Filtered Water

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Back in December, my gas furnace was not working. Had a repair person in to see what was wrong with my funace. Turns out I needed a new part. So paid for the part and the service of installing. Alls well...

Coming closer to Christmas Eve, I turned on the ice maker in my spare fridge. Usually with in a six hour period the ice bucket is full. Not this time, I ran the ice maker for a 24 hour period. Look in the ice bucket and nothing. Also the filtered water, was at an all time slowed down ordeal! It was taking about 5 minutes to fill an 8 ounce glass of water. Can't be without my ice and filtered water.

Doing some investigating behind the fridge, I discovered, the water tube of plastic coil, that brings cold water from the plumbing into my spare fridge was wrapped up into a tight coil with masking tape.

Hmm, I do recall the furnace repair person saying he would wrap the plastic water tube up, to put it out of the way, while he was working on my furnace. I agreed to that. Just neither one of us thought to undo the taped up plastic water coil. Promptly I removed the masking tape and stretched out the coiled tubing. Wella, the filtered water started flowing nicely again and ice on demand was ready for Christmas Eve!
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