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There is always an excuse.....

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Boy, I don't even know where to start this blog. I have been making excuses for overeating for the last 6 months.

I am frustrated but more than that, I am disappointed in myself emoticon. I knew I was gaining weight and I made a promise to myself that no matter what, I would take the weight off by the time I went to Orland to participate in the Goofy Challenge. Not only have I not lost the weight, I have put on additional weight emoticon.

I KNOW I am exhausted. I know I have taxed my body too much in the last year. In the last 11 months I have done the following:
~2 Half Marathons
~2 Sprint Triathlons
~3 Full Marathons
This does not include this weekends half AND full marathon.

I contribute part of my exhaustion to my weigh gain. I have put on #20 pounds since I ran my spring marathon. I can't image someone telling me that I would have to lunging around a 20# dumbbell during my races emoticon. Yet that is exactly what I have done to myself. Like I really needed to make the Goofy any harder.

So I have used the excuse that I am exhausted. I have used the excuse of the holidays emoticon. There have been vacations, birthdays, football tailgating, increase stress at work, funerals, etc. Any excuse you can find, I have probably used it.

Evan as I sit here I want to say that I can't start my weight loss journey this week. I will be traveling tomorrow, then I have the race expo, dinner with friends, races, trip to amusement parks, etc. I won't be at home where I can cook so I will be going out to eat. Then when we come home, work will be extra stressful as Joint Commission is coming for our annual survey. My husband will also be celebrating his birthday. Where do the excuses end emoticon

I KNOW I won't be perfect. I KNOW I may not stick completely to my plan but I am gonna try. Please feel free to check back regularly and encourage and/or reprimand me. Posting weekly blogs has always helped me in the past. The last time I tried it though, I only did it for 2 weeks. I am assuming I was using the excuse that it was just too time consuming to continue. Well no more excuses. I am putting it all out there.

Biggest Loser Challenge #15 starts tomorrow. No better time to re-commit.

Wed 1/5
Run 2-3 miles~ YES, ran 2 miles
Drink 8 glasses of water~ YES
Take Vitamins~ YES
No soda pop~ YES
No fast food~ YES
Track food and try to stay under 1800 calories~ YES, 1792
Get 8 hours of sleep~ YES
Check and record weight~ 144.2

Thurs 1/6
Drink 8 glasses of water~ YES
Drink 1-2 glasses of Gatorade~ YES
Take vitamins~ YES
No fast food~ YES
Track food and try to stay below 1800 calories~ Didn't have internet so I couldn't track my food but made pretty healthy choices even when going out to dinner.
No soda pop~ YES, although I had a hot chocolate and split an alcoholic drink with my husband at dinner
Get 8 hours of sleep~ YES

Fri 1/7
Drink 8 glasses of water~ YES
Drink 1-2 glasses of Gatorade~ YES
Take vitamins~ YES
No soda pop~ YES
No fast food~ YES
Try not to focus on calories but eating healthy in preparation for upcoming races~ Did a good job except for a Klondike ice cream bar I had with dinner.
Relax and try to sleep 8-9 hours~ I relaxed but definitely did not get even close to 8 hours of sleep...nerves!

Sat 1/8
Run 13.1 miles~ YEP!
Drink adequate fluids before, during and after race~ YES
Take vitamins~ YES
Try to get a massage~ YES
Try not to focus on calories but eat healthy food to help with refueling~ Did a great job with food for the day.
Relax and try to sleep 8-9 hours~ Took 2 naps and got a few hours of sleep before the full marathon.

