2010 re-cap & 2011 Plans

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2010 re-cap:
-Ran first half marathon in 2:06!
-Raced in the U.S. (first half)
-Completed one race per month
-8 – 10K’s
-1 - 25K
-1 - 5K
-1 - 8K
-a 5K PR of 25:56
-an 8k PR of 41:11
-a 10K PR of 55:40
-saw 130 and 129 on the scale
-got into size 2 jeans/pants!!
-did water aerobics
-stayed active on SP
-attempted a 15-day no meat challenge (pesco-vegtarian). Failed at day 13.
-started Chalean Extreme. Did only 45 days of 90.

In numbers...

Jan= 6,774 calories burned / 864 fitness minutes/ 45.82 miles (started half marathon training)
Feb= 7,839 calories burned /1,015 fitness minutes/ 53 miles
Mar= 8,559 calories burned / 1,203 fitness minutes/ 78.6 miles
April= 8,373 calories burned/ 1,113 fitness minutes/ 67.1 miles
May= 9,722 calories burned/ 1,295 fitness minutes / 82.5 miles
June= 6,345 calories burned/ 863 fitness minutes/ 57.6 miles (did 1st half)
July= 10,097 calories burned/ 1,353 fitness minutes/ 91.2 miles (16 miler training)
Aug= 7,179 calories burned/ 926 fitness minutes/ 58.8 miles (obviously I left out one too many long runs)
Sept= 8,027 calories burned/ 1,285 fitness minutes/ 32.2 miles (no serious race training! Started Chalean Extreme!)
Oct= 5,966 calories burned/ 920 fitness minutes/ 29.6 miles
Nov= 2,072 calories burned/ 267 fitness minutes/ 12.2 miles (too much time off! Also missing info I did not track)
Dec= 5,060 calories burned/ 673 fitness minutes/ 41.8 miles (back to basics and running)

2011 Plan

- Continue racing (at least once a month). Three half marathons and one 25K planned.
- Stay active on SP- supporting others, tracking fitness, blogging more often
- Complete at least 2 nutrition challenges
- Eat more fruits and veggies!
- Maintain 129-133 lbs
- Continue with 3-2-1 (3 running days, 2 strength/cross, 1 pilates or yoga)
- Do something extreme outdoors! Go mountain biking, zip lining, snorkeling, etc.
- Get smaller (not lose weight). Get tight and toned. Focus area: abs and thighs.
- Spread the Spark

Personal stuff

-Read a book every month
-Go to church consistently
-Finish house projects (my room, son’s room, windows)
-Increase savings
-Plan and throw Mom a 60th birthday party
-Organize photos
-Pay off car
-Start MBA
-Go to Canada to visit sis or vacation somewhere local
-Be a better mom & wife
-Do something everyday to improve mind, body and spirit (gratitude journal, volunteer, etc.).

Happy New Year Spark Amigos! Make it a healthy, happy and productive one. This is your year!
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