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Do you ever feel trapped?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Do you ever feel like you are drowning and can't kick back to the surface? That every single day is a sick joke similar to groundhogs day in that it is always the same. Today is one of those days. It sucked from the second I got to work. After I got the weekly slap in the face they call my paycheck I pretty much just reached the end of my rope. I am tired of being a good person and playing by the rules and getting nothing back. No this is not a rainbow and kittens type of blog and I refuse to apologize for it. Nothing annoys me more than a title that starts with Negative blog: sorry. Honestly, I do not trust for one second people who only say that life is a bowl of peaches and this is easy and tra lalalalalal I am not negative. It is just not reality unless you are looped on Xanax. Than maybe it is for you and if so good for you. I am tired of the fight, I am tired of not seeing progress the way I want. I am tired of having the woman I work with steal my sales and the bosses ignore it and tell us to "just get along". I want to be free of this kind of misery. When I was a kid I swore I would never have a 9-5 and guess where I ended up. Uggh. Yes, this is not my first work gripe blog but this is where I am today.
I am not looking for anyone to fix this and yes I am working on my business plan so I can GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. Thanks for listening. Now I am going to finish up the rest of my craptastic day in the jeans I threw my lunch on so now I smell like pico de gallo and then I am going to go healthy food shopping and workout because NOTHING is going to send me back to eating this away. Take that scale. Pbblllllllppppbbllblb (That is me blowing a raspberry if you didn't know emoticon.) Thanks for listening. I love you guys.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That sounds a lot like my wife's days at the bank. She is working on an exit strategy as well.
    3270 days ago

    Good Rant!
    3292 days ago
  • LOUANN22
    everyones got to vent. I have real bad days at work and me and my mom complain back and forth because we both work at the same place. Tomorrow will be better!
    3294 days ago
    Sometimes a girls got to smell like pico de gallo!
    3294 days ago
    ha, i am soo with you, except for the jeans. i'd consider BUYING jeans if they smelled like good pico de gallo ;-). or red wine :-).
    3294 days ago
  • HOPE2011
    I'm with you, and I really am proud that you didn't eat to feel better. I need to remember that!
    3294 days ago
    Ahhhh, i feel so much better now!!
    3295 days ago
  • FIZZYBALL time I feel trapped as well. My job is the biggest source of frustration. Since I begin this journey over 6 months ago, that area has given me to most issues. I keep on keeping on and seek out new coping strategy and a possible career change when the time is right.
    3295 days ago
  • NINNY165
    Hey we are all entitled to a rant.....go ahead girl...Have yours emoticon I have been feeling that way at work lately...It must have showed because the people who tend to be sh*tty didn't make comments to my face....I guess I had the do not f*ck with me face...I am usually a pretty nice person... Oh well...even nice people get tired of hearing the crap....Hang in there giving you much love& hugs emoticon emoticon emoticon ..When I decided that I didn't like my last job..I did just as you did came up with a plan & worked it & keep my eyes & ears open...networked leaped on faith...I even left my last job after becoming I am a guidance counselor soon to be tenured...working on my fifth year......Your time is coming... emoticon
    3295 days ago
    Yes we all have bad days. Trudge on Ashley. You can pull yourself out of this misery job of yours. Keep your eye on the big plan and focus on that business plan. emoticon
    3295 days ago
    I can relate. How do they live with themselves. They just hog in when you are doing what you should and then steal your sales so slick and smoothly, you don't even realize it has been done until it is too late. Wishing you better days. I took comfort in hoping that one day they would meet their match or get caught and reprimanded.
    3295 days ago
  • CHANGE188
    I'm totally with you- I could have written that blog (except for the pico de gallo part). When, day after day, you are asked how your day is going and the only truthful answer you can come up with is "Pointless and soulsucking" it's a sign that you need to come up with a plan for change. I NEED TO COME UP WITH A PLAN FOR CHANGE! I'm trying desperately to hang on until April when I get vested with the company. I can't live my life in a pointless and soulsucking way...
    3295 days ago
    Great blog! I don't like "negative blog - sorry" titles either, although I am guilty of them myself sometimes.

