So 2011.. You're Here are Ya? (long)

Monday, January 03, 2011

I'm from the south can you tell by the drawl? lol.
So 2011 is here. Time for a new 'tude. New plan, new thought process.
I'm not good at goals. I set goals, I set good, great, and awesome goals. I fail at meeting goals. Goals don't mean anything to me. I'm not sure why. Now compete with me, that's a totally different story. I will try to beat you. I can't compete with myself. It's a character flaw, I suppose. Probably something I should work on, but, I think I will try something else. I will change me and how I feel about me, but not through goals. I did buy clothing for Christmas. We worked some budgets around and managed to work with the mortgage company and we have a little reprieve and I had a little money and between my daughter and I, I have a little bit of a new work wardrobe. Which I needed. Because I think the clothes were funkyfing my life. I was sick of everything in my closet. It's either too big (well not any more because all of that is GONE, G O N E gone...) or too small. I really thought i needed to lose some more weight to get into a sweater and leggings. My daughter convinced me otherwise, so I bought a set. and she bought me boots. I have BOOTS for the first time in my LIFE. I wore that outfit yesterday to church. My hubby just kept looking at me. "You look so cute". All day with that comment. That and the "I like this new look". Okay, the point to that rambling is, I want to continue to "look cute" and wear cute clothes and sexy clothes. I am NOT going back to the frump. If something happens to derail my exercise, find an alternative way and not just STOP.

I will write down goals on this blog. Strictly for me to look at on December 31, 2011 and see what I expected out of myself. I'm going to try and compete with myself. I think I quit on my goals this past year because I couldn't reward myself (at least with anything monetary), but I'm going to work on that aspect also. Although yes I just did admit I have a serious character flaw with competing with myself. Again, new tude, trying to adjust the character flaw. Goals are aspirations. They are not concrete. They are adjustable. They WILL NOT DEFINE me. Oh heck, if goals defined me, I would be so screwed because I was supposed to be a famous physical therapist by the time I was 25. uh yeah, duh.. that didn't quite work out. and I didn't become a physical therapist either.

So my work is changing. New attitude towards work. We are redefining the position and I'm getting training. I am VERY confident when I get training. It just adds a whole new aspect to my vision of my job. I am very good at adapting to new positions, but I NEVER feel confident because I know I've trained myself. This time I'm getting a LOT of training and I'm excited. So my company may not be the greatest, but at least my resume will get a dramatic improvement and I can be marketable again. I think that again was another thing depressing me. I didn't feel marketable because my position doesn't really exist in the real world, but the NEW one, does. Yay.

Weight - body shape, etc. No I'm not content with where I am now. I look okay, but not great and I want to look GREAT. I've quit my membership at LA Fitness, more for monetary constraints. BUT, my husband and I have another membership at a gym that's more in line with the budget. and now, starting tomorrow, we are going to start going right after work, together. Which in both of our minds is a good thing. When we lost the weight the first time, it was working out together. We had a spotter for each other and felt like we pushed each other a little harder; therefore our bodies responded better. It's time for that again. We were going to start in two weeks when my LA actually finished and I got back from my first training trip, but I think we will start tomorrow. I can still get some cardio in at lunch time for this week. I need to burn extra calories anyway to start the push since I'm going to be traveling so much in the next four months and dealing with hotel/eating out food which isn't the greatest.

and speaking of cardio. In 2005 when I lost the weight 30 pounds in 6 months without changing my diet, I always did cardio before weight training. Then I hear it's supposed to be the other way around for better fat burning benefits. Well, I am going back to the other way, cardio then strength training and at least try that for a couple of months. See if I can break the plateau any way. It seemed to work in the past, why not give it a go again.

Diet and water are not a huge issues. Yes I've binged a little bit in the past month, but I'm back on track. Even when I was at home I was eating my turkey sandwich in the house. Need to work on livening up the dinner menus though. Figure out some different type of quick easy foods to prepare.

Mental - work my way out of being Debbie Downer. Quit letting my finances dictate my mood. I know it will work out. I have to know that things will work out. No I may not get a vacation again this year, but eventually things will settle down. Hope, pray, fingers crossed for my husband to get one of the two positions here at my work.

and of course finances, get things settled down. Back on track. Quit staying in the negative zone (mentally and financially). Start saving again and being prepared.

So by the end of 2011 - what do I expect out of me:

Finances - in check, paying off old crap and working that credit score back in an upward direction.
Weight - 148 This is my final goal weight. It's 30 pounds away. I can do that. So with that, here's a breakdown of the chunks. Those seem somewhat reasonable and doable.
March 1 - 165
June 1 - 155
December 31 - 148

Sizes - I posted a blog that I wanted to be a 4. but... I think I would be content with a size 6 or a SOLID size 8. Not a stretch 8. The 8 where I put on a pair of non-lycra'd Levi's and they fit.

Mental - be happy with who I am.

Work - Learn, learn, learn, and get that resume updated with all this new knowledge. Lose the attitude about the company and just go with the flow. Two more years and there's a pension vestment at the end of that rainbow. Hang on to that. Ignore their hypocritical ramblings and don't let it affect the attitude.

I'm not going to post my schedule of workouts. Really seriously, do you care what I do to work out? I do cardio and strength training. I'll track it in my tracker, but I don't need to blog about it.

Soooooooooooooo, a long blog about a lot of nothing, but HELLO 2011, are you READY for me? ohmygawd, I'm going to be 48... CRAZY MAN.

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    You go, Girl! And by the way, you are cute, cute, CUTE!!! and very beautiful.
    3053 days ago
  • MINNA72
    Hoping 2011 is a GREAT year for you! Bring on the size 8 (or 4 or 6! LOL)!

    3055 days ago
    3055 days ago
    Sounds superb. YOU CAN DO IT!
    3060 days ago
    Way to go! 2011 will be a great year for all us turning 48. I wish you only the best in meeting your goals. Let us know how it goes, even with that cute southern drawl.
    3062 days ago
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