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Whitney's Favorite Things: Beauty Products!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hey Spark Friends! At the request of my friend SHERLYN-WILL (who is forever TOO SWEET and complimentary! Love her!!), I decided to put together a little joint VLOG & BLOG about a few of my "favorite things" when it comes to taking care of myself appearance-wise (outside of food & fitness!). I've also had a few people asking what I do for skin-care and my hair styling (not that it's particularly special or anything... LOL!), but just for fun, here are my favorite products I use to pamper and take care of myself!

::::SKIN CARE:::::

* Face wash: Cetaphil Antibacterial Cleansing Bar; it's not glamorous, and costs about $3, but it's got a nice sudsy lather, and is effective and gentle to clean skin and remove makeup. I recently also splurged on Peter Thomas Roth (PTR) Beta Hydroxy face wash ($35 -eep!) because I got a sample of it from Sephora and used it for a week and LOVE LOVE LOVED it! Can't wait to add this wash to my routine!! :) I will probably use this only for night, and then my cleansing bar in the shower in the AM.

*Face Lotion: Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (comes in a bit 16 oz tub for about $12); again, not glamorous, but VERY effective. Super hydrating, and I love it for winter. I have combo/oily skin, and even though this is for DRY skin, it helps reduce the dry patches I get from treating blemishes and winter air without making my skin greasy. Also, I received Philosophy's 'hope in a jar' as a Christmas gift and have been LOOOOVING how it's making my skin feel. It's pretty expensive, though, ($38 for 2 oz... yikes) so I'm not sure I'll be able to continue using it regularly "for all time." LOL

*Face Mask: Peter Thomas Roth (PTR) Cooling Sulfur Mask (this is a splurge at $40, but it's a decent amount of mask and a high-quality product; got it from This is the first and ONLY face mask I've found that effectively dries up and zaps my zits/problem areas, without actually drying out my SKIN!! Most acne-type masks use benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid (both harsh chemicals), but this mask does not. The key ingredient is the natural SULFUR. Awesome stuff!

*Blemish Treatments: Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Sulfur Powder ($19). Again, NATURAL treatment of problem zones with pure sulfur/mineral powder. Works great, and isn't abrasive or drying! Have been using this for the last couple weeks, along with my PTR Mask, and my skin is looking and feeling healthier than ever before. (I've always had oily zones with mild acne-- nothing serious, but enough that it's really aggravating and makes me self-conscious w/o makeup). Alternative spot treatment FAVORITE: PTR Acne Spot Treatment with sulfur. Same concept, but in a "cream" rather than a powder, and has a higher concentration of sulfur, which SERIOUSLY zaps the zits! Miracle blemish fixer!

*Exfoliation: [For Face] St. Ives Apricot scrub (for oily skin)-- about $3. [For Body] LUSH "Buffy" bar-- natural exfoliating soap with shea butter, almonds, and other yummy things! It's very hydrating, too, and completely organic/vegan ($11 per bar).

::::MAKE-UP:::: [I RARELY spend more than 5 min. on my make-up routine in the morning! I'm a "quickie" LOL!]

*Foundation: Bare Escentuals Mineral Powder foundations, and illuminating mineral veil. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STUFF. I've been a B.E. advocate for the past 3 years, and will never wear a different foundation again. It's all natural, healthy for my skin, and gives GREAT coverage-- whether you're looking for light or full coverage-- and feels like you're wearing no make-up at all! It's the BEST!

*Blush: Sephora brand powder blush. Bought this a few months ago and really love it! Nice color with slight shimmer that stays pretty well.

*Eye Shadow Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion-- THE BEST STUFF!! I started using primer this year, and it's an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to ever wear shadow! You can use ANY type of shadow (expensive or cheap stuff!) and it stays put for the whole day! I never get creases on my lids anymore, and I love experimenting with new eye shadows because of this primer.

*Eye Shadow: Tarte holiday set of shadows (16 shimmer, 16 matte shadows, plus full size bronzer & illuminating powder, 8 lip gloss palettes, and 5 eye liner). This was the BEST BUY before Christmas! Not sure if they have it still, but it's the "jewelry box" set and came with a necklace and a cute little gold box. :)

*Eye Liner: Sephora brand retractable waterproof liner-- love that it has a smudger, and stays put all day!

