Snow in the Capitol City!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Morning!

Yes, there is snow on the ground, I had to put on my boots, scrape the car windows, and defrost before heading to work. Yet, I loved the feel of the fresh air and smell of snow before the odor of traffic exhaust fills the air.

Snow! Ya gotta love it ... and, ya gotta hate it. Especially when you live in a metro area where every time you get in the car you put your life into the other driver's hands! Many just don't know how to drive carefully and defensively on a clear day ... and, lordy, when you change the dynamics ... well, let's just say it is God's way of telling us to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature, walk to work, take the bus, take the subway ...

But, I digress! I am a defensive driver. I am a safe driver always looking out for myself as well as the other driver because I drive a tiny sports car. I have been driving for a long, long time in all types of weather and all types of traffic ... and, I learned how to drive in northern Illinois as a teenager and can honestly say I have never put a car I have driven into a ditch nor slid into another car due to road conditions. I am careful, I have to be! Big cars tend not see my tiny car on the road ... many times because they don't look, many times because they don't have their mirrors adjusted correctly, they are distracted by others in the car, but more likely on a cell phone!

Again, I digress. Ahem. The topic is snow ... and driving safely! Defensively! And that ... I do!

But, does that give the person in the SUV or big truck the right to drive at breakneck speeds, blowing their horns, and cutting you off when the roads are unpredictable? It is bad enough that I, in my tiny car, have to deal with that crap on a normal day, but when the roads are icy, too? I think not.

And, even more perplexing is the pedestrian who feels that even though they have a walk signal that is flashing for them to take care decides that they should run out in front of said tiny car that has already committed to the turn on said icy road.

Breaking? Impossible! As said tiny car fishtails into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting said pedestrian.

Thank GAWD this Duck knows how to drive in any type of weather ... and for her always looking out for herself as well as others ... this morning could have turned out a whole lot differently.

So, the next time you get into your car, SUV, or truck, no matter what the road conditions are. Think of a cranky duck driving a tiny sports car! Slow down, adjust your mirrors, put the coffee down, get off the phone, and drive safely and defensively. The person in the other car may not be a cantankerous duck who can hold her own ... it may be a young driver, a mother with children in the car, or maybe, just maybe that person behind the other wheel may see something you do not! Like that pedestrian who just ran out in front of a little sports car expecting it to be able to stop!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I thank God that you are a safe driver who is looking out for others. No snow on the ground here, but we have people who do crazy things while they are driving--texting, eating, reaching behind their seats or in the passenger seat with their eyes on everything but the road. Stay safe out there--it's a jungle!!
    3613 days ago
  • LISAMA1981
    I am with you completely!!!! You know that is my fear, I don't worry about my driving in these crazy road conditions, I worry about the crazies out there that think its 90 degrees and sunny outside.
    3613 days ago
  • 8890KAREN
    It would be really nice if more people did THINK when they drive. We've got ice on a lot of our streets right now. Not fun.

    Stay safe!
    3613 days ago
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