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Sunday, January 02, 2011

I began Sparks on January 3, 2007 at 275lbs. Since then, I had reached 249 at one point. I'd also been diagnosed as diabetic, and IT went completely out of control. My blood sugar level at one point was over 505, which is SUPER high!

Today is January 2, 2011. I am at 295lbs. It is added weight, but I will lose it. HERE is the great news....I have maintained control of my diabetes (average blood sugar level around 130 now. I still exercise often, and will step up my game. My stamina is increased, but could be even better. My vision is MUCH better than a year ago. I BELIEVE in myself, in spite of the scale (lol). I haven't drank a soda in 133 days. I proudly announce that I have stopped drinking the stuff. (duh!) I've started eating healthier, more often. I believe I will wean myself from fast food, but THAT is challenging, when both my wife and I work full time, and have two children. But, challenges make us stronger.

So... I have reset my Spark weight loss goals and as I embark upon my newly plotted trek, I encourage you all to continue to progress as best you can, and tweak accordingly. As you find yourself succeeding, then congratulate/reward yourselves. I COULD beat myself up about gaining all of this weight, but then I look at what I've accomplished. And most of the people I've referred onto Sparks are doing well, too. I'm very proud of THAT! I'm encouraged to do well from that, but my main fine reasons are Kevin, Dorthanius, Thelma, Tia, and MYSELF!

We ARE the sum of our choices. I choose to continue on, and I choose to acknowledge my flaws, embrace my strong points, and utilize my resources to work in my favor.

Sparks is (to me) a large swimming pool. We are all either trying to learn to swim, improve already possessed swimming skills, or just tread water. Either way, we all help one another, and NO ONE DROWNS. I am not sinking at all.....just have to swim a little harder than before and rest more often sometimes. I wish all of you a Happily Sparked New Year.
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