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Huge day of non-scale victories (pics included)

Monday, January 10, 2011

So this weekend I took my fiancé to this battleship museum in Southern Massachusetts. We love road trips and I think learning and exploring together is a great way to keep a relationship from getting stale so we head out on mini-road trips whenever we have the time. You can go inside real battleships that are all docked together and they have made them into a museum so you can learn about US History etc. If you live in Mass and have young boys this is the PERFECT afternoon trip for them. You even get to go down inside an old submarine. You have to climb up and down all of these step ladders and squeeze through tiny doorways. My fiancé was super excited, he loves history and anything to do with boats, and I was happy to see him have such a good time. As I was squeezing through the submarine I realized I would NEVER have been able to do this even 6 months ago. I took some pics of the doors just to give you an idea.

You can see how small it is compared to my fiancé's butt lol.

Here he is pretending he is a spy. He is such a dork but I love that about him.
I forgot to get a picture of the ridiculously steep ladders we went up and down for the better part of 4 hours but let me tell you my inner thighs were screaming the next day. When I was doing this I was thinking how much joy I have now. Before SP I couldn't have gone up and down the ladders because my knees hurt and I wasn't strong enough to pull myself up. I wouldn't have even fit in the tiny spaces to do it. I would have had to ruin it for him or sit outside by myself and wait. Again on the sidelines. NO MORE! It really helped me keep me motivated and keep moving forward.
Later in the day we went to his friends son's 1st birthday party. When we arrived his friend look at me in shock and said "wow you look absolutely amazing". It was so genuine and so surprising to me. I felt awesome. I am so done being fat. There is not one benefit to being unhealthy, not a single one. Denial kept me there so long. I forgot what it was like to be free. I can't wait to be a normal weight again.
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