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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I went to see my primary care doctor on Thursday for two reasons. The first reason was to bring her up to speed on what was going on with me just in case something happened to me. The second reason was because I was having a strange reaction as my pain medication was wearing off and I wanted to make sure I wasn't having a circulatory problem. When I have a really bad pain spike and I take the prescription the pain management doctor gave me (take every 8-12 hours) at about hour 6.5 after taking the medicine I begin to turn gray. At hour 7 my lips start to turn blue and my hour 7.5 my finger nail beds also start to turn blue. By hour 8 I'm in crushing pain and I take another pill. One hour after taking the pill everything is normal again.

My primary doctor assured me that my circulation was fine. If I had a circulation problem, taking a pain pill wouldn't make the problem go away. She did mention that the pain was driving my blood pressure up. I asked her if she felt that it was causing my system to shut down when I turned blue, she looked angry and said tersely, probably. She gave me a steroid injection to help the inflammation and pain in my left arm (which has helped) , two prescriptions - one to protect my stomach and the other a steroid- a request for a faxed radiologist report for my MRI and an emergency appointment for a neurologist for Wednesday, January 19. She said I need treatment of some kind immediately. She told me to go home and call my pain management doctor and tell him that she had checked me out for circulation and put me on a steroid. Then she said to tell him in detail what I told her about my lips turning blue etc. After that she said I was just to rest for the remainder of the day.

I got home, picked up the phone and called my pain doctor's office at l:56p.m. I told them exactly what my primary doctor instructed me to tell them. They took down the information and my phone number and said they would phone me back. At 2:03p.m. the doctor's office called me back and said they needed me to come in on Tuesday, January 18, with a copy of my MRI films and my pain medication. That had to be the fastest response time on record from them! Usually they take at least 4 hours to respond. They also wanted to know if it had happened more than once. I said yes, it had.

Friday, I had my MRI. They had to stick me four times in order to put the contrast dye into me. When the MRI was over, my upper body went into spasms and shakes from having been still for so long. It was horrible and I felt so out of control! Then it just stopped. I got dressed and waited for my films and drove home. By the time I stopped at the bank and got home, my husband said that I was already gray in color but I felt no pain. I felt nothing at all in fact. I ate lunch, took my pain medication (it made me turn back to my natural color again) talked on the phone, did some paper work and used the computer. My husband came in from work and took me to run two quick errands and we came back home. Five hours had passed since I had my pain medication. He told me that I didn't look so good - I was turning gray and I was cold to the touch. I decided to go to bed. That's when the pain started and my lips turned blue. I wrapped myself in blankets to get warm and tried positioning my arms to take the pressure off my cervical spine. I'd read about this on a medical web site specializing in the spine, and I lay like this for l.5 hours. I didn't know what else to do. OMG! It worked! My color came back, the pain subsided and I got warm again. I am just at a loss as to what is going on with my cervical spine. Thank goodness I read that article because it gave me some relief and I didn't have to take another pill. It will be interesting to see what the MRI says!
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  • L*I*T*A*
    keeping you in my thoughts and prayers....
    wish i could wiggle my nose to help you find your answers....
    hang in there....
    blessings and hugs........lita
    3430 days ago
    Wow Cyndi -- thank goodness you stay so well-informed! And your primary care doctor sounds awesome (not so much the pain management folks). Please, keep us posted. You're in our thoughts.
    3430 days ago
    Oh, Cyndi. You are really smart to read as much as you can and try to find relief for yourself.- So sorry you are going through all this. Hope the MRI pinpoints the cause and that you get the treatment you need. Hang in there!
    3430 days ago
    OMG that is scary, I work in nursing and to turn blue and grey OMG that is not good as you know. but yea maybe something is pressing on a nerve or whatever to make you lose circulation like that. I am intetested to know your story. I hope you get some answers asap and if you don't get warm or get your colour back please go to emerg.
    HUGS and wow you are strong!!!!

    3430 days ago
    OMG ~ I would have been terrified. Prayers that someone finds and fixes whatever needs to be fixed. SOON!!
    3430 days ago
    Hang in there. I would be begging to be hospitalized if it was me. You poor dear. Praying you get some answers and relief soon.


    3430 days ago
    My pain tolerance is really high for chronic pain. The problem is that it's too high and that is dangerous. My pain management doctor just isn't getting it which is why I have the neurologist appointment already set up. Thanks for your support!
    3430 days ago
    Oh my gosh, I feel like you must be one of the bravest people in the world not to be running to the emergency room. Your pain tolerance has to be really high. I ppray you get some answers and some relief this week.
    3430 days ago
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