*Mascara: Cover Girl Lash Blast... but I've used lots of different drugstore brands, and haven't really found one that I LOVE more than anything; I won't splurge for mascara, since I can't tell a difference in the expensive stuff to the cheaper stuff (but maybe that's just me). :)

*Lip Balm: Smith's Minted Rose balm (rosebud perfume company). THE. BEST. STUFF. Use this multiple times per day, and it comes in a nice big container and lasts for a super long time! Best stuff before bed, too!

::::::HAIR CARE & BODY::::::
I don't really splurge on anything when it comes to haircare, since I haven't noticed a real difference in my hair styling or health when I HAVE bought the expensive stuff (as opposed the differences I definitely notice in my skin care and makeup, which makes the money worth it for me).

*Shampoo/Conditioner: I use Tresseme brand in the big pump bottles-- lasts forever, has a nice clean scent and seems to work well for my baby-fine straight hair. I like the volumizing version, but lately have been using 'anti-breakage' which is fine too.

*Body Wash: Whatever I get as gifts or is on sale. LOL :) I like changing it up every time I run out!

*Body Lotion: Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion; It's the best daily lotion I've found, and it's super light-weight and nongreasy. Love!

*Mousse/styling products: Tresseme Maximum Volume mousse. It's really lightweight and I've been using this for years and years. It's cheap, and works. 'Nuff said. :)

*Hair Spray: Again, Tresseme Maximum Hold spray (aerosal... bad I know).

*Perfume: I LOOOOOVE perfume! It is the finishing touch to every outfit for me. :) I currently have 3 favorite scents: Chanel "Chance," Philosophy's "Amazing Grace," and Danica "I am me." All different styles, but so lovely! I tend to favor fruity/floral scents, that have a warmth and almost spicy undertone to them.


Okay... I THINK that covers most of my "beauty" product favorites!! Can you tell I'm a girlie-girl? LOL. I don't really consider myself "high maintenance" as I usually take only 30 minutes to shower, lotion, brush teeth, contacts, make-up, and hair in the morning... But! I do love all my products that help ME feel good about ME. :) I hope you enjoyed a little step into my world! Hehehe! Have a great day, friends!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Really liked your blog!!!! AND ***totally** agree with Micheandboys's suggestion!! (i'm not at goal weight, but encounter that when close: between the proud and the ackwardness, the insecurities, the newness, the not wanting to be judged, but wanting to have the guts to dress differently as you feel and look differently.. and, from your pictures, you seem to have made that transition beautifully!!!! - so 2 thumbs up to Micheandboy's idea for a future blog of yours :) Cheers!! :)
    2644 days ago
    Whit I wanted you to know I just got some Chanel "chance" and LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to see if DH likes it too!
    2646 days ago
    Fun blog! I think you're gorgeous, so I'm so glad you shared your beauty secrets with us! I love trying new makeup and using natural skin/body care products, and I also have the same skin issues as you, so I'm really hoping to try some of the stuff you mentioned.
    2648 days ago
    LOL. "If you're still listening". You're cute.
    2649 days ago
    LOVE your blogs!! Here's your next idea: I want you to talk about how you start shopping and dressing a skinnier, sexier self. I've lost just over 30 pounds and don't want to hide behind/underneath my clothes anymore! Any suggestions?!
    2649 days ago
    Thanks for always inspiring others with your great blog posts (they're always among the top voted it seems!) and for even doing a video post - I know members LOVE getting to see and hear their sparkfriends!

    Keep up the awesome work and congrats on your success!
    2649 days ago
    You're adorable. You SOUND like Rachel McAdams too!
    2649 days ago
    Ahhh we use many of the same products!! I only touch my face with Cetaphil Antibacterial Cleansing Bar & Cetaphil lotion too!! I also use Tresseme hair products!!
    Howeverrrr my favorite Chanel perfume is Mademoiselle!
    Thanks for sharing this fun blog!!
    emoticon emoticon
    2650 days ago
    Fun topic. Gotta love beauty and all it's vices.
    2651 days ago
  • MUSICLVR2675
    Totally sending you a friend request haha love your vlog/blog. I don't know why but I keep running into videos where people are showing their favorite products! haha I've been considering doing one myself. I like learning about other products out there and listening to their review of the product. I'm a consultant for a skin care line called Votre Vu. It's all made in France and there's even a beauty beverage that's to die for. I too love samples to try because it bugs me to buy a full version if I don't like it (feel like I wasted money). If you're interested in Votre Vu samples, let me know. I know some people stick to products they like and some are open to try new ones.
    As for the sulfur products, never heard of those lines so maybe I'll have to check them out. I've used Mario Badescu and have had so/so luck with it. Absolutely love the Cucumber toner though. How quickly does the sulfur powder work on your blemishes? I have a couple that I swear have been sticking around for 2 weeks already. Frustrating.
    Oh, maybe I missed it in your blog section but the make up box was so awesome!! Where did you say you got that? I love that it has a bronzer and illuminator as well as different liners. I would love to have something so organized with just stuff I use. I don't use a lot of make up at all either. I am addicted to my MAC lasts forever.
    2651 days ago
    Forget skin care what do you use to get your teeth so white! LOL!

