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I just don't get it

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I don't know what else to do. It seems my body wants to take every stray calorie, turn it into fat and store it on my belly. It maybe my imagination but it seems to swell up every single day.

I exercise, I drink water, I eat fruit, I track everything I eat and try to keep it under 1500 at least. Today it was 1565 but I burned 566 with exercise and ended up with a -660 for the day. I don't do that well everyday but I do on a lot of days. It just doesn't seem to work like it did at first.

I was doing great and got to 144 a little over a year ago. Then Thanksgiving came and I went up to 147, I figured I could lose that again easy. Wrong, I have not been under 147 since and in the last few months it has been slowly but surely creeping up. I was doing mostly Walk Away the Pounds for exercise so I thought maybe I needed something a little more intense with more strength training. Like they say in the commercials for those exercise gadgets "turn your body into a calorie burning furnace!" All I needed was to build some muscle, right? So I got some Jillian Michaels videos and started doing them and at first it seemed to be working and I lost 4 pounds!! Yea! But then I got a cold and didn't work out for a week, but no matter I thought, it was working and I'll just jump right back on it and keep going. Duh, it didn't work that way, it seemed harder starting over than it did starting it to begin with. Then it just didn't work, I gained back the 1st 4 I lost plus some. And no it's not just muscle. I have built muscle, I can see it, in my calves my thighs and my biceps look like Rosie the Riveter! (I also do push up's in sets of 20 everyday). I know it's not just the muscle because my pants are getting tight on me. I have three pairs of slacks I hadn't worn in awhile and when I tried to wear them the other day they wouldn't even zip!!!

My waist is definitely bigger, and my stomach. This is where I always gain the fat first and it is what always throws me into a bigger size pants.

I don't know what to think, I don't know what else to do. I was 154.4 this morning, I can't believe I'm almost back to 155. What if I can't stop it? What if it just keeps going until I hit 186 where I was when I found Sparkpeople even with me fighting it?

It's not fair, I keep thinking maybe it's age. I just turned 47 and I know many things are different than when I was younger.

I am on birth control pills, but I was on them when I lost the 40 pounds in the beginning. The only thing that is different is the ones I take now are a higher dose than the first ones were. I know some women think they make them gain weight or keep them from losing but I have taken them off and on most of my adult life and don't recall ever having this problem before.

My nutrition and fitness trackers are public and I try to be as honest and accurate on them as I can so if anyone would like to have a look feel free. Be aware if the calories show less than 1000 it means I DIDN'T track everything that day. It sometimes happens on the weekends. For exercise I'm doing a combination of Walk Away the Pounds and 30 Day Shred, some days I do both.
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    I don't have any grand schemes for breaking through that plateau, but just wanted to tell you I sympathize. This battle to get to a healthy weight & stay there is so ongoing, and sometimes so depressing! Have you ever worked with a personal trainer, or nutritionist? Maybe an outside, professional evaluation might give you clues that you can't see yourself. Just a thought.

    Hang in there!
    3804 days ago
    Feel free to ignore this, but it worked for another friend who was stuck on a plateau and getting frustrated, and it works for me too... calorie cycling - the idea is that your body adjusts to what you're doing. It settles down into a rut. The trick is to keep your body guessing!

    If you're already tracking, then it's really easy and kind of a fun challenge :D

    I am not being very scientific or making any claims for this - I just like the idea of keeping my body guessing rather than sticking to the same meal plans every day... and I know it's working for me at the moment. Here is what I read when I first started.

    In order to plan your own diet plan, you should first know how much is your daily calorie usage. Upon knowing the daily calorie usage, you should minus the daily usage by 300calorie, this will be your medium calorie baseline.

    Then, during the cycle, you will need to slot in high and low calorie days. High calorie day is medium calorie + 500, while low calorie is medium calorie - 200.

    After that, you can cycle the diet in anyway you want. However, you should have about 2 high calorie and 2 low calorie days in a week.

    It can be something like...

