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...Year-End reflections

Thursday, December 30, 2010

..Well, I got ‘knocked in the noggin’ yesterday and I mean that quite literally, as well as figuratively. Allow me to explain…DH was cutting logs while daughter and I moved the pieces over to a pile to dry. Daughter not paying attention when she tossed a piece that bounced off my head (guess I have a hard head), then landed on the back of my hand slamming it into another piece just below it…O-w-w ! So what, you ask, does this have to do with a weight loss journey ?

For starters, yes, getting hit “upside the head” as my brother would term it, is connected to my journey….

Something my hubby and I have tried to impress upon a little girl is to always be mindful of your Peripheral Zone(s) – in the above case, who/what is around you. Healthy living also has peripherals: who and what do I see when I look at myself, how do I relate to others around me – i.e., do I see a fatty ashamed to be seen out in public, who doesn’t get “dressed up” because nothing looks good at this size, am I afraid to speak up about injustices seen because I don’t want anyone to really ‘look’ at the outside image? – or, do I have a healthy vision of myself, one where I admit and accept that I am overweight, that I will never fit into those skinny size 11 jeans again, that I am in stasis because I have not been putting forth the effort to “force” the body into working off some of its extra baggage, an image that says “I know what I have to do”, and “I am me, and you are you” and thus what works for you may not necessarily work on this body of mine…..

Part of my reflections have to do with seeing a recent photo of myself, one I had not realized DH had taken…..several of us went walking after Thanksgiving dinner. My ‘pear’ shape is very evident at this angle, very different from the nieces’ configuration… DH says it is because I have had kids, they have not; I also have family genetics predisposed to ‘large and round’ that they do not. Even so, to my eye I see someone who is a bit de-conditioned while still enjoying the trek and the company it offered… something I clearly need to do more of, especially over non-groomed terrain because of the better cardiovascular benefit.. I also can take myself back there and walk along the paths in my memory to bring back that happy time, which I do realize does NOT carry the same cardio-benefit but does offer mental well being….

I would say see for yourself, however, I cannot turn the photo upright (if there is a way to do it, I have not figured it out)...

{edited 12/31/10, attempt at posting's hoping it goes in the way I see it on my end...}}

So, where do these reflections take me? Have I made resolutions yet?

I typically try not to because I have a bad habit of setting myself up for disappointment by ‘resolving to do’ far more than I could given the limitations of time commitments already in place, and thus very shortly would drop the attempt. So I could, as Master Yoda says…. “ Do, or do not…there is no try” – meaning the resolution to be made must be one that I can do, not just try to do. This means whatever the resolution is (I have learned, start small and work your way up), I am actively working on keeping it going, like the smile in the crowd that gets passed on, or the word of encouragement to someone who is down and just needs to hear the sunshine in my words, or the gentle encouragement to the grownup child who still occasionally needs to hear Maman say ‘good job’…..

And in seeing all this, yeah, I suppose that does mean I HAVE made resolution(s), though they come through under a different guise…
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    Oh my goodness-how's your head?
    Literally- not figuratively.
    You've given me lots to think about with your thoughtful blog.
    I'm not seeing any picture anywhere, though.
    I hate to see pictures of me- I think I'm way better looking/younger/thinner than that!
    2668 days ago
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