    Great blog!
    2651 days ago
    What a fun blog!!! We used many of the same products....I live by Cetaphil for my face but have been thinking about trying the Hope In a Jar so I just might purchase this on my next splurge!
    Are you able to buy the lip balm anywhere locally? I really want to try this one out!!
    2652 days ago
    I feel like you were being Oprah. She always features her favorite things.
    2652 days ago
  • PHYL220
    Great blog. Definitely going to try the Bare Escentuals Mineral Powder. Love Philosophy's Amazing Grace. Thank you for sharing.
    2652 days ago
    Awesome VLOG, Whitney! You have such a sweet presentation and I learned a lot! I'm like you, I use pretty basic and reasonably priced products but SPLURGE on my perfume and body lotion.

    I so love a delicious fragrance; it completes me and as the day wears on, when I get a whiff of the fragrance, it just renews my confidence, makes me smile and helps me feel good as the day nears its end.

    Being "old school" I have the "layering" ingrained in my soul so it's body cream, body powder and then the spritz of perfume, all in the same lovely fragrance. I'll die with a delicious layering of my favorite cologne!! I like Chanel No. 5, Oscar de la Renta and Prada Infusion de Iris, a fragrance that has really filled my soul with joy!

    Good job, Whitney! As always, darlin'!

    Big hugs ((HUGS))!!
    2652 days ago
  • CAROLYN1213
    LOVE Philosophy products!!!!
    2652 days ago
    Aww.. that was really cute..I have noticed you have a wonderful skin...thanks for sharing!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2652 days ago
  • KARENE10
    Great Blog! I'm going to have to buy the Sephora eyeliner. I too use Tresseme(fine hair) and Covergirl mascara(have been using forever)but I did find one that I love even more~Clinique's new one. But it is pretty expensive. Oh,I'm going to check out the Smith's lip balm too-sounds nice.
    2652 days ago
  • BEE171
    Fit-Whit....Awesome advise! You have such beautiful skin!
    Sherlyn-Will....I LOVE the Falsie waterproof mascara! (I have long thick lashes, but they are blonde, so I need all the help I can get! LOL Mary Kay has wonderfurl eye make up remover! I used to use vaseline. Then I went to a MK party and tried the remover. I bought it because I was tired of my teen daughter looking like a raccoon! It is soooooo worth the price and it lasts 4ever! Two of us use it every day and I've had it since September-still have a little more than half a bottle left! Make sure you shake it really well each time because the ingredients seperate!
    2652 days ago
    Thank you so much for that wonderful blog. You had some fantastic products. Thank you for the input. I have always used Merle Norman products. They are fantastic; a little expensive, but they last forever. Thanks again for the info. You are so vivacious.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2652 days ago
    my beauty routine tends to exsist from good old fashioned soap and water lol.having said that i have learnt something today and that is that web cams turn the writing in referse.never new that.i am a big purfume user too i love perfume and use differant ones for doifferant things.if i am going to work out i use a perfume with orange or citrud scant and if i am going to an interview it must be channel nr 19,i prefer it to nr 5 and for some reason it always gives me confidence and makes me more buisness like.if i want to feel like womanaly it tends to be lair du temps by nina riche or tempora.i also have other not so expensive purfumn for evertyday use likewhen i go shopping etc.somepeople feel naked without their make up i feel nacked with out perfume.loved the vlog though and you looked great.keep up the good work love.
    2652 days ago
  • PORTIA31982
    I love UD Primer Potion! And I'm a BE user too - will never go back. :-) I've been using alot of Burt's Bees stuff for my skin lately. I like it so far. What a fun blog. Thanks for posting!
    2653 days ago
  • DNINER84
    Your skin looks great! There's definitely some products I'm going to try now. Great blog! :)
    2653 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Oh my goodness! Thank you! I took some serious notes.
    2653 days ago
    OH WHIT thanks so much! I am thrilled and grinnin' ear to ear!

    MY son is already using the Cetaphil bar on his face since you told me about it... I ran and got it! HE had been using PROACTIVE and it just kind of QUIT working! HE has tried SKIN ID to... it worked for awhile.

