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Monday, January 17, 2011


YAY!!! i'm sooo happy!!! i get to BLOG!!!! - Today's 1 day challenge Sparkteam is to BLOG!! :) (being new to Sparkpeople.. at 1st i was blogging every day - essentially because i really like it), but as the days passed and i kept reading and reading on the site, i discovered the journal.. and was seeing the best blog awards, and they were so WOW that i thought perhaps we can just blog when we have something meaningful and insightful to say - so i haven't blogged since!

Seeing the 1day challenge, gave me permission!!! And by reading the description, i think we're allowed to blog, anytime, about anything.. so i'll come back to my 1st days habits :) (mainly because i can never remember where the Journal is and spend some much time looking for it....

ok... 1st wk or so: conclusions??

i was sooooooooooo hungry this wk!!!!! always overboard on my range (EXCEPT the day it was a challenge on the 1day challenge (i take those really seriously :) - and today. But other days, a. i NEVER thought i ate so many calories... and b. i thought i'll NEVER be able to be in range.. and be able to function...

but... today.. perhaps EUREKA: my periods started - YAY!!!!!! (not as in not pregnant, and in I SHOULD STOP CRAVING CHOCOLATE and being ravenous for anything under the sun - PMS is a true nightmare for me - i'll try to better prepare next month (Spark style)

- started! :) (most essential i'd say - i find i've changed - more focused, more goal oriented, more active (as opposite to say, postponing)
- ordered the Spark book, and 2 Spark dvd's (the book... actually before the paperback offer was out, but totally ok, i plan on buying that magazine- it seems amazing!! filled with tips, and i can NEVER have too many of those!!
- learned that cardio rhymes with perspiration (duh, i know, but hadn't realized, or forgotten - read that from Coach Nicole - maybe on the Stress Busting Challenge - a revelation to me. And i'm always so TIRED, and could not understand how people could say that exercise gave them ENERGY - those people must give themselves during work-outs, i was 'preserving' myself, because i had so little energy to start with, i didn't want to lose the little i had
Coincidence, or effect of all the vitamins i've been taking for 2 wks: the DAY i gave it all i had for 30 minutes (yep, yet another 1-day challenge :) ) that very SAME DAY, i felt more energetic: WOW!!!!!
- also realized i eat way a lot of calories, way overboard on carbs, and didn't know there are carbs like in everything?? - not just in bread.... And on the subjects of calories, MEASURING instead of eying, eye opener: my eyes double what a measuring cup measures.. hmmm...
- lastly, having learned about my calorie intake, doing the reports also every day - i learned. I must say that having a slow internet connection, entering everything has been VERY time consuming, and i was cutting on things i maybe should not have cut (like strength training and my little yoga routine, hello, not good - but my plans for the week to come... :)

- i'd like, if possible, fill goals + on my SparkPage - this wk or nxt
- recup my usual routine (for strength training and little yoga routine) - because i love both, and they make me feel good
- that being said, something's gotta give: i decided a. not to OBCESS with food intake (i was hungry on saturday and binged on sunday, so, for now, hunger to cut calories does not work for me - for now); INSTEAD, i'll activate the meal plan, look at the mealplan each morning, as a guideline, to LEARN how to eat. I'll gage myself, but will not enter everything, for now
-i'd like to tackle SOME clutter each day - some, not all, some.
- i'll try to go outside (as in walk) 5 times
I'll see how all that will go
oh yes, and i'll blog at will :) (EVEN if i don't have anything profound to say :)

- tackled SOME clutter (AND didn't beat myself up because i didn't do it ALL)
- made impressive food decisions (what i initially wanted, and what i ended up choosing)
- DID my strength training and little yoga routine: YAY!!
- i went OVER the 8 glasses water!!!!!! (which is reallly a WOW for me- i think i was able to meet the 8 glasses ONCE last week...
- i took my vitamins :)
- i went outside.. walked instead of taking the subway, to go and come back - a total of 60 min!! And, special perk, my boyfriend came with me :) - the BEST perk
- oh... and i was just tooooo curious: i entered my food intake, i HAD to know: I WAS IN RANGE!!!! for E-VE-RY-THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - no under or overboard: YAY!!! -and even had chocolate milk this morning, a breaded fish stick at lunch, and ENJOYED everything: no guilt, no down on myself - but the little decisions i made throughout the day made it happen
So it COULD really be the little steps
a change of lifestyle

ok.. this was long (because it's been a week :)

A *****GREAT***** WK TO E-VE-RY-ONE!!!!!

Cheers!! :)
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  • LESLIES537
    I LOVED your blog!! Go on and blog anytime you want! I used to think I needed something profound as well.. but that's so not the case! A lot of times I'll blog and say something I didn't realize would touch or inspire's such a great feeling! Take my blog today for instance, I thought it could be a tad inspirational, but to have someone consider printing it out and using it for motivation?!!...well, that's just plain AWESOME! emoticon

    Keep up the great work. You are making GREAT strides and should give yourself a huge pat on the back for that! YOU GOT THIS!!

    It's all about those little baby steps...they make all the difference in the world! Keep up the great work! emoticon
    2670 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/27/2011 9:21:00 PM
    Looks lik you are making strides. Congrats on your progress. Try to be patient with yourself and remember that its about progress not perfection. emoticon
    2676 days ago
  • SHUCG1004
    Woo hoo!! You are on the right track. :)
    2680 days ago
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