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Friday, January 14, 2011

Today I had some interesting thoughts go on. Well you may not find them interesting but I do which is good because they're my thoughts and I can't seem to escape them. Anyway this morning I went out for my run and completed week 3 day 3 of the C25K. I was happy to again make it through my run pain free although I was a little slow warming up today. I figured since it was above 30 I didn't need to warm up with aerobics before my run but I've decided that even if it isn't that cold outside I really need to do that. I feel looser and am able to get into the runs quicker when I do the aerobics first. So now I know that I need to do it that way from now on. Well at least until spring when it is really warmer outside and won't take halfway through the first run to warm up. So that's that. Now let me tell you completed week 3 is a feat in itself. I am now further than I had been before when I had to quit due to knee pain. I was amazed that the 3 minute runs were not impossible for me. I think I could have even gone a little further but I'm not so sure I could do the five minutes I'll be doing next week. Oh well I guess I'll find out on Monday when I start week 4.

Now today I had a strict schedule set out for myself. Well unfortunately there are other people in this world and their needs trumped my schedule today. My baby sister is getting her first apartment and she wanted me to go with her to turn in the application. She was terrified she wouldn't pass the check. I told her not to worry and I was right she was approved. I'm extremely happy for her and a bit jealous since we're both living with our mom since both our husbands left us. Oh well at least there will be two less people in the house. Anyway going with her kept me from following my schedule. But on the bright note we went out to eat to celebrate. Now of course I was worried about what going out to eat would do to my calorie intake so I looked it up on her iPhone before we got there. Then as we walked in I was first terrified by the tables and case full of fresh baked pastries. This was my first introduction to Panera Bread. Then I started looking at the ordering boards and was pleasantly surprised to see the calorie counts next to each menu item! emoticon I fell in love with Panera right there and I hadn't even ordered yet. Well I ended up having a half chicken caesar on three cheese which was loaded with vegetables for only 360. I know that's still high but not too bad for eating out. I also splurged and had a chai tea latte which was 200 calories but hey we were celebrating. After my initial shock of the posted calorie information and the deliciousness of the food I was able to realized I could have a relationship with this restaurant and still keep to eating healthy. Oh and if anyone happens to want to try Panera Bread I highly recommend the all natural chili and corn bread a small is 390 calories but it is to die for! Anyway as far a eating out its not too bad and I didn't go over my calories.

Finally I came home and had to finish my daily workout which I was totally behind on. I had a goal to burn 300 calories today which should have been no big deal since I burn 158 just from doing my C25K. Well when I went and updated I got a message on my fitness page saying that I needed to adjust my goals because I was burning twice as many as it had originally set for me. So I went in and changed it to show that I do at least 45 minutes of cardio a day and it then wanted me to burn 1400 a week. Uh how am I supposed to do that? It was very intimidating. I mean I've burnt over 1000 this week but really I'm no where near 1400 and only have tomorrow which is technically a strength day. Well I changed it back to reflect three times a week but changed the time from 30 minutes to 45. I'm still doing more than that but burning 840 a week is more feasible than 1400! Oh and let me tell you for some reason my legs were sooooo tired today. I don't know if its because I had run and then waited hours to finish my workout so I didn't stretch until my second workout or if its because I've been working out for almost two weeks straight. All I know is while doing my normal workout of aerobics followed by tai chi my legs felt like Jello. I haven't had any soreness since the beginning of my running days last year so having such tired legs was a real shocker. I may actually have to take a day off this week and let the poor things rest.

So I'm done rambling about my day. I guess really the whole point is 1) I need to do aerobics to warm up before my run, 2) I'm scared but really think I'm ready for the new territory of week 4 of the C25K, 3) making a schedule is a good idea but one must be prepared to go with the flow when the outside world messes up one's scheduled activities, 4) Panera Bread is amazing and I can go out and eat while making healthy decisions, 5) I need to remember to do what I can not necessarily strive to reach overwhelming goals, and 6) my legs are really tired and I might need to rest. Okay well that's enough. If anyone actually reads this long old thing then thanks for sticking around and listening to me ramble. I am now going to go to bed. emoticon
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    XMOMMY Yes I run outside every time. I do not have access to a treadmill or a gym.
    2986 days ago
    Did you run outside? It's been pretty cool lately.
    2986 days ago
    Warming up is always a good idea before your run. You can do week for of C25K. Don't worry about it, just run. You are correct, a schedule is great but sometimes it has to go by the wayside. Panera Bread is pretty damn good. I like how they give you an apple for dessert. Just stay away from the bakery case.
    1400 calories a week is only 200 calories/day if you're working out 7 days a week. That's actually not too bad, but having a day of rest is important (says the woman who rarely takes one unless injured ;-).
    2986 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Good Job on completing week 3.

    I also love Panara Bread.

    Have a great weekend.

    2986 days ago
    Great job completing Week 3!! I know you were worried about that.
    2987 days ago
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