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i'm a big ole' TARD! PLEASE READ!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

OH EM GEE!!!! i have to share. please learn from my mistake!!!!!

okay, so... i'm a box checker, crossser-offer, list making type of gal...
which is why i think spark really works for me cause i get to log EVERYTHING and SEE results.

with that said....

i clearly, log religiously, everything on the nutrition tracker. mostly cause i love it. i hate it when i am like 1 CARB away from the range the website has said i need. i would almost stress about it. i would FIND something to eat to put me in the "correct range," even if i wasn't hungry, just so the computer would say "good job" at the end of the night. i have issues. hehe.

i had suffered some teasing when it came to spark. i was "to anal," some might say. haha. and they were right.

as crazy as i am with the nutrition tracker, i didn't though, log my workouts. i had done it in the beginning when all i was doing was walking because it's listed in the choices for working out. then, i started going to SOLID (my 3x week workout at church) and MT (our fearless leader) has really creative and non boring work outs for us. impossible to log. i'm the type of person that doesn't like to log "things that are similar" or "close to what we did." if what we did isn't listed, i don't log it. period. because it isn't accurate.

so.... in my attempt to be "less anal" i decided, it was okay to NOT log the workouts i was doing.

i KNEW i was doing them and that's all that needed to matter. i ignored the tracker that said, "you need to burn 400 calories today to be on track." i knew i was doing that AND MORE and decided to "let it go."

STUPID ME didn't put two and two together when my caloric range dropped majorly one day. i thought, "oh, i've lost some weight, so maybe i don't need as many calories anymore." i'm not used to losing weight so i didn't understand how the caloric range worked. DUH! (i could totally kick myself now)

i was scrimping by with 1200-1550 calories a day and being almost disappointed with myself when each day was right up against that 1550 line.

today, praise Jesus, i decided to just log "circuit training" as what i did for the day, even though i knew it wasn't completely accurate. and LOW AND BEHOLD it told me that 60 minutes of circuit training at my size burned EIGHT HUNDRED AND NINETY ONE CALORIES. i do this THREE TIMES A WEEK!!! i'm burning more than that i'm sure but that alone is nearly 2700 calories a week!

my caloric range JUMPED UP so high it almost left the screen! okay, not that crazy but it might as well have! i have been jipping myself for almost 2 months now, if not more, on calories!!!!! my range jumped to 1500-1800 calories A DAY!!!! i was beating myself up mentally for eating almost 1500 calories a day and that is supposed to be the BOTTOM of my range!

i feel like a tard for not putting that together sooner. (probably not enough calories to work my brain properly!) haha! things are sooooo much better now. i've been eating for a 120 pound girl for a few months and i'm 225! now i feel like there is so much room in my meals. i feel like i almost don't need to be such a Nazi when i measure my nonfat milk in my coffee!!! guh.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE learn from my mistake. don't do what i did! if you learn from it, i will feel justified that my suffering was to aide others in their learning process. otherwise, i'm just an idiot.
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  • SJCSF00
    This shows the importance of eating an adequate number of calories for the level of activity we do. You have been depriving yourself in so many ways: not getting the nutrition you need AND not letting yourself track everything. Sure, SP isn't perfect with the list of activities it has for tracking. But getting close is WAY better than not listing anything. are not an idiot. We all are learning here. I say, CONGRATS on working out as much as you do. That is awesome.
    2655 days ago
    if you go to the nutrition page at the top you can click CHANGE NUTRITION GOALS by the water tracker.

    or on the fitness page: CHANGE FITNESS GOALS

    it will ask you how many calories you burn a day and it will adjust your calories for you.
    2657 days ago
    I don't think it does it on it's own. I expected to need less calories now with all the weight loss but I guess I need more....You guys are right, so I can relate & I'm sorry it does really suck! emoticon
    2657 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/14/2011 3:09:43 PM
    How do you get Sparkpeople to change your calories, because it is keeping me at 1200-1550 cal and I burn more than it says to and I log it. Or does it just do it on its own?
    2657 days ago
    What a great mistake to discover- one that shoots up your calories for the day :) I made the opposite mistake when I first joined in April of last year. I was logging everything and I put that I wanted to lose X lbs by this time... but I put the wrong year! I put 2011 instead of 2010! I was initially shocked that it was letting me eat so many calories, but I didn't discover my mistake until a month later!!!!!! I felt so dumb, haha!
    2657 days ago
    LMAO seriously! You just made my night. LIKE DUHHHHHH you big TARD! Wow. What a great experiment though. Have you been hungry even though your calorie intake was at the top of your range? Cause now, if you eat at the top of your NEW range while continuing SOLID.....and you lose more weight then when your calorie intake was just goes to show how important that everything be in balance...and NOT TO STARVE yourself!

    Melissa needs to read this - since she's not even eating 1000 calories a day.

    Glad you figured this all out. As soon as I got home from SOLID today, I entered 60 minutes of calisthentics and it said I burned like 530 calories! I'm like...can that be right???

    All I can say is that you are doing a fantastic job and we are just as excited as you to watch your body morphing into a diva!

    I WILL see you at Solid again.......just not tomorrow :)
    Thanks again for the chuckle.
    2658 days ago
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