Where to Start with Goal Setting

Saturday, January 08, 2011

I have a lot of people ask me how I got to where I am as a health and fitness consultant with Beachbody (makers of P90X, Turbo Fire, INSANITY, Shakeology, etc) and was able to quit my full time job as a office manager and work my Beachbody Business at home with my 2 year old son ….. here is how

It was exactly 12 months ago that I decide to draw the line and get my life MOVING… there was so many thoughts and dreams in my mind and it was overwhelming and discouraging so I thought to myself I need to make a action life plan and get these thoughts out of my head but had no idea how. I listened to a awesome very basic audio program by Brian Tracy and everything CLICKED … it was my moment of clarity and I finally got it! After that I decide ok so I need to WRITE IT DOWN thats obvious to me now and so thats what I did. After I was done writing out my goals on paper I review them and read them out loud but something was missing to me … they were all over the place and I was really FEELING them you know? I wanted to get fired up about what my life is about to be and what I was about to accomplish and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t.

Most of you know Chalene Johnson Im sure and if you don’t know her I suggest you get to know her lol (@ChaleneJohnson on twitter or http://chalenejohnson.com) she added a HUGE tip that may seem like a no brainer to most but for some reason I missed this tiny step that was going to really have a huge impact on 2010 for me. She says to write out your priorities FIRST before you write out your goals… Why?? Because if you don’t then you may be writing down goals that are bringing you further away from what really matters in your life and you won’t be as happy when you accomplish that goal All that work for nothing type of thing. For example: 1 of my main goals was to work from home to be with my son Lane more and then I had another one that would have meant I was going to be working even more and being away from my son A LOT more than even when I was working full time…. not good …. so I quickly learned thanks to Chalene that I needed my priorities in line FIRST and then I could really get fired up about my goals!

Here is a step by step guide on how I set my goals for 2010 and let me tell you what it REALLY worked for me I accomplished more in 2010 than I have in years of my life Its so much fun so get ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

STEP 1: Take out a pen and paper! This is a big one guys, you know me I am HUGE on social media and Im all over iPhone/iPad apps of course (Im a dork) but this is something you are going to need to WRITE DOWN!

STEP 2: Go someplace quiet with no interruptions and someplace you can concentrate. You really need to be FOCUSED while doing this exercise so if you have your family all around you screaming to do this or that for them then its not a good time to do this. I suggest doing it before anyone wakes up or after everyone goes to bed as long as you are alert enough to be focused.

STEP 3: Write out your priorities! Again with pen and paper. This is huge like I explained above…. you need to know what comes first in your life in order to know what type of life you want to create for yourself. Does God comes first, family, your career, your health etc?? WRite out your top 3-5 priorities and OWN IT! Never waive off this list for any goal its not worth it!

STEP 4: Write down 5-10 goals. I like to organize my goals in LONG term, MEDIUM term, and SHORT term goals. YES you wanna make them big goals but you do want to make them realistic at the time time I always tell my friends to reach for the stars but make sure its doable. Remember you hold the cards to your life and TODAY is the day you are going to start creating the perfect life that you want! You can do this I promise its not just successful people … successful people got success by doing this GO FOR IT! Also when you are writing out your goals make sure you are writing them out as though you already accomplished them and you read them out loud to yourself often!

STEP 5: List ways to achieve these goals…. so now you have your master goal list right? Now flip the page in your notebook (I just purchase a spiral notebook that I wrote my goals for 2010 in weekly) and write your 1st goal out on the top of this page… for example I am earning X amount of dollars now list 20 ways on how to accomplish this goal. Then do it for goal #2 and list 20 ways and so on and so on ….. 1-10 will probably come easy but the last 10 will be a lot more difficult but getting to 20 is SUPER IMPORTANT ok dont get lazy lol.

STEP 6: REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!! You need to keep these goals in your head at all times so i suggest review these goals DAILY!!! I also suggest writing your short term or medium term whatever you decide out 1x per week or at least 1x per mont TRUST ME doing this without looking back at your last set of goals will help so much. It gets you thinking again and also you will be changing A LOT during this time and your goals will change as you grow as a person through this exercise so its important to sit down often and write them out all over again.

STEP 7: SHARE! You need to share your goals with someone who will keep you accountable! I always tell my team (I am a Beachbody Coach and I have friends who join my team and I help them grow and be a mentor to them through their process as a coach) to share their goals with me so I can keep them on track with their goals. DO NOT SHARE with negative people who make fun or cut you down you NEED to protect your positive attitude and thoughts as much as possible and when someone tries to cut you down please ignore it… its jealousy and you are too busy to listen to bs

I know I mentioned this above but go to the store and grab a few notebooks especially 1 for your goals. Its nice to have a spiral notebook to look back on all your accomplishments and to see how your goals changed through the months and see how FAST you accomplished things you never thought were possible. Again I highly suggest following Chalene Johnson she goes over A TON on how important a to do list is to reach your goals and I couldn’t agree more, I have learned a lot from her and I know you will too. This is your life and you are NOW starting today OWNING it and creating a road map on where it is going… remember you are the only one how has control of how you feel and the life you live so START LIVING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS TODAY!

Thanks for reading this blog and I hope you share it with those you love so they can starting living as well For more info please subscribe to my blog and connect with me more on facebook http://facebook.com/MindyWende
r shoot me a message if you have any questions at all. MindyWender.com
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    I just watched your video blog because it was on the main blog page and then I read this one. You give really great advice! Thank you for the encouragement. I saw that you like turbo jam, I've never used that before but I went to the turbo jam website and it looks really fun! Would you recommend buying all the dvd's or should I just buy the cardio one first and see how I like it? I am trying to find a fun way to exercise. I have tried INSANITY and that was a little too intense for me to start off with, do you think turbo jam may be too intense as well?
    3857 days ago
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