What a difference a day makes

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yesterday I was feeling down. Part of it was I *DETEST* Mondays and the other is relationship drama. So, I hardly got work done, was thinking negative, wasted time on nothing, and was just feeling blah. I did however manage to keep eating in check. YAY for me! I did think about that cereal box though………
When I got home, I put on my running clothes and hit the track. Did an easy 3 miles and felt good. Had breakfast for dinner, showered, played with son, watched some TV and went to bed early.
This morning I got up earlier than usual and hit the stationary bike for 31 minutes! Hadn't worked out in the a.m. in forever!!! Talk about an energy boost! I definitely need to do it more often, which means going to bed earlier more often. I showered, etc. had my morning smoothie and packed today’s lunch. On my way to work I talked on the phone with my BF.
Tonight I’ll get an ST session in.
Today is a good day and I will make it great.
Life is too short to waste on negativity.
Have a great day Sparkies!!!!
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