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Friday, January 07, 2011

*This previously scheduled food blog has taken a detour while the author is recovering from an intestinal biopsy and a gluten-full diet* Bear with me ;)

I was recently looking up the calories for a cinnamon roll that I enjoyed while I was eating my “gluten-full” diet. I noticed that one of the items was listed as a “cinnamon HOW COULD YOU roll.” Or something to that effect.

It got me thinking about how I’ve always said that everyone is different. What works for me isn’t necessarily going to be right for you and vice versa.

I do know that one thing that does NOT work for me is getting down on myself for what I’ve eaten. It’s how I have lived my life for entirely too long and I recognized that for awhile now I just refuse to feel guilty anymore.

I wanted a cinnamon roll. I ate a cinnamon roll. I accounted for it, and it was GOOD. However, for some people it might be encouraging to list a food like that so that when you click to record it you are reminded why you probably shouldn’t eat it often. But for someone like me, it would just make me not record it in the first place.

Notice how I didn’t say it would stop me from eating it, just from recording it! Back before I learned about SparkPeople I had tried writing down what I ate before and I always failed. Even though no one saw my sheet of paper except for me, I lied to that paper a lot. A lot of “bad” foods went unaccounted for and I genuinely was confused when the weight didn’t come off.

You have to do whatever it is in your life that will allow you to be honest with yourself. Something about tracking my food online already convinces me to be more honest, even though I don’t share my tracker (for many reasons). Something about seeing the exact breakdown of my food convinces me to be completely honest with it, otherwise it is not painting me an honest picture.

And on that note, if you do track here on SparkPeople do you share your tracker? Why or why not? I’m curious to see other’s thoughts!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I didn't share my tracker at first, but once I started losing weight, I decided to start sharing it. I'm not ashamed of my food choices. I always fit them into my calorie count for the day -- even McDonald's. If I am still losing weight (which I am), I should be proud of my food tracker. And I am!
    2692 days ago
    I don't share my tracker because I don't want too. I eat well and I make my own decisions and I share a lot of myself on here and I feel like people are too weird about food. What I eat and what anyone else eats is really a personal decision and I have never looked at someone else's food tracker. Ever. I get too neurotic about what I eat to have other people commenting on it.
    2692 days ago
    I share my tracker but I have to admit that I have (in the past) let things go unaccounted for. Nowadays, I have managed to convince myself that I should track even if I am ashamed or embarrassed of whatever "goodie" I had. I figure almost no one looks at it except for me anyway, and I really do need to know what is going in. So now if I didn't account for something it's because I dont have access to SP for whatever reason and not because I am trying to lie to myself. That's progress, right?
    2692 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    Hi chickie! I know what you mean. I have been trying to ensure I track everything, even the gum I chew. Holding yourself accountable, starts with being honest about what has gone in your mouth. I actually do share my tracker. I never used to, but another sparkbuddy and I challenged eachother to track daily- so I started sharing it then and never stopped.
    2721 days ago
    I share mine, just because it's listed as an option. So I figured now and then someone's going to be interested in reading that, and I don't mind. When I had Lindor truffles up on my favorites, I also wrote "Don't you dare" to the 3 truffle serving they have. I wanted to remember to break it down to .33, but also to not buy a lot more and scarf them all down like that, 3 at a time. You don't even taste them all when you eat that many. I sort of like cinnamon rolls, but I want them to be kosher now from the bakery, because of all the ingredients. So I'm thinking of learning how to make my own cinnamon rolls. Because I've been skipping them. If it's certified as kosher, I can be certain that either there is no animal ingredients or that there is just dairy, it depends on the code on the package, if it is kosher.
    2723 days ago
    I track occasionally. I need to get back to it, as it does motivate me to eat better. I don't share either my nutritional or exercise trackers. I suppose that it is because I know that I'm not doing my best, and I really don't want everyone to see how badly I am doing.

    Lately I haven't been tracking because I'm being lazy. It just takes too long to track my homemade concoctions. I have been trying to watch what I eat and keep it in line, but tracking sure works better.

    2723 days ago
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