    He likes this bar though! SEEMS to be working.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the CETAPHIL moisturizing cream in the big tub you told me about! I had patchy dry spots and this made a huge difference! I am tickled.. I got mine at Wal Mart too!

    OOOH... this makes me feel like it is Christmas morning again..

    I can't wait to try many of these!

    YOU have so many things I want to try!

    THIS is the first blog I MUST PRINT OFF! THANK YOU ...

    YOU are so stinkin' adorable! (WINK)

    YOU are gorgeous on the video! A "natural" for sure~!

    So one question do you use crest strips for your white teeth or favor a special toothpaste!

    WHIT says 'geez... what will she ask next!?" LOL

    PS I use the same mascara I think... mine has the word VOLUME on it too.. in an orange tube! I love it!

    I am picky about mascara due to the aplicator differences.. (maybe it is in my head ??LOL)

    I like the way the falsies mascara looked but HATED the removal!
    Wish I knew of a good product to REMOVE mascara when it is a Waterproof one.

    I don't really think vaseline works very well for that and have tried a couple of eye makeup removal products... that did NOT work!

    ANY ideas?

    PS thanks again!

    2653 days ago
  • MAEST35
    I also have oily skin, so I am anxious to try the Cetaphil moisturizer.
    I stocked up on bronzer at Ulta last fall, but when they run out, I will try B.E. foundation/bronzer. Of course, everyone that is dedicated to it says it changes their lives, so why not give it a whirl.
    Per reco from CCOLCUKE, I will look for PTR products at Marshall's. I love a good blemish spot treatment, and the one I was previously dedicated to just ain't cutting it anymore (which is sad b/c I have like 6 left.)
    Yes, I have a bit of a product hoarding issue, but I am trying to recover. ;)
    2653 days ago
    2653 days ago
    That was a lot of fun. I also really love the Hope in a Jar. For makeup, I've pretty much switched over to Tarte exclusively. I do really love the Philosophy body washes because they're food scented ;-)
    You and I have exactly the same hair but yours is a lighter shade with much less grey.
    2653 days ago
    great stuff, whit, thanks for sharing!

    btw, i saw some PTR at marshalls the other day, super discounted.

    i agree 100% on the mascara, it is all the same paint! the only differences with the expensive brands are scent and packaging.

    re: blemishes, i had problems my whole entire life from the 8th grade until LAST YEAR. what helped me was drinking tons of water, quitting smoking, exercising regularly, eating clean(er) and switching to decaf coffee. also, add omegas like fish oil capsules and walnuts, those help get rid of the hard white bumps...

    okay, dont want to do TMI here!

    2653 days ago
    Fun review Whitney!! Even though you and I are from different generations, I found we have several products in common. I've been using Bare Minerals make-up, am a Medium also, for 7 years. I have oily eye lids, so the Urban Decay Primer Potion is a godsend for me. I too LOVE Philosophy's Hope In A Jar. I'm a Chanel girl and LOVE No. 5 and the new No. 5 Eau Premiere is lovely for a lighter version of No. 5. It's great in the summer sprayed over the body cream. St. Ives is an awesome scrub and I wouldn't think of not slathering up with Lubriderm after my shower.
    2653 days ago
    Thank you, from one seriously maquillage-challenged woman! The only secret I have using Eucerin (the thick cream in a pot) for severely dry hands and feet. Slather the stuff on your hands and/or feet before bed, put socks over the appendages, and sleep. In the morning, you'll likely have lost the socks but a few nights of this will make your hands and feet happy.
    2653 days ago
    I loved this, thanks for the tips! I use Cetaphil too, and love it! I tried Hope in a Jar once (just the sample I got from Sephora) and I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like it! Part of me feels like I should give it another chance, but it makes my face feel sticky so I dunno...
    And Channel Chance is by far my favourite perfume!! I also love Burberry Brit.
    2653 days ago
  • ELIKA625
    Love the recommendations! I recently switched from using BE make-up to Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation..I used BE for aboout 2 or 3 years and in recent months it had caused me to have this HORRIBLE cystic acne that I've never had before. I forget the exact ingredient..bismuth or something? Anyway..I do miss the feel and convenience of mineral make-up.

    I've gotta try that PTR spot treatment! Yay for no harsh chemicals. And yes..that primer potion is seriously a gift from God himself..AMAZING STUFF!
    2653 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/15/2011 5:32:38 PM
    Thanks for sharing! emoticon
    2653 days ago
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