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Thursday, January 06, 2011

I'm in a fantastic mood today for no particular reason at all. I'm not going to question it either! emoticon

But my main purpose for this blog is to pick you guys' brains on some trivial little matters. I'm looking for suggestions on a few purchases i'm looking to make. I like doing research and digging and virtual window shopping and all that, but I also don't want to miss something:)
So, onward:

I'm looking for a good MP3 player that ISN'T tethered to something like Rhapsody or iTunes. Ya know, just a good little thingee to play music in my ears. I don't know a whole lot about ipods, so i'm not sure if you HAVE to go through itunes or not. I do have a Zune, and I pretty much HAVE to go through Rhapsody, and pay for it too. I hate feeling cornered like that. Plus there are some artists that Rhapsody doesn't even have, (Christina Perri, as just one example) which is annoying. So let me know what you have and why you love it so so much:)

**side note** I'm in the mood for some new music, too. If you have a fav that hasn't hit mainstream, I'm all about hearing it.

Also, i'm looking for a good pair of shoes that can go from walking to jogging and back. I don't need or want a super expensive pair of hard core running shoes (though I'm digging those toe shoe things...I have clausterphobic toes..they don't like to touch each other), because I'm not even CLOSE to there yet. But I do want something that comfortable suits both heavy walking and light running. I'm a huge fan of Sketcher shape-ups because they make me forget that I ever destroyed my hip in that car accident of forever ago. They are like walking on little angel blessed fluffy clouds:) So i was thinking about trying out some of their new options that seem to be kind of cross-training-y. Any other suggestions?

Next, I'm looking for a greek yogurt that doesn't have like 20 grams of sugar in it. All the ones in my area do, even the plain ones ( so i know it all can't be coming from fruit or whatnot).

Last but not least, I'm looking for a good kettlebell workout. Anyone tried Jillian Micheals one yet? Jeez, she scares me (30 Day Shred is like my archnemesis), but I know she gets results.

Thats about it. Nothing too meaty here, just looking for some suggestions. And my 3 points.

emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    Sounds like you got some good feedback so I'm not sure if I can help at all. I love my Ipod but I am frustrated sometimes that I can only purchase off Itunes. I do think their prices are comparable to what I've seen (other than free of course). They seem to have a pretty good selection of songs.

    I've been searching for new music too. I think we've already discovered that we share the same music tastes. I tend to like stuff that's not necessarily mainstream. I'll let you know if I find something.

    As for the shoes, I don't know of a good shoe that is for running and walking. But one of my friends who's really into running said she uses the shoe finder on Runner's world. She said it asks things like how often you run, on what kind of terrain, and what your budget is. You might check that out.
    3499 days ago
    thanks so much guys! i found some Chobani greek yogurt, and OMG it really is the best i've had! I also found Jillian's shred it with weights on clearance, so i snatched it up:) Havent tried it yet, but i plan to tonight! I'm also scoping out some sansa's, they sound nice and simple and easy to use:)

    Thanks again!!!!!
    3499 days ago
    I have an iPod Nano and have to use iTunes to DL things to it but, iTunes is free and you don't have to buy the songs that you upload to your player from iTunes. You can also download free podcasts to your iPod and listen to lectures from top notch schools (like Harvard) to expand your knowledge or listen/watch one of my favorites which is the Hawaii Surfcast (and I don't even surf - LOL)! There's a lot of advantages to having an iPod.

    As far as sneakers go, Dr. Scholls makes a really nice walking shoe (sneaker). Also Ryka makes really comfortable and light workout shoes. Ryka has a bigger toe box and narrower heel made to fit a woman's foot. They are great! Good luck!
    3501 days ago
  • WYND10
    I too have a Sansa player that I use with Windows Media Player. I can't stand Itunes either. I typically rip music from cds but when I do buy I use Amazon.com. Most of the music is around a buck a song. And they do have sales when you buy whole albums and whatnot. I like it. I have the Sansa 4G E260...bought it off woot.com, refurbished for $25. It's not let me down at all.

    As for Greek Yogurt, I eat Chobani. I just checked my fridge, the plain has 9g of sugar for a cup serving, and the an individual cup of Chobani 0% fat Raspberry flavor has 19g. So, they both technically fit the under 20g you asked about :). I love the stuff. Fills me up nicely, and when I use it to make overnight oats, it's a breakfast that packs a tummy filled for hours wallop.

    As for shoes...I have no idea. I have runners. They aren't hardcore as I bought them on my own off the shelf, but they get the job done. They are Saucony. I had never heard of them before I bought them, but they fit, don't hurt my feet, and don't pose a problem during my jogs.

    Hope you're still in a great mood!

    3503 days ago
    No help on the shoes...sorry.

    MP3 player: I have an old Sansa player that I used to love that I added my music on through Windows Media Player. Hubby wanted an iPod, which I'm not a fan of. Or maybe it's iTunes I'm not a fan of. It's just so complicated. I still use my old Sansa - plus it has an FM tuner on it. Oh and another bonus, it just takes a AA or AAA battery and doesn't have to be charged via computer.

    I emoticon Shred It With Weights. It's pretty intense, but at least when I'm done I don't feel like I want to pass out on the floor from exhaustion, like I did with 30-Day Shred.
    3504 days ago
    I too am a HUGE fan of the Sketcher Shape Ups, & Tone Ups, or just Sketchers in general. I own a pair I use for jogging and walking. I also wear that particular pair to work. They are in their Sports line. I couldn't find a name on the shoe, sorry. emoticon
    3504 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/6/2011 3:52:04 PM
    I can't help with all of them but I CAN help with two! I have a Sanza MP3 player and it will accept music from ANY source pretty much! I tend to rip music or share with friends, and when I was living in China I started using a potentially less than legal pay site in Russia that costs about 10-15 cents per song. So... I love that! :) (Message me if you want to know what the site is!)

    Second, yes... I have done the Shred It with Weights (JM's Kettlebell workout) and Yes, it is intense! BUT It was also fun and different too! I think you should give it a shot! I have only done the first level, and it was mighty sore-inducing, but also made me REALLY feel good at the end. She made me dissolve into giggles at the end when she wanted us to take time and recognize how awesome we are - so UN-Jillian's normal hard-assery!

    So... hope that might help! Good luck!

    And CONGRATULATIONS on the great mood! That's something to celebrate for sure!
    3504 days ago
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