    Your sales-stealing co-worker deserves a kick in the shins. I hope yout get your business up and going soon so that you can get out of there. And in the meantime, use the built-up frustration to put in that little extra at the gym for an additional "bblllllllppppbbllblb" at the scales.

    Keep it up!
    3295 days ago
    I'm sorry you didn't have such a great day. I hope tomorrow is better. And, way to go for keeping up your healthy habits! That's awesome!!! :)
    3295 days ago
    Read my latest blog, for a commentary on what it's like to be the joke that I am right now. My ID expired, and I just found out that my birth certificate is invalid and that it is very difficult to get a new birth certificate without a valid ID! And I go on about that... I'm glad you are starting your own business, sounds like you're in a toxic work environment!
    3296 days ago
    Ashley I would say if anyone deserves a good rant it would be you. You do so much good in the way of motivation here that if you need a rant good on ya. If I were you I would get a punching bag, a color printer, 2 reams of paper, get your camera out, get some bag gloves. Take a pic of the yitch start printing them out and destroying her. lol.

    You rock Ash....thanks for being the motivation to help us all:)
    3296 days ago
    Hmmm... don't know where you work, but it sounds just like one of my former employers. It was the job I had when I was engaged to be married, and my then-fiancee' said: it's either the job or me. you are much too miserable when you get off work!
    I picked the hubby... and 17 yrs later am still SUPER GLAD that I did! He was so right!!!
    3296 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    Hugs!! I cant wait for you start your own Blog ;) my friend participated in one of those BlogHer conferences and got sooo much out of it... I hope whatever you find it brings you and keeps you in **CENTER** Cheers 2U - Alofa
    3296 days ago
  • ERIN4771
    i always worry about the people who are "happy" all the's not're allowed to blog about having a sh*tty *ss day, why not? i have a hard time working with people that steal sales as well, and get tired of hearing, oh, come on, can't you just smile and suck it up? NO, i cannot and NO i will not, so you can go suck it, not me pal...woooooo that was a huge rant, didn't mean to go there, i should probably go back to my xanax, and martini i hear calling my name.....pain...go away.....
    anyway..i say vent's a way to blow off steam, and you aren't hurting for smelling like pico, it could be worse, you could smell like refried beans emoticon .....hang in there chica!!!
    3296 days ago
    Thanks. No 3 day weekend for me :(.
    3296 days ago
    Sorry you're having a crappy day!

    You had me at "xanax" and "lunch".

    I'm glad you're going to kick this crappy day's ass!
    3296 days ago
    I hate craptastic days, and yep, feeling trapped sucks too. here's one thing you DIDNT didn't go and drown the craptastic day in a super size burger, fries and an entire chocolate didn't even JOKE about it, your solution was to go workout!!!!! I LOVE that, recognize that in yourself, that you made a really healthy choice to turn a lemon of a day into an endorphin kick and a healthy meal to refuel! GO, YOU!!!!! emoticon
    3296 days ago
    Vent away....we all have our days. My complaint today is we're getting more snow....where the hell are we suppose to put it? Have a great 3 day weekend!!
    3296 days ago
    I agree, no need for apologizing for negative blogs! Nobody has perfect days every day, and if you're going to blog about the good times, may as well blog about the bad! At least it's honest!
    3296 days ago
    Haha, I love that you stood up for the right to post about frustrating things. I always apologize for my negative blogs, I suppose I still feel guilty for having normal human emotions... way to go for calling it out for the B.S. it is.
    3296 days ago
    Hey, I've got your back if you want to take this chick out the back.....we can take'er! emoticon
    I'm so glad you got this out of your system and are moving on. You will succeed.....'cuz you are one determined lady!
    Enjoy your weekend with your darling and then take next week day by day and, before you know it, you'll be flying solo and doing a fly-by to show them how it's done!
    3296 days ago
    Thanks everybody. I spent the last hour looking up recipes on cooking light and I feel better now. Healthy eating is so much more fun when you get creative with it!
    3296 days ago
    GOOD FOR YOU!!! You got it off your chest. I always say that I'd rather be mad than be sad. I like that you call it like you see it. Today was bad for you but I'm hoping as soon as the clock strikes 5 you have a great weekend staring you in the face!!! emoticon

    And GOOD FOR YOU for having a business plan. Focus on that and make it happen! Work on it this weekend to get yourself where you want to be. emoticon

    And another GOOD FOR YOU for not letting this get in the way of taking good care of yourself!!! emoticon
    3296 days ago
    Many times I do feel like that. I may rant or shift perspective but only after I acknowledge where I am at. Crap is often what client's of mine find at a company. Getting on with your day and showing them that crap turns into compost is the way to go now that you've vented.

