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Eat the size you want to be

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

This blog hit me while I was climbing around on the battleships mentioned in my previous blog and thinking it was a good thing I was no longer super size or I wouldn't fit. One thing I have noticed about my friends who are "naturally" thin is that they practice really good portion control. Wasn't it with the advent of the super size menu that we became a super size nation? As portions at restaurants grew and the ability to super size everything we have lost all perspective on what is a normal portion. When I was at my biggest I always ordered a large. The large burger, the large iced latte with extra caramel, etc etc. I would eat an entire appetizer and an entrée in a restaurant.
So this is my plan for being better about my portion control. I am going to eat the size I want to be. I have completely given up fast food be 1) it is a nutritionally devoid wasteland and 2) I am all set with eating food products treated with things like ammonia to make them edible for human consumption but keep them super cheap. However, in the restaurants I do choose to eat I am no longer going to let them decide for me what goes in my body. I have also found that no matter how hard I try to cook for 2 people I always cook too much food. It makes me insane to throw food away so I am going to start finding creative meal options that can go for lunch the next day as well. It is amazing how much easier healthy eating is when you make the effort to be creative. Last night I made oven baked homemade chicken nuggets in whole wheat panko and steamed asparagus. It was SO good that I wouldn't even want to eat those frozen chicken paste nonsense in the freezer section.
My food scale is also my best friend. As I was packing lunch for today I decided to weigh my chicken breast as it looked kind of huge to me and it was 7.6 ounces! Where the heck do we grow chickens that big???!!! It freaks me out I can't even find small chicken breasts anymore at the store. I only buy organic chicken (do a little research into chicken farming and you will spend the money too) and they are still enormous. I also went out and bought tupperware that is pre-portioned sizing which are awesome. The range from 1/2 cup to 3 cups and they make my life SO much easier when packing lunches. The only thing I find difficult is whole grains as my fiancé refuses to eat them and it is pretty much ridiculous to make a half cup just for myself after doing all that work. I will have to experiment with freezing cooked portions and see how that goes.
Well now that I have rambled for this whole blog, my original point was this. You have control over the food you eat and the size you want to be. So eat your size and it will be easier than you think.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You're absolutely right about eating the size you want to be :P good post!
    3274 days ago
  • no profile photo MGIBSON1964
    I liked this blog about portion control.
    3274 days ago
    I love this blog! Very inspirational! :)
    3275 days ago
    great post!
    3275 days ago
    Great post. Eating large portions is a habit than can be turned around. The body can adjust to those smaller servings which are just what it needs :)

    3275 days ago
    3275 days ago
    Thank you for sharing!
    3275 days ago
    Tall Nonfat Mocha yeah thats what I want
    3276 days ago
  • LALA0123
    3276 days ago
    I'm taking a class by a past (at home) winner of the Biggest loser and this is what he teaches too. He tells us to eat at our goal weight BMR, it really works. I'm kinda shocked at what I use to eat compared to what I eat now. =)
    3276 days ago
  • KTTYK713
    Wow, what an inspiration! I'm trying to get into the habit of researching and learning which foods are best to buy. Vegetables: fresh or frozen? Is there a difference? Eggs: watch out where they're coming from. Meat: what?! Slaughter houses v. "free range," etc. Chiquita bananas: fund guerrilla warfare in Columbia. There are so many conflicting stories out there, but I'm doing the best I can to sort it all out.

    Keep being super conscious of what you're putting into your body. You're doing an amazing job!!!
    3277 days ago
    This is so true and something I always have to remind myself. Especially drinks and treats is where I tend to go for large cheating myself into thinking it's just a serving but actually it's not.
    As for the whole grain portioning problem, I am currently cooking for myself (husband isn't at home at the moment) and therefore always end up with too much. I tend to use left over rice and pasta or bulgur (which I seem to be eating a lot lately) in pasta/ rice salads the next day for lunch. Just add all your favourite veggies to it, maybe some leftover chicken...I add cottage cheese to it as well which also works as a nice dressing and boom a lovely lunch in a few minutes.
    3278 days ago
  • LALA0123
    3279 days ago
    You're right. I'm doing good now ... the challenge will be when I hit maintenance. I'll always have to remember to "eat the size I want to be" ... for me and for no one else.

