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It's Never Too Late To Start Again (Put Down The Fork!)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I just ate half a cake.

OK - I'm lying. I just ate three quarters of a cake.

Stupid cake.

This is not me falling off the wagon. This is me sitting in the wagon...with my cake.

I denied myself the cookies all day long. I'm trying like mad to get back on a proper eating schedule without all the sweets and treats. But going from 3000+ calories a day over Christmas to 1800 is just proving to be SO DAMN DIFFICULT!

Problem #1 - I still don't have ANY groceries in my fridge. I cleaned out everything before I left for Germany and then didn't restock when I came back because I was only home for a week before going to Ontario for Christmas. And now I've only been home for a day and haven't yet had a chance to shop, so all meals have been out, which means they're high calories and high sodium. Yuck.

Problem #2 - My office mate gave me a birthday cake and Christmas cookies yesterday. AH MAN! I thought coming back home would rid my life of those things for another year. Not so much. Combine this with Problem #1 and you have the only really edible item in my house being a whole chocolate cake and a batch of cookies. Lord have mercy!

Problem #3 - I stayed at work late unexpectedly tonight which was NOT good for trying to get back on an eating schedule. I was SO hungry by the time I got home that I PLOWED through dinner...and then the cake started staring me down...

I was disappointed to discover that even though I chose a healthy salad and falafel in a pita for dinner, it still put me over my 1800 daily calories. I thought for sure that I'd still have a little room for a post-dinner treat. And for whatever reason that tiny thought of possible sweet treat deprivation triggered the "Well, you've blown it already - you may as well eat cake" voice in my head.

So I ate cake. I almost ate the WHOLE cake. But I stopped. Because IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START AGAIN!

I may have blown the budget today for sure. But I put down the fork, I brewed a cup of tea, and now I am back on track. Right now. Not tomorrow, not in the morning, RIGHT NOW. In fact, when I was done with the cake, that silly voice in my head - you know - the one that said "Well, you've blown it already - you may as well eat cake"? That voice came back again and said "Well, you ate the may as well have the cookies too". But I put my foot down. No - I'm NOT eating the cookies right now. Why? Because IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START AGAIN. And I'm starting right now. Which means the cookies will not own me, they will not beat me, and they will not be eaten. I'm taking them to work tomorrow and leaving them for the staff. HA! Take THAT cookies! And the quarter cake that is left? It's in the garbage. With the cat litter. I have come too far and worked too hard to be run down by some sugar, flour and cheap chocolate frosting.

For the record, the colleague who gave me this crap is a food pusher. She's also the one who just lost a pile of weight herself and I honestly think that she's starting to feel a little threatened by my success - it puts her out of the spotlight that she's been enjoying for some time now since people aren't commenting on her appearance so much anymore, but have certainly been commenting on mine. So beware acts of kindness wrapped in foil! She takes every chance she can get to feed me, and now I'm sitting up and taking notice.

But back to the message of the evening, and one that I really feel is SO important for everyone coming back from those high-calorie holidays and for all those who will join this site come January 1st - IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START AGAIN. We all have bad days. We all have days where we just need to sit in the wagon and eat cake. But you don't have to eat the whole thing just because you took one bite. The choice is yours to start again at any point. No matter how big the snowball, all snow melts eventually with a little sunlight. So no matter how far off the path you've gotten over the holidays, with a little hard work, you can find the trail again. And all your Sparkfriends will be standing here waiting for your return.

This is me picking myself up, dusting myself off and plodding along into the New Year. More on track than I have ever been.

See ya cake!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • WYND10
    LOVE THIS. Such an inspiration!

    I have officially put the fork down.

    Thanks for an awesome blog.
    2727 days ago
    Good for you for getting back on track NOW vs. tomorrow. Tea is so healing, too, isn't it? You will reach your goal in 2011, especially with your strength and attitude!!
    2727 days ago
    Great blog. I loved this line, "This is not me falling off the wagon. This is me sitting in the wagon...with my cake." LOL. You're hilarious.
    2730 days ago
    I LOVE THIS! OMG. Esp the part about being back on track RIGHT NOW... not tomorrow, not a few hours from now, but IN THIS MOMENT AS WE SPEAK RIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!
    Beautiful. I think I will share this with a billion people. Because its worth reading.

    GREAT JOB on keeping on track, even after you slipped! Fantastic! Way to ring in the New Year! :D I mean it, really good job!

    Now go shopping and stock up on good foods and snacks. :p I command you! emoticon
    2730 days ago
    You stumbled but you didn't fall down. Way to go girl! I also find that good food choices go right out the window when I'm low on groceries. Get thee to a grocery store!
    2732 days ago
    Thanks for my laugh of the day. Let us all get rid of that wagon this year. You did so well by quitting when you did, I would have eaten every crumb.
    You have just done an awesome job this year, you are a beautiful young lady, love following your progress. You have had us in tears at times and laughing hard enough to have to cross our legs at times. Continued good luck on this very interesting journey.
    2732 days ago
    I did something similar the other morning with cookies. After eating 5 cookies (that were given to my father as a gift), I realized I can't eat them. I threw them in a bag and tossed them in the trash. Nobody missed them either!

