The value of sweat...

Monday, January 03, 2011

While exercising my priorities; i.e., using my treadmill first, then tackling morning chores, I remembered the value of treadmill walking - free form thinking - letting my mind wander to pass the time, daydreaming in other words.

The wandering of my mind this morning:
The value of sweat:
- I am healthy enough to work up a sweat - hallejuah!
- I sweat to avoid sweets
- Sweat changes things
- An echo of Jillian Michaels (30-day Shred): I am capable of working out. I am capable of working out hard. I can do it.

Gotta admit it: It's very stress relieving to let my mind wander, to relieve the pressure of focused attention on family, work, yada, yada...

Spark on!
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