I refuse to give up this time!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My motivation got a bit of a makeover right after Christmas 2010. I have two family members, a size 4 and 6 (yeah, I sometimes think of them in reference to their sizes... :/) getting married. One is this fall and the other hasn't set a date yet. I'm pretty sure that I'll be asked to take up some sort of role in their weddings and I refuse to be fat when that happens!!! I keep picturing myself in a bridesmaid's dress or standing at the guest book in formal wear and it gets me pumped up and ready to be fit. We're also taking a 2-week trip in September for my 3rd anniversary and my friend's wedding in Maine and I refuse to let her see me this way.

So what have I been doing? I've started out small with my food journal. I had an extra day planner that I started writing down every thing I eat. I've been trying to stick with 1200-1500 calories per day. We got Dance Central for Kinect so I've been trying to get into that. I actually did 20 minutes today and I'm learning some new dance moves! I also bought a pair of roller blades as one of my goals this year is to finally learn how to skate. I've been taking it slow so I don't get burnt out in the beginning. I also don't eat after 7 p.m. every night like I had been. I don't go to bed or wake up feeling bloated and gross now.

If all goes well I will have reached my goal of 135 pounds by Father's Day in June. I weighed in at 183 this morning... :/ Pray for me! I'm sick of feeling all of these new aches and pains because I'm overweight.
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