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Tri Training Week 1

Friday, January 07, 2011

December 28th marked the start of triathlon training. :-) Yay! The program I'm part of prepares us for a sprint length tri in mid-May (.5 mile swimming; 12.5 mile bike; 3.1 mile run), and I've also decided to prepare for an olympic length tri at the end of July (1 mile swim; 25 mile bike; 6.2 mile run). I have a bunch of other running races planned already which I'm completely excited about.

It's no secret that I already put in a good amount of time at the gym, but the tri training... whew! It's making my 2010 routines seem like child's play. Here's what I've been up to since starting:

12/28: 4.5 mile run at 10mm pace followed by a 60-minute swim workout.
12/29: 4 mile run at a 10mm pace followed by a 50-minute swim workout.
12/30: 10 miles on the bike at a 15mph pace followed by a 2 mile run at a 10mm pace.
12/31: 3 mile run at a 10mm pace followed by a 50-minute swim workout.
1/1: A 5k (my best time to date! 29:10. Yay!)
1/2: REST
1/3: 8 miles on the bike at a 16mph pace followed by a 5k at a 10mm pace followed by a 45-minute swim workout.
1/4: 3 mile run at a 10mm pace followed by a 45-minute swim workout.
1/5: 40-minute swim workout followed by a 60-minute high intensity spin class.
1/6: 3 mile run at a 10mm pace followd by a 80-minute swim workout.


The swim workouts are designed by swim coach, and they involve a whole bunch of different drills and routines. I use the total immersion method of swimming (if you don't know what this is, I highly recommend googling it since it's pretty cool!), which is very efficient and not taxing on the body either muscularly or cardiovascularly. I'm being pushed though to work a little harder than I have been independently and than I did in my lessons, which is great.

So it's been intense. Most days I'm working out for 90-120 minutes. This past Monday I even did a bit of a mini triathlon on my own. Needless to say, I'm sleeping really well at night!

I'm tracking my calories burned on my Body Bugg. I'm not actually burning as many calories as you might think, mostly because I'm at a healthy weight right now. I'm tracking the calories that I eat too and trying to be mindful of making sure I'm fueling my workouts. I'm still a bit too heavy on the calories at dinner (and not quite heavy enough throughout the rest of the day), but there's been some definite improvement in this for me. I'm okay with losing a little more weight through the training, but really don't have in mind to lose much more, which feels weird to say! Because of the salty indulgences of the holidays, I was up around 157.8 at the start of week one of training. I'm down 5 pounds in two weeks at 152.8 right now--although I'm thinking this is mostly water weight with maybe a pound or two of fat loss.

Anyway, doing a good job of tuning into my body and resting when I need to. Luckily I'm at a desk for a good chunk of each day, which is giving me plenty of rest time. :-)

Today's goal is yoga and some time on the bike. Luckily I can do both of those things here at home since I'm snowed in today!

Will keep the updates coming! Thanks for reading!
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