Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Ok, folks, it's time to get serious again! Time to put down the frosted sugar cookies, back away from the candy bowl, and put a little more effort into journaling. I have been watching my food choices steadily go back to my former Fat Life choices, and I am putting the kibosh on that right now! Because it is the New Year it DOES feel like a New Beginning, and I am ready to face the fact that I am seriously off-track and I need to start walking The Walk again. As a gastric bypass patient, I feel an even greater sense of responsibility to treat my body well and be a good example for those of us gastric bypass patients who consider themselves a SUCCESS, despite what the media reports about the poor celebs who have had the surgery and begun to put the weight back on. (I'd like to point out that even the most diligent dieter puts weight back on occasionally.)

For total disclosure, I lost 247 pounds after having had gastric bypass, and at my lowest weight was 153 pounds (I'm 5'5"). (I have to comment here that, at that weight, people were telling me I looked "gaunt," which, to my thinking, is NOT a compliment. I'd rather weigh about 160-165, personally.) Currently, I weigh 187 pounds. And I still feel great, having kept the bulk (the MASSIVE bulk) of the 247 pounds OFF for three years now (surgery was November 2007). I am active. I am healthy. But...I am officially "obese" again (BMI is 31). And...no fooling...the weight is creeping up and I can no longer ignore it. I am NOT replacing my wardrobe again!! I LOVE my clothes! This is important, folks!!

So...yesterday I took pen in hand and wrote down my Goals. I wrote down that, in the next six months (25 weeks), I want to lose 25 pounds and train to run a 10k. I am also giving up refined sugar for the next 30 days. I'm not going to be a stickler about it, but basically no fruit juice (whole fruit is ok; it's not refined sugar), cookies, cake, ice cream, or candy. I don't drink soda, tea, or coffee, so no worries there. I don't drink alcohol and I don't smoke, so I feel as though I have a really good foundation to get right back on the health wagon.

I already eat very healthy; I was just adding all kinds of junk food as snacks and treats (dessert). I think just cutting out those sweets for 30 days will seriously help my calorie count and get me back on track faster than anything else. I already work out 5-7 days a week; I just needed to adjust my eating.

In November 2009, I was a wreck about my eating. My nutritionist suggested that I give up journaling my food for a little while, to smooth out the anxiety over what I eat. That "little while" has turned into over a year. And I am ready to go back to journaling. I had stopped journaling in SparkPeople, so now I've started again, though I never gave up reading the articles, blogs, journals, and quotes.

So...the How to reach my goals is...Start journaling again. Give up refined sugar. Sign myself up for a 10k for the end of June, and Begin the program to train for the race. (Since DH and I ran two 5k races this summer/fall, I know I can follow the program for a 10k also - and I'm hoping to get HIS buy-in on the 10k goal, too!)

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to blog more often, too. B/c I think that would help, too. Especially on those tough days.
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