    Here's to a great weekend when you can put today behind you. Co-worker sounds nasty!
    3296 days ago
    Yep. IM here and IM listening. Feel free to rant, complain, bitch and whine. And yes, I feel that way too and you know what sucks? My boss is my husband so I have to let it go when we go in the house, 10 steps away and have The fringe benefits are pretty good tho so I deal. Hope your day gets better and you enjoy your weekend!
    3296 days ago
    Rant away! We all need it sometimes. The day will get better because you're going shopping and you're going to work out! Forget today, it only gets on the way of of your future!
    3296 days ago
  • MAIA2011
    mmmm Xanax mmmm pico de gallo
    3296 days ago
    It may be a craptastic day, but at least it's Friday!
    3296 days ago
    TGIF Girlie!! Don't have to think about one negative thing for two whole days!!! Put all that frustration into a sweat-your- ass-off-music-so-loud-the-neighbors
    hing-too-hard workout!! Kick Ass!!!!
    3296 days ago
    That is a good thing about blogs you can vent and sometimes feel better.

    I hope you can soon find a job you enjoy. Keep your head up.
    3296 days ago
    It's great that you know what you want to do! I can't wait for you to launch your business, all of us will be here to support! And you're right, life isn't all hearts and roses. Anytime you need to vent, come find me :)
    3296 days ago
  • MUMZY_OF_4
    Does it help that your rant made me laugh? The word "craptastic" is way to fun. Hope the rest of your day gets's still early.
    3296 days ago
    Great job promising yourself that you will still be good to your body even though work has got you down.

    I feel exactly the way you do today. I hope everything turns around and you feel more appreciated and compensated for your hard work. Sometimes sales can be a tough business to get along in...there are some shady people out there.
    3296 days ago
    Tell is like it is and feel what you feel - those are things we should never say sorry for. It totally sucks that you are having a bad day - I get it.
    3296 days ago
    Amen, sister! I must confess, "the weekly slap in the face they call my paycheck" did make me chuckle. Hugs.
    3296 days ago
    You go, girl!!! *hugs* You kick this day's @ss!!!
    3296 days ago
    i tend to be one of those "sorry for the negative blog" types because people are used to my glass half-full, bubbly, happy personality. so when i get i get down or discouraged, i feel like i'm letting people down.

    but crap, sometimes life does suck and getting the anger,frustration, etc...out there by blogging, talking or whatever, can totally help. i'm glad you vented and hope it relieved some of the pressure. emoticon
    3296 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/14/2011 1:56:38 PM
  • SPALM01
    Hi there, your blog is a good thing. It may be hard to see right now, but sometimes when we get comfortable with our lives as they are we need a major slap in the face that says, "wake up and get the hell out of here!" It really sounds like you need a career change, and honestly that is never an easy thing, but sometimes if you take a risk it will pay off in the end. I know from my own experiences that when I generally start to feel the way you are about my workplace it's time to move on, but be sure to do it smartly. I also know from experience that when I made those moves my situation always improved. I wish you luck and I know that the chaos you feel now is just the world's way of letting you know it's time for a change.
    3296 days ago
    Oh, Miss Ashley, I will be there (virtually) to celebrate the day you say 'PHLLLLBTTT' to your job for good. :):) Sucky jobs just.....suck. At least sucky days end eventually. Enjoy your workout!
    3296 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/14/2011 1:44:38 PM
    AArrgg! So sorry you're having a bad day!! I hope you have a great shopping trip and workout and that helps make the day a little better! emoticon
    3296 days ago
    3296 days ago
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