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Stop sucking the joy out of your life

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

A friend's blog just made me think of this. One of the reasons people fail at a healthy lifestyle is that they see it necessary to suck all the joy out of their life to do so. SP is not about a life of self deprivation and proverbial floggings. It is about changing your life, read that again, changing your WHOLE LIFE for the better. If you approach eating healthy as a punishment or a do or die kind of thing OF COURSE IT WILL SUCK. Eating one deliciously sinful meal is not the end of the world. It is when all you eat is junk that it becomes a problem. Think of it this way. If your child or niece or some other child in your life that was important to you said "I am going to eat nothing but candy and McDonald's every single day all day" would you let them? Of course not. You would tell them they are treats and they need to put good things in their body to be healthy.... So why do you live that way? The intention of sparkpeople is to teach you how to find a healthy life and a healthy life includes balance. It is learning to plan ahead and say "I am meeting friends for dinner at this taco place and I LOVE TACOS so I better make sure I get in a good workout that morning and drink extra water". It is about looking at your emotional health and learning that if you don't love you and do things to make yourself happy you will continue to self medicate with food and again "fail" at healthy eating. The reality is you are not failing at healthy eating. You are failing to address emotional factors that are the true root of why you overeat. It is hard. It is hard to look at yourself and say "I do this wrong or that wrong. I am still angry with my father/mother/grandmother/abus
er and that is why I eat". I was in denial for so long I had a problem. When I realized I didn't love myself and my whole life was crashing around me not because I am cursed but because I didn't have balance is when my life changed for the better. If you allow a specific aspect of your life to suck the joy out of everything it is very difficult to find happiness and it is easy to overcompensate with things that provide temporary relief. Breathe joy back into the empty parts of your life, learn to love yourself even with your flaws and learn to plan ahead for your healthy lifestyle. Soon it will become so natural that you will forget the old way you used to live because everything will be better. I can't believe I waited so long. Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't wait for next Monday, start today.
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