Some new running gear

Monday, January 10, 2011

I bought my Asics in 2008. Yeah, it was past time. The guy at the running shop said they were shot. These were my first pair of running shoes and I've made some great memories with them. But the time had come.

The shop owners had me do squats so they could watch my ankles. Then they measured my arches and tried some different shoes on me. I ran up and down in front of the store while they helped me correct my form and posture. I really appreciated all of their help!

In the end I got some great loot:

Newton running shoes that are awesome, the stick (a self massage tool for sore muscles....a MUST have), calorie free electrolyte tablets, two pairs of drymax socks and a Nathan water bottle.

Good day.

I ran in my Newtons yesterday for 5.25 miles and they are really nice. Can't wait to run again in them.

I'm thinking of joining the Galloway running team next month. Haven't totally made up my mind but I think I would enjoy it.

That's it for now. OH, I also had an awesome weigh in this week. -5 pounds!! Woohoo! Very happy with that.
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