101 Things In 1001 Days

Sunday, January 02, 2011

I am really excited about this! I love making New Year's Resolutions, but when I heard about the Day Zero Project I decided to go this route instead. Yeah for new beginnings!

Things to do with Lulu

1 Go hiking at Rock Bridge State Park
2 Go to the Butterfly House
3 Pick flowers
4 Plant and tend a garden
5 Finger-paint
6 Listen to the Chronicles of Narnia on cd
7 Blow bubbles outside
8 Take a nap in the sun
9 Go swimming at the ARC
10 Buy us matching hats, shoes or shirts
11 Give her a little sister or brother
12 Build a snowman
13 Play in the leaves
14 Carve a jack o’ lantern
15 Make a Christmas ornament
16 Go to a parade
17 Teach Lu 10 signs 0/10
18 Teach Lulu 10 Spanish words 0/10
19 Take a picture of all of Lulu’s new tricks
20 Make one video/week with our new Flip 0/143
21 Go fishing
22 Put up a Christmas tree
23 Paint our toenails


24 Run another marathon
25 Don’t drink soda for 30 days
26 Eat no processed foods for one week
27 Lose the baby weight
28 Do 20 pushups from my toes
29 Finish P90X
30 Try Yoga Booty Ballet
31 Do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
32 Eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day for one week
33 Reread the pink book
34 Participate in the Hatfield and McCoy ½ marathon
35 Don’t eat sweets for 30 days
36 Try Zumba


37 Have a dinner party
38 Have dinner with those 3 couples instead of saying “We need to get together” 0/4
39 Send flowers anonymously to someone in need
40 Send birthday cards to nieces and nephews 0/13
41 Write a letter to a former teacher
42 Send weekly texts to 4 people
43 Surprise my mom with flowers
44 Perform one Random Act of Kindness/Week 0/143
45 Write 10 letters of appreciation to businesses 0/10
46 Participate in project Beautiful
47 Visit a nursing home


48 Purge my book collection
49 Pare my shoes down to 10 pairs
50 Cute up the shed in the back yard
51 Landscape the back yard
52 Sell the house
53 Buy our dream house
54 Don’t adopt any more pets -- with 4 inside dogs, we’re at our max
55 Organize the top of my dresser -- my clutter catcher + black hole, things get buried and they never see the light of day again
56 Use the China for an everyday meal
57 Winterize the house -- we have NEVER done this!
58 Clean out my closet
59 Organize the internet explorer Favorites


60 Finish P365 0/365
61 Keep a ‘Your day in 6 words’ journal for Lulu for 6 months
62 Make cloth napkins
63 Go on a quarter flip trip
64 Upcycle something
65 Finish a race scrapbook
66 Keep all of Lulu’s birthday cards
67 Make a storage container for the aforementioned birthday cards
68 Learn how to use Photoshop


69 Make cookies shaped like letters of the alphabet
70 Make a recipe out of Hello Cupcake!
71 Try 9 more fabulous new dessert recipes 0/9
72 Develop 20 easy go-to dinner recipes 1/20
73 Plan the menu for 30 days, and go shopping for the month


74 Find out the total $ amount of our debt
75 Make a chart, so that we can track how much we have paid off
76 Eliminate $34,661 in debt
77 Don’t go $1 further into debt
78 Don’t buy anything except consumables for 30 days (exception = toilet paper)
79 Buy all Christmas presents in July
80 Find $ in the budget for monthly donations to ASPCA
81 Don’t go to WalMart for 30 days
82 Don’t eat out for 30 days


83 Read 11 nonfiction books
84 Try 1 new green habit/month 0/33
85 Ask 5 friends to recommend a book, and then read them 0/5


86 Watch Rocky
87 Go dancing
88 Rock a little red dress
89 Write a list of 100 things I like about myself
90 Write a list of my 100 best memories
91 Own a cute umbrella
92 Buy a nice set of matching lingerie
93 Watch all of the episodes of NCIS in order
94 Try a new hairstyle every week for a month
95 Go ice skating
96 Find the perfect pair of jeans
97 Write a list of 100 places I would like to visit
98 Have dinner by candlelight
99 Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved in my life
100 Get a facial
101 Watch Rent
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