    But yes, you can start over any time you decide to!
    2732 days ago
    Good for you! Nighttime is the hardest time of day for me, too: Pat brings goodies into the house and it's harder to resist them when he's chowing down. (Thus "The Underminer.") This time, though, the fault was purely mine. I baked the Christmas goodies, intending to give most of them away. And I ate the leftovers. But you're right: it's never too late to just stop. Why dig the hole any deeper than it already is?
    2732 days ago
    I laughed the whole time I read this ha ha ha. Your blogs are going to keep me going! You're very animated! I ♥ that about you!! Never too late to start again!
    2732 days ago
  • RIGBY31
    Chocolate cake sprinkled with cat litter! Love the mental image. My mantra: I will not be the human garbage disposal. I am reading then re-reading out loud your post. You're soooo strong, friend!
    2732 days ago
    awesome blog and you're right, it's never too late to ditch the cake and get back where you were going! But definitely beware the co-worker/food-pusher.
    2732 days ago
  • KEC1974
    This is not me falling off the wagon. This is me sitting in the wagon...with my cake.

    That line made me laugh out loud. Like, annoying, draw attention to myself loud. Good thing I'm by myself.

    Yay, You!
    2732 days ago
    I could totally relate to your colleague at work and your situation . Ditto case with me and a very close friend... And I am invited to go for dinner at her place tonight and I am getting so damn anxious as the day is going by .... I am gonna try some tricks tonight and I promise I will not let her sabotage all my efforts!! Thanx a million!!!

    2732 days ago
    Okay, I wasn't going to say anything because you don't know me from name is Pam, the one who (in the past) ate ALL the cake and then ALL the cookies. Why? pick a reason and it will do. If you want to really feel empowered, in the future when the food pusher gives you sweets, go ahead and accept the cake, the cookies, whatever and as soon as you leave work, find the nearest dumpster and pitch it FAST. Then don't look back. Whether it goes in your mouth or in a dumpster, it had to end up somewhere and the dumpster is a better place. Don't let the food pusher win. You are beautiful and deserve to choose if and when you eat cake.
    emoticon emoticon
    2732 days ago
    Ah, the food pushers of the world ... I think they lurk in all dark corners of the world - waiting. I love that you are not (err, were not) off the wagon but merely sitting on it with your cake and that the remaing cake was tossed off into a bag of poo.

    You are a Godess!
    2732 days ago
  • SB3872004
    Great Snowball analogy :-)
    2732 days ago
  • NLS2013
    Good job! Love the "sitting in the wagon" thing. Descriptive and true! And you are right, it is never too late to start again...and never too soon! We don't have to wait for the next day! emoticon emoticon
    2732 days ago
    Thank you for posting this! I was tempted to eat something, but I am going to have some green tea and call it a night. Good for you- putting down the fork!
    2732 days ago
  • LIALOU70072
    THANK YOU for this blog post!

    I like how it's not falling off the's sitting in the wagon with our cake/cookies/candies/chips/whatever our vice may be!!!

    2732 days ago
  • EMILYD1952
    Great blog!

    I LOL several times, you are a great communicator!

    I loved your example of cake eating as well, I only take a piece of end with a big rose LOL and I usually leave the bottom half of the cake uneaten !

    I am SOOOO PROUD of you!

    2732 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Wonderful blog! Made me laugh, and you are absolutely right!

    I also second Teeny's comment: I cannot let frosting be in the same zip-code with me! Give me cake and I eat the frosting every time - Don't really care for the cake at all, and I go for the corner pieces or the ones with the huge flowers! emoticon

    You sprung back really quickly and for that you deserve a big emoticon !
    2732 days ago
    You and your self-awareness are more than a match for any dessert. You are a rock star who knows what she needs to do.

    Good on ya!

    2732 days ago
    Food pushers are awful! They usually mean well, except for the ones who are trying to sabotage OUR success. Good for you throwing the cake away! Have a nice tall glass of water then brush your teeth. Feels so nice I never want to eat and mess it up! lol
    2732 days ago
    Thank you so much for this post! Sometimes, it is very hard to remember that you have the right and the ability to stop. I forget often that I am WORTH putting that dang fork down and enjoying spending time with my family, instead of gorging myself on all of the fattening crap they like. So again, thank you, for that slap in the head that said "Shut up and put the fork DOWN!!"
    2732 days ago
    I really liked this blog. I am terrible about making one mistake and then just eating like crap for the rest of the day. I really need to work on that. Your blog helped drive home the fact that no matter when i mess up or what I have forgotten I can always decide what I do NOW.
    2732 days ago
    "So beware acts of kindness wrapped in foil! She takes every chance she can get to feed me, and now I'm sitting up and taking notice. "

    Stinkin' food pushers = bad, but I am glad you have her number.

    Numbers 1 and 2 are really double whammies, but you are coming back strong - and quickly - which is just stellar.

    The one thing I have learned over vacation is I cannot be trusted with frosting anywhere near my house. Why is frosting so delicious?!

    Anyway, you are spot on - it is never ever too late. Battle on, gorgeous!
    2732 days ago
    At least you still have your sense of humor. I know it's hard when you haven't eaten and you come home and you want something NOW and unfortunately you had Cake and Cookies.
    I know you've been out of town too so that made it hard to restock the kitchen. I try to always have yogurt on hand when I am in the gremlin gobbling mode. I try and head for that.
    I have to make a Hershey Bar Cake for Church Sunday and I sure dread it too. We are all bringing desserts and having coffee. Maybe I can just load up on coffee but I am sure I will taste something sweet.
    Once it's in my system it is in my brain and drives me crazy for more, more, more.
    Good Luck to you
    2732 days ago
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