Sun 1/9
Run 26.2 miles~ YES
Drink adequate fluids before, during and after race~ YES
Take vitamins~ NO
Try not to focus on calories but eat healthy to help with refueling~ Felt like I did really good. Splurged on an alcoholic drink at dinner.
Relax and try to sleep 8-10 hours~ YES

Mon 1/10
Drink 8 glasses of water~ NO
Drink 1-2 glasses of Gatorade~ YES
Take vitamins~ NO
Try to continue to eat healthy to help with refueling~ Were at Epcot all day so I did not eat that well but I also walked around almost non-stop for 10 hours so I don't feel so bad.
No soda pop~ NO, one soda pop with lunch
No fast food~ Didn't eat fast food but ate at Epcot for all meals except breakfast.
Limit yourself to one treat or sweet as reward for accomplishment of running Goofy~NO, definitely had more than one treat but did split all my treats with my husband.
Get 8 hours of sleep~ YES

Tues 1/11
Drink 8 glasses of water~ NO
Take vitamins~ YES
Consume between 1500-1700 calories~ Didn't track food but made good choices while traveling home.
No soda pop~ YES
No fast food~ YES

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo THEMRSH
    Molly, I know exactly where you are coming from. The biggest thing for me is that when I've realized I'm making excuses I call myself on it. Looks like you've done just that and made a plan to get back on track. We are only human and we make mistakes, have set backs and it sometimes it's really hard to overcome them. I have faith that you can get back to your "feel good" spot. Take it slow, don't try to make too many changes at once. Going down hill is slippery and it goes fast, you gotta take it slow going back up so you don't fall again. Let me know if I can help out, I plan to stop by and check in on you. We need to get with Tricia and organize another girls get together to get us re-focused for the new year!!
    3025 days ago
    You can absolutely do this..did anyone ever mention that stress weighs a ton..if not..I'll tell you. It's true excuses don't help the scale but it's also true that you have the know how and can absolutely make losing the weight and looking great for spring a reality...it happens to all of us..I'm having to lose a bit myself..it's my own fault..so busy taking care of nutritional needs of others that I stopped counting calories..eating good for you food..just too much..here's the thing..you caught the weight and you can reverse the pounds creeping up..I'll be checking back regularly..remember once a dragon always a dragon..one way or another no matter which team you are on...so don't be surprised when the dragons come visiting..we've got to try and get you back!!!!!

    3026 days ago
  • LIZZYP609
    Molly - I can so understand what you are saying...this past year has been all about excuses for me. I even did my 1st half marathon and made excuses the whole time why I didn't train like I should have.
    We will miss you on the Dragon Team...You can so do this...Have fun at Disney! Please try not to beat yourself up. Just take one baby step at a time!
    3027 days ago
    You will get there. I have every confidence. First, enjoy the Goofy challenge - don't beat yourself up for it. Second, I expect to see you back at MIT when you have fully recovered. Third, most Saturdays I will likely make a trip to the farmer's market (in Worthington) after MIT, so if you ever want to go with me - to pick out healthy food for the week - let me know! Last - Best wishes for a great experience this weekend!!!
    3027 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    You can do it, Molly! What a great and insightful blog. Don't beat yourself up, just keep on keeping on. What you have learned is invaluable!
    Thanks for inspiring the rest of us!
    3027 days ago
    Have a fantastic time at the Goofy this weekend!!! What an amazing accomplishment!

    I'm right there with you on the weight gain, sadly. It's frustrating. I love your plan though and know that you can do it!! (Do give yourself some grace this week, though. You are running a LONG way!)
    3027 days ago

    I can totally relate! I'm basically the same weight I was at this time last year, but up 50# from my lowest. I can only imagine how much better I'd feel if I was back down at my lowest; I also wonder how much faster I'd be. Think is that we can't turn back time and we can only hope to learn from our mistakes.

    Best wishes this weekend!
    3027 days ago
    You can do it, Molly! Aside from the athletic talk of marathons and half marathons I could relate to alot of what you said about overeating and all your reasons for doing so. I know for me fatigue is a huge part of me sticking to a healthy living program yet I know if I wasn't carrying around this extra weight I would feel alot less tired. It's sort of a catch 22. You eat because you're tired yet you're tired because you're carrying around extra weight. And there's always something that's keeping us from doing what we know we should. But I also know how fiercely determined you are esp when it comes to doing all your races and you're always striving to do better. So it's that determination that's going to help you beat this weight problem. I have a feeling this is going to be your round to shine Molly and if there's anything I can do to help let me know! I'm really excited to be on the same team with you again this round just llike old times with the Spies, only it's going to be different for us both this time because we are both going to make BIG progress!The kind that makes others go WOW and I think you are going to even amaze yourself! emoticon
    3027 days ago
  • TRICIA0623
    so...to me this blog highlights one of your biggest strengths - you recognize & acknowledge your slip-ups & (HERE IS THE REAL BIG PART!) make a PLAN to get back on track & put it out there to remind yourself & show everyone else. & this is why you will get back on track & things will be fantastic in 2011 & in BLC #15!

