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31 Days - Reward Thyself - January 14

Friday, January 14, 2011

Today, Spark tells us to:

Reward yourself. For each milestone you reach, plan something fun. Rather than using food or skipping a workout to celebrate, stay on track with: new clothes, a massage, a vacation, movie tickets,
a book, a day off work, or a gym membership

I am so bad at this. I think, really, how bad I am has something to do with the fact that I'm not a particularly good goal setter. It's not that I don't understand the concept of goal setting or rewarding, clearly I do, I just can't wrap my brain around the specifics of it. So intead, I set nothing but long range goals (lose a LOT of weight!) and I establish what I think I need to do to achieve them (make good eating choices, stay within my calorie range, do cardio for x minutes y days per week, do ST for z days per week...) and call them goals. I don't doubt for a moment that this is why I "fall off the wagon" often.

I guess in my heart of hearts, I think jeez,. I've been at this for so long, isn't it silly to say "I'm going to exercise for 10 minutes a day.." I'm like, so beyond that. And yet, as I sit here and write, I think, well, perhaps in general you are beyond it, but wouldn't that be a great "minimum" to strive for? Because there are days like yesterday when I didn't exercise at all..wouldn't a day when lots of things were out of kilter be a great day to just squeeze in the 10 minutes? T had no school, I had a seminar for work I had to go to, but because we didn't work on Wednesday, I had NO idea what time it started, the exact address of where I was going..what kind of prep I needed to do for it.. So I arranged for my mom to watch him, and I got him there very early so I could go to work to get ready for the seminar.. I had to leave home super early, and I never got my workout in.. Then I ate awfully all day...).

So, perhaps if I'd set that "at least 10 minutes a day" goal, I would have, and what's important about all of this is that yesterday is the kind of day that often gets me off track. And if I would take the time to set goals like that, perhaps I'd take the time to set up a reward system, like: after meeting my at least 10 minutes a day of exercise goal for two weeks, I'll....what, what will I do that I have time to do? Go to a movie? Get a massage? Have a pedicure??

See, here's the problem.. I don't have time. I don't have time to think about it, to write it, and then worst of all, to put it into action. Stuff like that takes more than the 20 minutes it takes to sit down and write this blog, or check in with my spark teams or track my food and exercise.. And that's the bottom line. I put that kind of activity in the "deep thinking" category..and it seems so ridiculous to say I don't have time, but I don't, or I feel like I don't. So I need to work on that..for sure.

Have a Sparky day!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hmmmm... time... my biggest struggle in many respects. My central question: "am I the master of my time, or is time the master of me?"

    I'm feeling more successful as I simply ponder the question... and as I abandon my all or nothing mentality about how I use my time. I am learning to (though not very gracefully) to use my time in smaller bites... not to get so hung up over whether or not I can finish something. Strangely (to me), I seem to be a miore productive this way, and it feels counter-intuitive, but I'll take it.

    Have I mentioned lately you're my hero?

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!

    {{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}}}
    3607 days ago
    I'm with Kellie....give yourself 10 minutes to think and plan. I've had to do this and it has helped so much. I am putting it after my exercise time or I hole away after dinner once the hubby is home.
    3611 days ago
    Maybe your reward can be to give yourself 10 minutes to think about it! Sorry, I'm feeling goofy and had to say it. emoticon

    It sounds like everything rattles around in your brain, but finding the time to put it into action is tough. I think that the "10 minutes of exercise daily" is a great goal to strive for. You can do it Tina!!
    3611 days ago
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