    Thanks for the reminder. We can do it!!
    emoticon emoticon
    3279 days ago
  • no profile photo KWRIGHT26
    "Eat the size you want to be." I like that.

    For remembering to stop when I'm full instead of when my plate is empty, I like the mantra, "If you want a little behind, leave a little behind." I think I read it on a Spark blog about two years ago. Can't remember whose for the life of me, but its brilliant.

    I'm sorry to hear your fiance won't eat your whole grains. Mine will, most of the time, if he recognizes it (like rice) and the name doesn't "sound funny" like couscous). Maybe it will be time soon to start hiding them in things like soups and stews if you make them?
    3280 days ago
    Great points.
    3280 days ago
    I also look for humanely raised grass fed beef(they get to range outdoors mostly) and humanely raised pork. Fast food wise-Chipotle has organic/humanely treated meat on the menu(if you like mexican). I personally believe the meat tastes better if the animal was given the chance to roam and do what they do. Great blog!
    3280 days ago
    I constantly battle with portion control. I think that if the portion is the normal size, my body will scream and tell me it's still hungry. I have pretty much given up fast food. However, I still indulge from time to time but have to be careful because when I do have it, I feel nauseated. I love the title of your blog and will try to keep your advice in mind.
    3297 days ago
    Great advice!
    3298 days ago
  • 38PEARL
    love this!!!
    3298 days ago
  • LOUANN22
    so true i am going to follow that advice!
    3298 days ago
    Great blog...and you are SO RIGHT about the chicken!! I watched FOOD, Inc. and I have issues with eating any chicken that is not organic! I also have issues at my house with whole grains and no one else eating them. Have you tried Seeds of Change quinoa & whole grain brown rice? I like the two of them mixed together.
    3298 days ago
  • HOPE2011
    Great idea! I'm going to keep this in mind when I'm ordering food. We get in that stupid mindset that we need to be sure we're getting our money's worth, but it's always in regard to quantity it seems. I'm going to switch my thinking!

    3298 days ago
    WOO HOO - I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TITLE!! That's all the needed to be said, PERIOD!!

    3298 days ago
    Brilliant! (as usual).
    3298 days ago
    great going Ashley!!
    3298 days ago
    This is a great idea. I struggle horribly with portion control when I dine out. I think ordering the size I want to be will be key.
    3299 days ago
    Portion control has always been my biggest (haha) problem. I like to eat a lot. "Normal" serving sizes look so tiny to me, like "How is that ever going to keep me full?!?!"
    3299 days ago
    Great blog post. It's crazy getting a large of anything now. Even a large soda looks like it's roughly a liter of soda. The temptation of fastfood is so hard to overcome. Congratulations on giving it up. I'm attempting to give it up, or at least really limit my potato wedge intake. Getting tupperware in serving sizes is a really great idea.
    3299 days ago
    3300 days ago
    BRILLIANT BLOG! Loved it.

    3300 days ago
    Honestly there is not much I haven't tried. I am still searching for the way to make quinoa that I really like. It is pretty bland but I do like the texture. That is why I don't like most grains in general including white rice. They bore me. I would rather have vegetables any day.
    3300 days ago
  • LADYV1781
    Great blog!! Loved it! Have you cooked with quinoa?? (I feel dumb asking you since you are a foodie.... :) ) I make that and hubby likes it. He hates rice and won't try bulger or anything else like that, but if I toast up the quinoa first, then it's tasty!!!
    3300 days ago
  • CBACH71
    Love the blog. It is so true that our country doesn't want portion control. We want what we want, when we want it. Hence our fast food nation. You are making great choices. Keep up the good work.
    3300 days ago
    My husband will not eat brown rice or wheat bread, but I do. Some things we both eat: dried beans, lots of vegetables we raised in our garden this summer, salads, etc.

    Good blog and emoticon on your progress. emoticon
    3300 days ago
    Re: whole grains - I cook a bunch and stick it in the freezer. Rice freezes really well, as does spelt and bulgur.

