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Friday, January 07, 2011

Do you know people who wear Halloween costumes and you cannot tell who is underneath all that? Those are the ones I love, and over the years I have fooled many. While I still wear that type (see my photos for my recent witch costume) I am now instantly recognizable by some for the following reason.

I limp when I walk. Yesterday, I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in about 4 months. She asked why my limping was so much worse. She completely took me off guard. I didn’t think it was bad, in fact, I’ve been convinced that when walking the track, I do not have a limp, I become a fluid walker (my term for normal people walk). However, many times I am a person who likes to mental my way thru pain and sickness.

Two examples come immediately to mind. I decided there was no such thing as High Altitude Sickness, (even tho I knew I had Motion Sickness) so when I visited a friend in Colorado I did my regular swim work-out even tho she suggested I might want to take it easy. I made it to her car before the nausea I was feeling became Exorcist-like vomiting. I was out of it for 1.5 days. All I could do was sleep and vomit. (nice houseguest, eh?) As a student of the school of hard knocks, guess what, it really does exist!

Now for the more pertinent example. Not quite 10 yrs ago I was trying to become a competitive race-walker and was up to 8-9 miles a workout when I ignored pain. Finally one day I was crying while training and I thot it was nuts to continue. I went to the Dr. and it turns out (like my Dad) I had (have) no cartilage in my left knee and ½ is gone in the right.

For a short time I had to use a walker, ugh! And after that I used a cane. At one check-up my doctor wanted me to walk without the cane! That was scary because I developed a dependence (I was actually afraid to walk without it). I gradually worked up to zero days a week of cane use, woohoo! (My friend even asked me where my cane was, she noticed I wasn’t using it).

I always read that the best and cheapest way to lose weight is to walk. I figured that being disabled that didn’t include me. About a year ago they gave out pedometers at work, so I got one and started checking my daily steps. Shortly thereafter, the pedometer fell off and I lost interest. Got another one, and that fell off and got lost in June 10 while on vacation. I was disappointed since I was at an amusement park and really wondered how much one walks at those places. I immediately got another one when I returned and have had this third pedometer & tracked my steps ever since.

I have a goal with Spark people to step 8K a day, BUT This November, at work we had a walking (step) challenge, which I joined (after all I don’t need my cane anymore). Over the 30-day challenge, I worked up to a consistent 15K steps a day, every day. I turned movement (8K steps) into a cardio exercise by walking on the track, or at various odd “tracks” each and every day thinking its just walking. I have been obsessed, I refused to go to bed until I got my steps in. A couple of “evenings” I was walking my neighborhood at 1:30am!!!

Four days ago, my steps (or cardio walking as it has turned into) has turned into PAIN, where I feel like I can’t continue. I’ve pushed thru this, ignoring my pain. I have dropped to around 10-12K steps a day, and even took two-day breaks over these last two vacation weeks. All this info was to get to this point where I can get your feedback. Do I need to stop trying to do this 7 days a week? Should I go back to 8K 5x a week? Please let me know what sounds non-obsessive for step/walking. TIA! -Sharon

I really really don't want to stop the walking. Tonight I did the "walk around the 50 meter pool, track" and the pain I've had for the last 4 days in my hips came back. However, the last two laps I walked, I realized I was hunched over, so I stood up straight and the pain went away!
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  • POSEY440
    Cynthia had some good advice. I too agree about seeing your MD he may find somehting that needs to be corrected. You could make things worse were you will not be able to walk at all. Hope you find a happy medium with this and no pain, emoticon
    3025 days ago
    I see a master trainer once a month for a workout update. He makes me take 2 days off a week. he says I was hurting myself by not letting my body have recovery days. I have had two surgeries on the left knee.

    There are several things I do to stay out of knee pain...alternate my cardio. Some days it is walking/jogging, other days it's spinning/outdoor bike depending on weather, sometimes it's elliptical because this protects my knee. I do weights to build my lower body muscles to protect my knees and I do yoga and stretching to keep my muscles in balance. I also do pilates to work on my core and posture so that I stand up better when i walk/jog.

    You dedication to working out is admirable, but I think some balance is needed. It's not the only way to workout and working yourself to that point of so much pain isn't benefitting your body. Try some new things.
    3025 days ago
    I agree with the others about talking to your doctor. You don't want to push your body too much and end up really hurt. But I can completely understand that you don't want to give up walking! Maybe drop down to the 5 days/week until you can discuss it with your doctor.

    It's so hard when our minds have the will but our bodies don't cooperate. I tried to be a runner but never got over the shin splints, I just couldn't get them to stop and couldn't ignore it. So I listened to my body and now walk with short spurts of running. It's frustrating but I'm still exercising and I figure that is what matters!

    3025 days ago
    It's always hard to give someone advice because it could do more damage than good. if it persists see a Dr.!! BUT if the pain is in your hips you might try one of those blue foam rollers. SP has an example and you can get them at Walmart - store or on line. You lay on it on your side an roll from above your knee to above your hip. and hold when you hit a painful area. I had started adding walking to my exercise program and after a couple of months I couldn't sleep at night from the pain in my hips. I saw the foam roller on the Dr. Oz program and bought one and started using it - haven't had any hip pain since.

    3025 days ago
    I think you should see your Doctor about the pain and rest for a bit--cut back---- Poor you eh??--trying so hard and then this--It will get better though as the weight drops- emoticon
    3025 days ago
    Have you checked with the Dr about the Pain?
    You might try some MUCH shorter walks, even down to only 1 or 2 thousand steps for a few days. While you are walking pay attention to your posture and speed. There is no need~~in my opinion~~to be trying to rush right now. Just get the steps in and talk to the Dr ASAP. The increased pain might be trying to tell you something.
    emoticon emoticon
    3025 days ago
  • no profile photo RITAROSE
    Our bodies are so good at telling us when they need rest. I'm 53 now and I've realized that when I was younger I could get by pushing hard and would recover quickly. Now when I overdo it, I pay for day in pain and suffering. My goal with fitness is to be as active as I can be enjoying swimming, biking and walking in big doses.
    I hope you figure out what is best for you!
    Have a super weekend!
    3025 days ago
    Sharon~ Pray, & Look back and reread your blog. Wisdom will be given to you. I know I am not saying much, but I really want you to "see". Just take really good care of yourself my dear friend! My prayers are with you.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Cynthia
    3026 days ago
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