on Sept. 1, 2010).

I called, left a message. Someone called back. I said I'm certified, so I don't understand what the problem might be. She said that the BOARD of Education certifies teachers, but they do not send a copy to the DEPARTMENT of Education. That is up to the teacher, to make a copy and send it (or bring it) to the Dept of Ed.

I said I thought these two government agencies talked to each other. She said no, they don't. That the teacher has to keep their personal records straight with these two departments.

Wow. I truly do not know what else to say. Just, wow. How absolutely idiotic. How infantile. How, well, how wasteful in terms of human hours and time and money and effort. WHAT are they paid to do? WHY can't the Board just copy the certificates and use the inter-office mail to send the copies to the Department? WHY CAN'T THESE TWO AGENCIES, DESIGNED TO SUPERVISE PUBLIC EDUCATION, WORK TOGETHER???????

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