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Friday, January 07, 2011

I know this is going to sound like a cop-out but it isn't.

I gave blood today and must eat. Today was complicated by me passing out, twice, and yes - I overate and would do it again if my health requires it.

I have absolutely no idea how many calories I ate today and will just estimate it at 3000 and be done with it. I will enter what I am sure of, and leave out what I cannot log.

It is only one day out of the rest of my life.

I post this only because I do know that there are people that check my logs - I want people to know this can happen and we can overcome any obstacles in our journeys.

Life will go on and it will return to normal tomorrow.

P.S. I am fine. I am relatively certain it wasn't my blood sugar dropping - I think it was my blood pressure which was a bit lower today before giving blood: 116/60 - I don't remember my bottom number ever being below 69.

After leaving the blood bank, I went to pay taxes and I was standing in line and I do have trouble standing for any length of time after donating blood. *sigh* Scared the devil out of my poor Ray.

P.P.S. So I am human - it seemed like a good time to eat that Reeses Peanut Butter Cup and that Butterfingers small bar!

In for a dollar, in for a pound, lol. Tomorrow is another day!

**1/8 - feeling much better and lost .3 lbs, lol.
**1/9 - ok, time to quit eating like a pig, lol. found that .3 and then some!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love, love love this!

    You a hero
    *for giving blood...you saved 3 lives
    *For sharing this with us as we WILL all slip up at some point
    *After all, we all are human!


    2655 days ago
    Thank you for giving blood: all those of us who've received it when we needed it are grateful.

    And: of course you did the right thing to eat what you needed to cope with the fainting episodes!!
    2662 days ago
    I'm glad that you are you ok! Giving blood really does take a toll on the body. Just relax today and listen to your body.
    2662 days ago
    I am only concerned that you are okay. That is a good thing to me. The rest. Eh. You are always my rock star.

    2662 days ago
    I wish I'd been "able" when you were down. Lots of sympathy about your faint! I'll bet Ray WAS scared, bless both of your hearts! Giving blood is good, and there's a reason that nurse stands over you and watches while you drink and eat after you when you do! Still, at your (short) height (low) weight and adult age, giving blood is not the kind of "nothing" it can be for a six foot eighteen year old who hasn't made either varsity team in college, but played varsity baseball or something in high school.

    I'm so glad you took care of yourself and sensibly gave yourself a break about it!!!!

    Love, Sophy
    2662 days ago
    Good blog Linda. It's good to post about the high calorie days that happen to everone from time to time. You had good reason to eat and drink lots of water too!
    2663 days ago
    In the scheme of things, I can't imagine you will be giving blood daily! Way to contribute. I so appreciate those that do because I am unable to do so. Tomorrow is another day and you have the chance to make different eating choices and feel stronger than ever.

    I always fainted after giving blood. Sort of makes me wonder why I never learned to care for myself better. When I was going through chemo and had to have my bloods drawn regularly, I learned to sit and slowly get back to my feet after being told in no uncertain terms that I needed to be a bit smarter about caring for myself.

    Sparking is our next stage of learning to do this.

    2663 days ago
    Does the blood bank give you a drink and food before you leave after donating blood?
    2663 days ago

    It is more important to feel well and be well than to quibble over calories. Especially for someone like you. You have lost so much that one day of eating a lot (in the interest of staying conscious) isn't going to matter in the whole scheme of things.

    For years I would always be rejected when I attempted to donate blood because my blood pressure was too low. I was told that the rejection was not because of anything to do with my blood but rather I a concern about my BP dropping too low after donating. I can see the point. It must have come up a little because now I can give blood.
    2664 days ago
    So glad that you are OK Linda and that you dealt with the situation sensibly. Sometimes you just have to eat and you were wise to do so.

    Giving blood is such a great thing to do. I am unable to be a donor now because of my medical history but I owe my life to anonymous donors like you and I salute you and other generous donors.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2664 days ago
    I say the Reese's Butter Cup and Butterfinger were your reward for being a trooper, and donating blood. I like your attitude and I'm glad you're okay!
    2664 days ago
    Linda - glad that you are okay. Giving blood is a big draw on our systems - as you learned the hard way today. We must listen to our bodies and do what's best. The Reese cups were the thing for your body at the time. emoticon
    2664 days ago
    Hi Linda,

    I am so glad that you are ok. That is what is most important! Our bodies are not machines and their needs do fluctuate especially when extra demands are made of them like giving blood.

    It seems like you walk about 25 miles a day and most likely burn 3000 calories most days. Reese's used to be a favorite indulgence of mine too. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Rest well dear friend. Tomorrow is another day for you to inspire more Sparkers!!! :) Janet
    2665 days ago
    Glad your ok! Today is over, tomorrow will be great! emoticon

    2665 days ago
    Yikes- glad you're ok.
    I think your body needed those extra calories today.
    2665 days ago
    Thank you for sharing this.... I was beginning to wonder if you were really Superwoman!!! lol This makes me believe that you are the real deal, a super woman, human just like the rest of us and remarkable all the same. There's always tomorrow! One Day could never change your awesome success! emoticon

    P.S. I too am thankful you are ok! God has a way of watching over us.
    2665 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/7/2011 7:51:43 PM
    Tomorrow is another day... I love it! We're all human.. glad that one of my hero's is showing that to be true! Love ya, Dawn emoticon PS: Glad that you appear to be alright. Sorry that you were passing out today. Be careful & take care of YOU!
    2665 days ago
  • MARTY19
    Your blogs give hope to those who who have days like this. You are realistic and down to earth - life happens and all you can do is get right back to it.

    Love you
    2665 days ago
    I'm glad you are alright Linda. LOL you had me laughing with your ddescription of your eating and not counting calories. I know that YOU know 1 day will do no harm and I know that all is well with you. Thanks for making me smaile and for being well now.

    2665 days ago
    Yes, I commend you for donating. I've had trouble with passing out after blood donation, too. You needed those calories, so it is good you got them. Like you say, tomorrow is another day. You know how to balance for the long term. You are fine!!
    2665 days ago
    hey it's cool that you donate. I work in a hospital blood bank getting the blood ready for the patients. My advice for next time is: eat a good meal before you donate and be really well rested and hydrated. Also warn them that you have had issues and they will get you up slower. Thanks for adding to the supply!
    2665 days ago
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