    Day 1 - low
    Day 2 - high
    Day 3 - low
    Day 4 - medium
    Day 5 - medium
    Day 6 - high
    Day 7 - medium

    Remember that after 7 days, you should take 1-2 break from the diet so that you can gain other nutrients and minerals. This step is very important to avoid your body from thinking that you are getting less nutrients."


    I have taken that basic rhythm, and used my SP calorie allowance - 1200 - 1550. On my low days I try to go as close to 1200 as possible. Sometimes I scrape in below, sometimes a little above. On those days I cut out all extras and am especially vigilant. It's not too hard, because I know it's only two days a week. I kind of enjoy it. On the medium days I aim for the middle - around 1375. On the high days I let myself go between 1550 and 1600. This is the day when I can have extra cups of tea, a square of chocolate, a home made biscuit, my 15 grams of nuts (I LOVE nuts, but I am shocked by the calories lol... I used to eat them by the handful as a healthy snack! No wonder I wasn't losing anything lol)... Anyway, that's the basics of it. I just find it more interesting than having a flat calorie range I have to stick to every day :P Also, I know I burn more calories than SP allows for by only tracking calories for cardio, so I can give myself a bit more leeway and go up to 1800 on special occasions (1800 was the top calorie limit SP set when I recorded cardio 7 days a week.)

    Not saying this will definitely work for you, just some ideas for playing around with it all - it's as much about keeping your mind interested and keen as it is about making the body move, don't you think?

    I don't worry about taking a day off either as I try and have a balanced and nutritional mix of foods every day. :D

    3806 days ago
  • NAVYMOM133
    Could the meds be causing fluid retention? How recently did you change prescriptions? You ARE dedicated so it doesn't make a lot of sense. Add some core exercises in the meantime.... and yes, you know about sodium.
    3806 days ago
    I thank everyone for the comments, I felt a little better this morning, my stomach looked smaller and I was down 1 pound which I guess means I lost a little water inspite of the Wendy's meal. I don't eat fast food often but yesterday we were at the end of being snowed in for 3 days and were dying to get out!

    I have some of "The Firm" workouts which I was using at the beginning of my journey when everything was clicking so I may pull those out and give them a try. I have one that is pretty much all cardio and one that is all strength so maybe that will be the thing that turns it around.

    Now I am back at work and maybe now I can really get back into my normal routine, I sure hope so.
    3806 days ago
    Check your salt intake.

    Switch meals around and switch exercises. Find something fun to do that you haven't done before.

    Good luck. Try not to be discouraged.

    3806 days ago
    Welcome to my world!!!
    I know exactly what you're going through- I, too, have a long plateau going on after some initial success, with my wt slowly creeping up.
    It is very scary but imagine how bad it would be if we weren't sparking?
    Think about that one, my friend.
    Please, just keep on doing all the right things and enjoying each and every single day of your life.
    Put away those pants that are making you feel bad.

    3807 days ago
    Hang in there!
    3807 days ago
    Hi Barbara, you might try switching to a different cardio exercise. Do you have access to a pool for swimming and water aerobics classes (burns 270 calories am hour)? I had hit a plateau until I got in the water. Sometimes I do 3 hours.

    We both need to watch eating out!!! I also like stopping at Wendy's which has a lot of sodium plus fat in their food that will cause a weight gain that is hard to lose. I live to close to Wendy's myself. emoticon Hang in there, emoticon emoticon Rita
    3807 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/11/2011 9:10:00 PM
    You sound like me. I dont know what to say. I bet it is the pills or something you are over looking somewhere. If it was muscle gain you would still be able to fit into your clothes. I also think it has alot to do with your age. You have to figure out what works best for you as an individual.
    3807 days ago
    You're doing all the right things, it should be working. Maybe it is the birth control pills. I took a diabetic medicine for a while that caused me to gain 30 pounds. But don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat. You could be losing inches while still gaining weight. I always seem to gain first in the belly. It's my body type (sigh).
    3807 days ago
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