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Monday, January 03, 2011

OKAY - so it is INSANELY early right now - 02:03 - January 3rd 2011. I logged into my personal email account; clicked on a SPARK email message; then noticed my SPARK fitness minutes:
0 this week - 0 this month - 0 this year

I have been a SPARK member since April 2008 - lost 30 - and regained 10 - but more muscle then fat - now wearing a size 9-10 not a 14-16. Went through my closet and am taking my FIRST REAL leather jacket I ever purchased to a consignment shop this week. BUT with all this progress - I have been depressed about my progress recently- the plateau's - the boredom at the gym - so I just dropped a TON of cash for 8 wks of personal training, 7 more sessions to go, still a little sore from last thursday's session, going back every thursday until February 17, wish me luck please!.

I have been with my man for 8 yrs - we met in the spring of 2001 - he asked if could flirt with me on my birthday in February 2002 - we moved in together in March 2003 - got engaged in November 2010 - thinking about 2012 for the actually VERY low maintenance, low cost wedding with a house party/barbeque that we have become famous amongst our close friends afterwards (we don't want gifts, just good wishes).

He said to me last night - a few hours ago actually - that I am 46 - do I want to be 20 again - HECK NO ! I just don't want to look old - feel old (peri-menopausal, thus the reason I am awake now !, LOL), want to turn the heads, get the compliments, I was NOT attractive in my teens/early twenties (or so I believe).

50 is looming SO fast.

SO back to --- 0 -0 -0 .

I am updating that STAT NOW !. I spent an hour and 1/2 at the gym 'yesterday' morning (Jan 2)- then about 90 minutes HEAVY cleaning de-XMAS'ing my home ( about 50 times up and down that stairs carrying ornaments, the artifical tree, cleaning the basement, etc, so I KNOW that counts to fitness minutes ).because I was really pushing it).

I am meeting my work out friend in the morning - we hooked up 'yesterday' morning for the first time in over 6 weeks. I pulled her out of bed at 08:2o yesterday and me there at 08:45 ! LET'S GO ! that's about all I can say about that..LOL.

OK...so back to 0 - 0 - 0 ................That changes NOW ! - Good bye OLD fat/unhealthy friend - Hello the NEW Heather ! Going to go into my late 40's as a healthy, fit, semi-slim babe!

MEXICO looms in my future - HELLO string bikini !

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    Well, a couple of days after this post my life turned upside down for a bit. My youngest son was in an industrial accident and badly injured. He survived and did not lose his arm, but may never fully recover all the sensation in 2 of his fingers, and may never shoot a hockey stick or throw a football again.

    He lives 4 hour airplane flight awaym, So I got there 3 days after it happened and spent 10 days out there in -40-50 degree celsius weather. January is not the time to travel to Edmonton Alberta. Got there the night before the surgery, no point of going before since he needed me afterward to take care of things. Spent a small fortune on the flight; transportation when I was there; purchasing things for his apartment (he had only moved in there a few months prior and didn't even have curtains in his bedroom.

    Thus my priorities changed, and I gain some weight. Some from bad food choices, lack to motivation to work out, and just plain old stress. The money I spent on that personal trainer was a complete waste of cash because my heart wasn't in it anymore, there are more important things in life than having a thin body. I did make a friend I guess of the trainer (I had to switch trainers though since the kid they gave me did not make sense for me).

    Trying to get back to the 160's again. Don't see it happening, but I still look good and it is only a number. Just want to balance my hormones; and get some sleep ! It's 03:06 in the morning, I have been awake since 01:30. I do go to bed early these days to at least get some sleep. I will go back to bed after I finish entry.

    On a happy note, we are planning a return trip to Mexico for late November/early December. Had a blast in April and planning on meeting people from all over the US and Canada during this trip that we have met before and become friends.

    Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

    3023 days ago

    You are good writer! Keep blogging!

    If you keep blogging, I'll add you as a Sparkfriend. LOL

    3024 days ago
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