Friday Blues

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yeah, you probably get the blues on Mondays, but I get them on Fridays. Weekend is coming. Hubby is off. We usually have two days of eating, drinking, driving places and carrying-on. He is not quite ready to go vegetarian, so we have been eating veggie/vegan Mon-Fri, and only eating meat on weekends (he gets meat at lunchtimes during the week.) Sounds good, but the "meat" for me usually ends up being KFC Hot Wings, or the wings at the Boathouse (our fave weekend bar), or the Chili Lime Wings at T.J.'s, (you get the idea.....) "Drinks" means BOOZE. I used to drink mixed drinks, like a Rum & Coke or maybe a Mai Tai. Then I discovered that most of the mixers contained High Fructose Corn Syrup (of course the sodas do) and that was the Number One Ingredient I eliminated from my diet LAST January. So now, I just have a "shot" and drink ice water with it (always drinking ice water with my cocktails seems to keep hangovers at's been a while since I've had one!) And order Wings. I might have a glass of wine (I don't care too much for wine, but I'll drink it if I'm with a group of wine drinkers.) Beer? Bleeeeech! Carbonated horse-pee, if you ask me!

I've been on some discussion boards this morning talking about SLEEP. Sleep? Hmmm....I remember that from years ago.......I have a bad case of the menopause, and my nights are spent in a purposely-cold room with a fan blasting my face, even as my face and chest are pouring sweat, and I feel like I will just absolutely, spontaneously combust into flames right there on the bed.....I wonder if these jammies are flame-resistant?.......meanwhi
le, my legs and feet are FREEZING.....picking little icicles off my toes and melting them against the chimney-pot of my forehead. I guess if I die this way, the funeral director won't have anything to do....I'm gonna eventually cremate myself. Does anybody know a natural remedy for Debilitating Hot Flashes (I don't do synthetic hormone replacement, not going to, either....) Don't like....don't trust.....medications.

(Are ya supposed to blog on weekends? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
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    About the menopause thing:

    I've been going through it for 10 years now. I can totally relate to feeling like you're going to burst into flames at any moment. For me it was like I had a furnace right in the center of my chest. I had to move into the guest bedroom because I couldn't get far enough away from my husband to keep his body heat from making it worse. My daughter was embarrassed to go grocery shopping with me because I'd regularly run to the frozen foods aisle and slap a package of peas on my forehead. Peas are great, broccoli not so much. I also thought I was getting senile because I'd walk into a room and forget why I was there, then go back where I was, remember, but by the time I got back to the other room I'd forgotten again! That's from not having enough estrogen.

    I had a couple of years of horrible suffering. My doctor was telling me basically to stop being a baby (I wonder how he would have coped). I was doing all the natural "cures", drinking and eating soy until I was nauseous, taking blue cohosh, black cohosh, chaste berry extract, phytoestrogens, meditating and nothing made a difference. Then I started using hormone replacement therapy. I use bio-identical hormones. These are hormones made from natural things like soy or yams and they are made to be molecularly identical to the hormones your body makes itself. Examples are Vivelle (estrodiol) and Prometrium (progesterone). They not only make you feel human again but the estrogen protects your bones and the progesterone protects your breasts and uterus. The WHO study that scared everyone about HRT was done with Premarin (horse urine) and Progestin (synthetic progesterone). Those hormones resemble human hormones but are not the same as the ones your body makes, that's why they can be patented. Estrodiol and Progesterone are natural and cannot be patented, only the delivery method can be patented, as in the Vivelle patch. There has never been a study using natural Estrogen and Progesterone, however, the FDA lumps all HRT together and assumes that if something synthetic is bad for you, then it's natural counterpart is also bad. Here's another thought, and understand that this is just my opinion: if estrogen is so bad for you, why is it the women who typically get breast cancer are those who are menopausal?

    The bad news is, after 10 years, I still get hot flashes and night sweats if I stop my HRT. Doctors tell you those symptoms will go away eventually but the truth is, it doesn't for everyone (fine print: will go away for most...). I use the minimum HRT necessary to keep myself feeling good, my mind sharp and the vital juices flowing. If I live to be 120, as I plan on, I will probably still be on HRT.
    2650 days ago
  • TERESA159
    I also am dreading this weekend. My husband has been out of town so me eating healthy has been easy. Now, he's back for the weekend and we so love eating out! He's on board with losing weight and even joined SP with me but we do so love eating out together that this weekend is going to be a HUGE challenge and I hope I can be strong enough not to undo the last two weeks of weight loss. Plus, since he hasn't been home, we are in celebration mode. Dang it, I am really going to try to cook at home this weekend.

    Just say "NO" to eating out!

    Good luck to you and do let me know how you do.
    2684 days ago
  • 1THING
    hang in there!
    2684 days ago
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