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Sunday, January 09, 2011

emoticon doing what is no longer good for me. Along with starting another round of BLC I'm also starting my debt lifestyle change. I know all of the right things to do to lose weight and to get out debt. I teach both to people all the time so why is it I can't be my best student. Well this time my focus is to practice what I preach in all areas of my life. HEALTH, FINANCES and RELATIONSHIPS (mmmm relationships that's another blog all together ...lol)

I'm reclaiming me as I'm not quite sure who that person is that invaded me over the last 6 months, but she has been kicked out and told if she knows whats good for her she won't return!. The best way to ensure that is to make sure there is no room for spending money from being bored, eating out from being lazy in the kitchen, and not waiting on anyone to motivate me but me. As a matter of fact motivation can take a hike is she is for sure a wishy washy thing at best. Here one day and thne takes a vacation for the next 4.....mmm wish I could work like that. This journey calls for DETERMINATION pure and simple!!!!!!!

So along with a new team in the BLC GO ROSE RANGERS I've also paid off my first debt in my debt lifestyle change and am on to the next one. All, cards are out of my wallet as well as any cash. My meals are planned for the week and the first two days are already prepared.

I know everything to do, so just like Nike i'm going to JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!
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