It's almost here...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's coming! 2011 is only 2 sleeps away--actually, only ONE, 'cause this Sparker won't be sleeping when the New Year comes in! Are you ready? I sure am! Yeah, I know..."Why wait till then?", you say. Because I've been psyching myself up for it, preparing my kitchen pantry, getting my head in the right place (instead of stuck up my a** like it has been the last few years). I'm going back to what worked before, in 2003-2004--if I could lose 65 lbs then, I can do it now. It'll be harder, what with the knee worse than it was, but a lot of that is due to the weight I put back on, too. It'll be a slower process, I'm sure, since I'm 7 years older than I was back then. But that's OK, 'cause slower weight loss is more permanent weight loss! And I'm not doing this for ANYBODY except ME! And when I hit New Orleans in August 2011 for the International Red Hat Society Convention "Big Easy Bash", it truly will be a whole new ME out there boogying my butt off! WOOHOO!
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