Progress after three months

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I wrote about my progress after the first month so I thought I would write another status update after three months. I ended my last status update here with a positive attitude "I know I can do it" and this one is along the same line. While I didn't achieve all my goals that I had set for the end of the year, I came pretty close and I feel really good about it.

First, my A1C. This maybe the biggest indicator (at least it seems to be for the doctor) of how I am doing controlling my diabetes and not the other way around. Well, on December 28 I had it checked again at my three month check up appointment with my doctor.. (Drum roll please.......) It was 6.1! BAM! My goal was to get under 7.0 by the end of the year and I reached 6.1! Now, 6.1 might not seem like a great number when I know so many diabetics who are in the 5.x range but when you consider I started at 13.4 on October 1, I feel pretty damn good about 6.1. At my appointment, my doctor said he would be happy if I was under 8.0 given the short time that elapsed and wouldn't be worried about me as long as I was under 9.0. I think he was concerned that I might get discouraged if I didn't make my goal. He doesn't know me as I changed doctors during this time as well and this was our first visit together. (My last doctor was in my previous home town. I moved three years ago and didn't get a new doctor until now as I didn't think I needed one.) So, that was my first goal and I exceeded my expectations.

The next goal I had was my weight. I remember weighting myself in the summer when I was at my heaviest, about 265. One of the things that helped clue me in that I might be diabetic was unexplained weight loss. I dropped about 10 pounds from the summer until September without any reason or change in my diet or exercise. So, on October 1 when I was diagnosed I was 255 and my goal was set to get to 225 by the end of the year. I didn't quite reach that one as I was 230 on December 28 at my doctor appointment but still, I think that is pretty good progress. I have reset my weight goal now to 210 and hope to be there by the summer.

Now those things are just numbers. What about something more tangible and everyday? During the first three months I noticed that my pants were getting loose, so I got a belt and started wearing that. Every couple weeks I would have to go to the next smaller hole on the belt. Finally, I reached the end, the last hole on the belt and it was still too loose. My wife gave me a new belt for Christmas but the other day I gave myself a better present. I pulled an old pair of pants out of my closet that I haven't worn in several years because they were too small and they fit great! Yes! I am getting back into my old clothes now. That's something you can take with you everyday. You can see it, you can feel it. It is so much better than A1C checks every three months, or even weekly weight checks. It is even better than daily blood sugar checks.

In other areas, I am keeping up with my exercise even during the cold weather of winter. I walk two miles a day during lunch, three times a week. It only takes thirty minutes and really seems to help me feel better.

I think back to the way I felt when I first found out I was diabetic or even to the time before that. All my worries and fears about being diabetic and how it would change my life. I had such a doom and gloom attitude then. I feared I would become insulin dependent, stuck eating food without taste or worse the after taste of diet drinks. Now I realize that while being diabetic isn't great for me, all the changes I have made in my life are fantastic.

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