Mini Goals for January

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

So 2011 is upon us and it is time for me to decide what mini goals will help me in achieving my main goal of losing 15 kilos (and keeping them off) and generally living a healthy lifestyle.

So my first mini goal I actually started on 27th of December. That goal was to become totally caffeine free. So I am now 10 days in and the headaches have passed and I am holding strong.

My next goals is to start listening to my visualisation CD's again... I really enjoy them and I seem to sleep so much better when I listen to them nightly. I will be starting this tonight.

Also starting tonight are baby steps in getting more organised at home. Whilst I am very organised at work I seem to get too easily distracted at home... so as of tonight, I will be taking on one small job each night. Tonight's job will be to clean away any clutter out from under the kitchen sink.

I am hoping if my house becomes more organised that I will have move time to continue improving on other areas of my life.

Well enough for now.... As each mini goal starts to become habit I will list some new ones.
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