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Have You Lost (Too Much) Weight?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

It hasn't happened yet, but I know it's coming.

The wonderful comments about weight loss will turn tide and become "You look like you've lost too much weight," and "You are too thin."

I heard the rumble in the distant future yesterday when I went for a therapeutic massage. My massage therapist commented positively on my weight loss and then during the course of the conversation asked me what my goal weight was?

I told her 130 pounds and she gasped. She went on to tell me she really felt that would be unhealthy for me, too thin. She told me other people told her the same thing when she got down to her goal weight. She told me I don't look like I weigh 170 pounds, and that I probably should just be content where I am.

She went on to talk about her own recent weight gains, leading me to wonder if the concern wasn't thinly-veiled sabotage.

Hmmm. I am barely 5'3" tall or should I say short. I do not have a large frame. Although I am fitting into size 10-12 jeans right now, thanks to my regular strength training and cardio workouts, I am still considered "obese" according to the BMI.

Yep, I haven't even hit the "overweight" range yet and already I'm being told by well-meaning folks that I don't need to lose more weight.

It strikes me as rather amusing that these people who never really cared to speak up about my health when I was topping the scales at 245 and morbid obesity, suddenly feel the need to express great concern about the possibility of my being "too thin" at 130 pounds.

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  • SJG1953
    I know the feeling Jan. It still happens to me. Just do what YOU know you need to do. Hugs, Shirley
    2728 days ago
    I have experienced those kinds of comments, too. If you are still classified as "obese", you are far from "too thin". You know this. I know this.

    Stick to your guns. Eat healthy. Be active. Live long, happy and pain-free!

    You are worth it, and emoticon
    2731 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    Hope you didn't take it to heart...
    I remember when I hit goal weight with Weight Watchers...
    looked and felt good, eventually gained it back plus more.
    So focus on life style, and everything else will work out fine.
    We can always simply refuse to say what we weigh, LOL. We don't have to justify ourselves to anyone. Just feel good and be healthy in your own skin.
    As for the people who didn't say anything when you were at your heaviest - I was always grateful I didn't have to hear that criticism all the time... until someone pointed out to me that they may not have said anything to my face, but they were probably thinking it! Yikes emoticon I'm from the South, so we'll just call that manners, although it is more likely the status quo. emoticon
    Just be your beautiful self! emoticon
    2731 days ago
    I am the same height as you and an older man at church (I have known him all my life and his wife and my mom are best friends) told me I was too thin, at 175-180 pounds! My dh's grandfather told me the same thing. Guess I must have looked huge before.

    My goal is around 140 and that is the high end of my healthy BMI. I have never been "skinny," but have been thin a long time ago! I can't wait to be in shape again.
    2731 days ago
    DO NOT LISTEN!!! I once had a fitness assessment that rated my cardio health as POOR!! I was also RIGHT on the line of overweight at 5'5 and 160 lbs. The guy who gave me the assessment told me not to drop any weight at all, and to just focus on my cardio health. I didn't buy it!! I dropped thirty lbs. I gained ten back, but I'm in GREAT shape now, and I look WAY better than I did back then (6 years ago!!). I'm now in a size 6-8, and my cardio health is "excellent." My cholesterol dropped fro 230 to 130 (woohoo!!!) and my body fat from 25% to about 20%.

    Girl, at 5'3 you know you need to keep going. I'm proud of you for not buyin it, and for keeping that gorgeous goal of 130! I know a lot of 5'3 girls, and at 130 they look like rock stars!!! I think that's a perfect goal, and I know you can do it!!!!
    2732 days ago
    i'm hearing the same thing. I'd like to lose about 10-20 more lbs to be about 150-140lbs and everyone is telling me i'd be skin and bones (i'm 5'8). I'd be totally content with 150, but i'm just going to keep working out and eating well and see where that takes me. :)

    Do what you want. I mean you look good now but we all have room for improvement. :) good luck on continuing your weight loss journey!
    2732 days ago
  • ASMPP1
    Go to where you are comfortable. That is what is important.
    2732 days ago
    Stay fit and don't let people get under your skin. Everyone's body is different. I'm 5'3 and my goal weight of 135 is definately practical. I'm looking to gain muscle so a hair less than 130-135 pounds is really pushing it. Once I get to 135 I will re-evaluate where I'm at and my measurements. I may or may not lose more weight. If anything, I'll shrink from gaining the muscle. :)
    2732 days ago
    Wow Congrats on your weight loss...but I think she is sabotaging! Don't listen to those people...go with what you feel and when you feel good. Being 5 ft 3 you are right and your goal of 130 is for healthy range right? Keep up the good work and just let those comments go in one ear and out the other. I got the same recently...they were like how much weight have u lost...I was like well 33 since I came home...then they said how much more do you want to lose and I am like at least 10-15...and they are like WHERE is it gonna come from? And I know I need it off because I can grab "handfuls" of chub in several areas! No need to have it on :) Soooo in one ear and OUT the other :)
    2732 days ago
    congratz on you weight loss! and cross that bridge when you cross it ;p
    I am at 160, ppl say I don't look it! I am 5'4, so I am still overweight

    2732 days ago
    Congratulations on your loss. You are the best judge of what you want. See how you feel & decide then.
    2733 days ago
    Congratulations on your loss. You are the best judge of what you want. See how you feel & decide then.
    2733 days ago
    Congratulations on your loss. You are the best judge of what you want. See how you feel & decide then.
    2733 days ago
    Congratulations on your weight loss thus far!!

    I am not a doctor, but 130 sounds very healthy and reasonable to me; but depending on your frame and muscle mass, you may find that you want to change your goal (which is ok for YOU to decide)

    I know I thought I wanted to be 119, but I changed my goal and decided to stay at 121 after I got to that point. I know it is just 2 pounds, but I feel great and that is all that really matters.

    2733 days ago
  • HELENA260
    I have heard the same thing as well!! You don't need to lose anymore weight, you are fine right where you are!! When I'm asked what is my goal weight I just say I've reached it and I'm just trying to maintain my weight!! I too want to lose about 20 more pounds! People are amazing, because when I was well over 200 pounds I know that they were saying oh boy she needs to lose weight!! Now that I've lost weight its too much!! I really feel like its jealousy, so don't pay any of these people any attention. The bottom line is they want to do what you have accomplished but don't have the will!!! Do what is best for you!!! I know you will make your goal!!! Have a Happy New Year!!! emoticon emoticon
    2733 days ago

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