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Monday, January 03, 2011

This year I decided that instead of setting one or two resolutions that I’m going to go with a theme and have it affect all areas of my life. The theme for 2011 is “becoming the best ME I can be.” It’s a little on the cheesy side, but it really encompasses everything that I want it to. So what is that going to look like for the year?
I signed up to be a mentor with TNT (Team in Training) for their spring season, I really had such a great experience last year with them, and I want to give back because I think it’s a great cause, and help motivate people. I will be leading a run once a week (woo for 6am on Tuesday mornings starting in Feb!) and I have to attend 90% of the track workouts and the long runs (which are both once a week). On top of that, I will be assigned 5-8 mentees who I will help with fundraising, as well as just checking in with them and seeing how they’re doing with trainings, etc. It’ll be time consuming, but it’s only for a few moths and I love being involved! So far for 2011 I’m doing 3 HMs and am thinking about adding a 4th at the end of the year. I’ve gotten one of my friends bitten by the HM bug, so we’re going to head to Seattle at the end of June for the Rock & Roll!
Strength Training - I’m pretty good about getting my workouts in, I think I’m going to try and shake things up, at least for the next 6 weeks until I start getting really into my half marathon training again. I’d like to establish a good foundation of at getting in ST at least 3x/week, but I want to get that in place so that when I start my HM this time around I don’t just drop everything and focus solely on running, like what happened last year. I usually go to the bodypump once or twice a week, but I’m looking to add some more variety, does anyone have any really good splits? Or videos you’d recommend? Especially focused on the upper body, gluts, thighs and abs?
Cardio – I’m really good about getting in my workouts with runs, kickboxing, elliptical and the stairmaster. I’m going to focus on mixing it up by doing HIIT on both the treadmill and elliptical, doing some DVDs (such as as Jillian’s BFBM) well as throwing in some fasted state cardio. I feel like sometimes I just get into a routine with cardio, and I want to keep my body guessing. I’m ready to shed these last 30lbs and this is the year!
Stretching – when I was training for my HM last year, I’d gotten really good about doing a yoga class once or twice a week, and I really want to get back into that because I’d like to get more flexible. I feel like after a few minutes of stretching after my workouts I run out of ideas and just call it quits. Does anyone have any good stretching routines they use?
I’ve been pretty consistent with making my breakfast, and packing all of my lunches and snacks during the week, however dinner is my downfall a lot of the time. I get home after the gym and don’t feel like cooking, so sometimes I’ll grab something on the way home (which is usually pretty healthy, but it gets expensive after a while) or I’ll just snack on random stuff at the house until I figure out what I’m going to cook. So I’m going to try and batch cook dinners for the week on Sundays when I do all of my lunch prep, and then if I cook dinners during the week I’ll make extra and freeze them, so that I’ll always have a back stock of food available.

Recipes - I want to cook at least 2-3 new recipes per month, sometimes I fall into a rut and it seems like I make the same few recipes over and over again, so I’d like to find new recipes each month to make!
Lately I’ve been really bad about getting into bed at a set time. I love reading or catching up on my DVR, so I’ve decided that if I can try and get into bed by 9-9:30 then I can do that for a bit, without it cutting into my sleep time. If I don’t, then I won’t be able to read or catch up on my DVR.
Pay it forward
I know that I can get caught up in everyday drama, and stressed out about things, but I need to take time to realize that I am very lucky for the people in my life, my job and that I have a place to live. I want to volunteer as much as possible this year. I ended 2010 serving Christmas dinner to homeless people with my bestie, I am also mentoring with TNT, and hoping to find a few other things that I can do to help out the less fortunate.
Since I took a paycut when I accepted my current job, I haven’t really been able to save money. I am going to try and put away a little bit each month, and look for ways to cut back on expenses, so that I can stash some money away into savings. One of these things being batch cooking on Sunday for dinners during the week, I’m also really hoping to pay down a lot of my credit cards, and possibly pay off my student loans this year.
I really want to focus on organization, my house is pretty clean, but my apartment doesn’t have much storage space, and I feel like the organization is lacking quite a bit, plus I’d just like my place to be more put together. Also, I’m going to make a monthly schedule that will rotate deep cleaning certain areas in my house, such as carpets, or cleaning the blinds. Things that don’t normally get done, but I’d like to have happen this year!
I want to make more time to see the people in my life who matter, sometimes I get so wrapped up in my workout schedule, etc that I don’t make time to see those that matter; I’d really like to have people over for dinner more, and go out and do things this year that I haven’t done before! I need to make it a priority to visit my friends who don’t leave in the same city/state, because lately they’ve been visiting me and I haven’t really made an effort, even though I’ve said I would. I’ve got a trip to see one of my besties at the end of June as she lives in Seattle and I’m doing a HM. I also would like to start dating, it’s been a while since my bf and I broke up, I was seeing someone for a few months, but it didn’t really turn into anything serious, and I’m ready to try and find someone to have a relationship with.
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