    The past 6 months have been pretty stressful for you - I am wishing you a peaceful 2011!!!

    Good luck at Goofy.

    Hope to see you soon friend!!

    3027 days ago
    OMG Molly! I HATE Joint Commission Surveys! I don't even work in the hospital anymore but my DH is an Administrator for Home Health Agency and those weeks are not only stressful for him but me too as I know how stressed he is! (On a happy note, one year he opened a brand new agency and got 100% JC Survey....unheard of for a new agency...I was so proud of him!)

    Ok, so I got off track here....I know, excuses, excuses.....LOL

    You can do it...One step at a time.

    You have some good goals for the week away. You can do it!

    Hope I get to meet you Saturday night!
    Want to grab a bite to eat....Sorry, couldn't resist that....LOL
    3027 days ago
    Sounds not so much as excuses but you've felt overwhelmed and that you don't have control of things. Remember during these times to control the things you can and that is diet and exercise. You can't control work issues, or funerals or birthdays or other get togethers. And you shouldn't want to but what you can control is what makes you feel good and that is good, healthy food and the exercise you love. You're great regardless! Just take control! :)
    3027 days ago
    I hear ya Sister! If anyone can do it, you can! You are strong and amazing! If you start slacking off, I will be sure to wag my finger at you and make frowny faces until you get back on track. emoticon I'll only do it as long as you kick me in the rear when I disappear (maybe right now would be a good place to start?!) Have fun at Goofy! I can't wait to hear how it goes! Just make sure to get lots of rest, have FUN, and hydrate! (I totally wanted to insert a high five icon, but apparently there isn't one, so just view this as a virtual high five!)
    3027 days ago
    I have also gained some weight since the beginning of BLC14. Every journey starts with a single step. I am taking those steps regarding my nutrition.

    Have some great runs in Disney.

    Hope BLC15 helps motivate you. I may stop by the Outlaws on occasion to check in on you and yours.
    3027 days ago
    Molly I have already given you my support for your race and I know you will do great - MEDAL'S and all. LOL

    food issues and excuses - well thats another story! Welcome to life - thats the biggest obstacle for me also - I make an excuse to eat something and I pay the price later. You had an awesome year and don't be to down on yourself after goofy you will be ready to focus on losing those few extra pounds that wanted to meet Mickey Mouse. LOL

    I know you can do it and I will be here to help if you need it. We are still workout buddies even though you are not a dragon. I am going to need help to get though this next few months myself - stress is still high and I need to get all this garbage out of my house so I stop eating it. Good luck!
    3027 days ago
  • AUNTIE65
    You CAN do this Molly! I'm so excited for you and will be cheering you on this weekend. I'll also be cheering you on with your journey - I've also gained weight... poor eating for over a month and not stepping on the scale in I don't know how long. All that to say, you are not alone!

    Keep up the hard work you goofy girl!
    3027 days ago
    YOU CAN DO IT!! I do the same thing to myself with the constant excuses as to why things are left undone or why I didn't reach a goal. SO glad I'm not the only one. I know you can reach your goal. And my, oh my, haven't you been a busy girl with all of those races. You exhaust me just looking at your list.
    3027 days ago
    Go Molly go! While I wish I was cheering you on as a Dragon, I'm still happy to cheer for you as an Outlaw! Wishing you a safe trip, good weather, lots of sleep and god runs! :)
    3027 days ago
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