My Personal "Ground Zero"

Monday, January 17, 2011

I hate to admit it...we all do, I'm sure; but, my life has become a war zone!!

It is a constant battle to do "the right thing"...exercise, eat right, keep in the Word, stay positive...

Today I choose to rise from the ashes of my "Ground Zero" and take back the lost territory (holiday weight gain) and overcome the enemy (poor choices), and win this battle!!!

I am taking some "before photos" a la The Biggest Loser. I hope to take more around March 17-20th to show that I have won the battle (the war in ongoing while I am in this physical body!!)!!

So, today is the day...the day that I clean up the rubble (get food out of the pantry that will tempt me), begin to make the public announcements that "the enemy will be defeated" (blog and telling friends who will support me), gather my troops (purchase healthy foods and snacks), and get into my battle gear (buy some new workout clothes)!!!!

Last week, I did not reach my goals...but, this week, I WILL reach my goals and I WILL have success!!! Failure is not an option!!!!!!!!

Goodbye - emoticon

Hello - emoticon

Blessings and peace!!
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