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Thursday, January 13, 2011

...Everyday moments that make me smile.
The small things are what is most important in my life. 15 year old students who clap for me when I tell them my shining moment of the week (I beautifully executed my first block of a spike in volleyball this week!). My BFF describing the silliness of NC schools canceling school for 4 days at the site of ice in shade. My husband surprising me with a new project he's creating: a background collage of treasured pictures from our life together. Everyday moments that make me smile inspire me.

...Multiples of 3.
As my favorite number, and one that makes me think of my grandmother, multiples of three are habitual. Three bounces of a volleyball before a serve. Three daily goals. Three 9th grade classes. Multiples of three push me to be the best I can be.

...Servitude to others.
I've learned to take care of myself so that I can care for others more. Being able to serve others through small acts of kindness--picking up trash from the floor, telling someone I appreciate them, leaving anonymous notes for strangers--allows me to care for myself more. Servitude to others creates within me happiness.

...Increments of 5.
When I'm running on the treadmill, all I have to do is make it to an even multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15, etc). I pump up the speed for one minute and really go all out. Then, I have 4 minutes of recovery before I get to the next 5. Increments of 5 are my motivator.

...Healthy notions and words of advice.
Support of friends and family is the base of all I do. Kind words from my Sunny Gals and other Sparkfriends on a regular basis keeps me moving and making healthy choices. Reading articles filled with tips and tricks and informative tidbits direct me on the path to being all I was made to be. Healthy notions and words of advice guide me through the journey of life.

...4-5 servings of freggies a day.
Plant based, nutrient dense foods give me fuel and make me feel energized. The natural sugar in fruits is really quite refreshing when one limits unnatural sugars. 4-5 servings of freggies a day allows me to stay healthy and maintain weight.

...laughter and tears.
Sometimes I laugh until I cry. Other times, I cry until I laugh. No matter the situation, an opportunity to learn from laughter and tears always presents itself. Digging under the surface to find the opportunity may be hard and tiresome, but I learn, nonetheless. Laughter and tears create within me exciting adventures to come.

I am a kind person, and I will achieve the goals I've written down.
I have the tools I need to succeed and will utilize those tools.
I will have a smokin' hot body by Summer through P90X! :)

Happy Day, Sparkfriends! Tallyho!
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