    Isn't portion control a wonderful thing???
    3300 days ago
    Honestly, people don't want smaller portions and healthy food in restaurants. If there was a real demand for it than it would exist. I work in the food industry so believe me this is something we all talk about a lot. People I know who have reduced portion sizes in their restaurants lost business and got so many complaints that they changed them back. Unfortunately it is more of a cultural phenomenon. Americans do not want to pay for good quality food and they want huge portions of it. The people like all of us on SP are the exception not the rule.
    3300 days ago
    Size DOES make a difference! I too weigh everything because my eyes "deceive" me most often! And I must agree! Eating out is such a challenge! I try to frequent places that have lower calorie options...& then only eat 1/2 the entree. Portions are always ENORMOUS & not within the calorie allotment for a day! I have to say...I wish the restaurants of this country would get the message that people would LOVE to be eating healthy & nutritious food in proper portions! Food CAN look nutritious...& taste good as well! Geesshhh! If we can do it at home...why can't they!???

    Have a great weekend my friend! You're doing such a FAB job, by the way! Keep up the GREAT work!

    emoticon Rose
    3300 days ago
    They've hybridized the chickens, bred them to be larger. However, if you want smaller chicken, you can go around to local farmer's markets and look for a supplier of more traditionally sized birds. I'm a vegetarian, I don't know why I'm writing you about this. I guess because I dislike how they've got the birds so top heavy they can barely stand now. Look for heritage breeds of chicken. There are so many different types of chicken, not just the one that's being used right now by the factory farms, and greedy farmers. Have you tried Whole Foods, or someplace like that, that has a lot of natural products to choose from? Good luck on that. Plus, you might want to try cooking with egg whites more--just to get in a vegetarian advertisement... I'm thinking of buying a scale soon. It would be nice. I usually know what I'm doing in the kitchen, but what if the manufacturer of something has it mislabeled? Or if I want to do my own thing, and experiment my way to something delicious?
    3300 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    I hear you girl.. Watching FOOD INC will change the way you look at food.. Huge Eye Opener!!! I recently bought a Hand Held Food saver which comes with zip lock bags!! awsum way to keep left overs lasting for days... You can also buy containers that seal in freshness.. Awsum!!! Love the Blog-
    3300 days ago
    You are so smart. That is a great motto.
    3300 days ago
    Excellent blog! I always say that, "we don't order a size we don't want to be" which means no larges, extra large, biggie, super size, etc. The thing is is that small and medium are plenty but often people feel they're missing out if it's not MORE especially when it's a better *value* financially to get more for your money. But more ends up on da booty so that's not valuable to me!
    3300 days ago
    I measure everything right now. Even worst, I tend to do my own comparison by serving the hubby a "normal" portion and myself a measured portion. It's amazing how much portion distortion occurs.

    As for skinny friends I sadly know too many skinny girls with amazing metabolisms that eat significantly more than I do. It's kinda madning.
    3300 days ago
  • MAIA2011
    I am back at measuring. I am despondent again about how small a tablespoon is and even more so to learn about how many tablespoons are in a cup. What's funny is I have more luck when I am eating stuff out of a box or can from TJs with information on it than when I go off the grid and prepare meals. Love the info and great spirit you have!

    3301 days ago
    Ashley I totally agree with your blog. I have a thought about the whole grain thing. Try getting oat flour and mixing it with the wheat flour 3 parts wheat to 1 part oat. It really lightens up the texture a TON. Even my picky kids will eat it then. Also try buying chicken tendrloins (white meat but much smaller portions, if you can find them in organic). I get almost all my chicken from local sources, I know the farmers and their farming practices. Makes it much easier. You should check and see if there are any around where you live.
    3301 days ago
    Hmm... I eat a lot of food everyday, but that's because it's whole vs. processed (usually). I need to think about your blog...

    In other news, I always assume my chicken breasts are 8oz, but I refuse to weigh (because numbers drive me batty). They are gigantic.
    3301 days ago

    Great words of wisdom! Eat the size you want to be - I like it!
    3301 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this! This is totally true!! I have a close friend who is around 100lbs lighter than me and she eats so much less than I do!

    A suggestion for your whole grain problem: You can find Brown Minute Rice, which only takes a few minutes to prepare and if you make too much, you could always save some for later in the week.

    Keep it up!
    3301 days ago
    I got a food scale for christmas (to replace one that broke). It's still in the box, but I think I'll take that lil sucker out today. : )
    3301 days ago
  • MAEST35
    I started weighing and measuring when I got REALLY serious about losing weight and low and behold - it works!

    Great reminders to us all.

    And feel free to make enough whole grains for yourself - make 4 servings or so and set them aside for later in the week!
    3301 days ago
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