Goals for 2011

Monday, January 03, 2011

Ever since we've been married, my husband and I have crafted goals between Christmas and New Year's Day for the new year. They usually include the following categories: personal, house, financial, and other.

During this week we also review how we did with last year's goals. We call it, "The State of the Union" (union - marriage -- get it?) emoticon

Speaking of personal goals, can you guess which one is on my list year after year after year and NEVER gets crossed off?


This year I'm trying a different approach. Instead of writing, "I want to weigh 140" I'm breaking down my weight loss goal into specific tasks I will accomplish every day:

1. Every morning when I wake up I will read and take one page of notes on a chapter in a self-help or diet book. Some of the chapters are taking more than a day to get through, but that's just fine. On the back of the page I'm recording how I did the day before using my WARRVESTS strategy:

W - water consumption
A - Alcohol consumption
R - reading something to keep me connected to my journey
R - recording my food. EVERYTHING, even binges
V - Vitamins
E - Exercise - must be intentional
S - Snacking -- planned? controlled?
T - table -- eat ALL meals at the table instead of in front of the TV
S - Slow down! Intentionally slow down when eating

I also record the information from my BodyMedia device:

Calories Burned
Calories Consumed
Balance (hopefully always a deficit!)
Activity (listed as "moderate" and "vigorous")

2. I have joined several new SparkTeams; notably the 2011 Resolution Revolution and Final Goal Weight in 2011. I need to spend 20 minutes per night minimum on Sparkpeople checking in with friends and Sparkteams.

3. On Facebook I've joined Penguin John Bingham's 100 day challenge -- get 30 minutes of intentional movement every day for 100 days! This will be easy but hopefully will add another level of accountability for me.


So while my loving husband has TWO PAGES of goals for 2011, I only have two goals:

1. Do everything on the above list so I can lose the weight in 2011.

2. Let go of work obligations so they don't overwhelm and swamp me and become a barrier to achieving Goal #1.

I've been doing well for a week now BUT tomorrow I go back to work so it's a whole new ball game. I have to get on the treadmill for my 30 minutes BEFORE work. I've got to work very hard to to keep my work life and weight loss goals in balance.

One day at a time, and tomorrow will be an important day for setting my intention for the year.

Wish me luck.

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